In Instagram there is a convenient function "Archive"

To date, access to the function “Archive” are only some of the users. But in the next few months the new service will be able to evaluate all the other account holders В Instagram появилась удобная функция "Архив" In the popular social network Instagram is now available a new feature that users will definitely appreciate. A tab called “Archive” gives you the ability to hide any of the pictures in the profile from public viewing with a possibility of its subsequent recovery in the feed.

According to experts, a new opportunity has emerged for a reason: to introduce it was solved because a huge number of users of the service periodically deletes snapshots, and then regrets his actions and tries to find some methods to recover deleted posts. For example, people often get rid of the photos that scored fewer “likes” than expected, or in the review it was discovered a lot of negativity.

To date, access to the function “Archive” are only some of the users. Besides, it works in test mode. It is reported that in the next few months the new service will be able to evaluate all the other account holders. In order to send your photo in an archive, you need to call the menu by pressing on three dots on the recording right. Next, the user will see the relevant paragraph and be able to use it. All the hidden photos will be marked with a icon, which shows a clock inside a circle.

By the way, a similar function can boast service and Snapchat: it can help keep confidential pictures and videos which puts the user. Previously, the company Instagram has “borrowed” service Snapchat Stories, allowing the light appeared Instagram Stories. Last, it should be noted, are wildly popular among owners of accounts.
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North Korea has sent an astronaut to the Sun. And brought back. For dinner.

So, this is it. North Korea launches all the missiles for a reason: it turned out that under the guise of an astronaut of the country of victorious (reason and logic) communism managed to fly to the Sun, and even to come back.
Suitable material appeared on the Central television of the DPRK. The first man to walk on the Sun named hung Il Gong, by happy coincidence — nephew of Kim Jong-UN.
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Inspiration: opt for bangs, like the famous beauties

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Arnold Schwarzenegger will become the Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the annual Cannes festival personally confirmed the information that will appear in the sixth part of the popular movie “Terminator” Арнольд Шварценеггер снова станет Терминатором World-famous bodybuilder, actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed personal information that will appear in the sixth part of the popular movie “Terminator”, the first of which came out on the big screen in 1984. About this 69-year-old actor told the press at the annual Cannes film festival.

Schwarzenegger has already held talks with the iconic James Cameron and noted that the Creator of the Oscar-winning films have many interesting ideas, including for him. “Moving forward,” said Arnie, summing up meetings with the Director.

To date they have removed 5 pieces of “Terminator”. The last part was released in 2015. Its Director was Alan Taylor and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to the intent of the writers, “Terminator: Genesis” was a background of 1 – 3 parts. This means that the sixth part of the Director and the writers may not be limited and the audience will still see a lot of interesting turns of events in the confrontation of people and machines.
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Beautiful and amazing places which are unknown to many tourists

Beautiful island with turquoise waters, vast flower fields and a bubbling, crystal clear waterfalls – this is a truly fabulous place. And we want to tell you about some of them Прекрасные и удивительные места, которые неизвестны многим туристам On our planet there are a huge amount of amazingly beautiful places, many of whom have no idea where untouched by tourists. Besides, it is very difficult to reach.

Beautiful island with turquoise waters, vast flower fields and a bubbling, crystal clear waterfalls – this is a truly fabulous place. And we want to tell you about some of them.

1. Red earth Donchuan, China

In the South-West of Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, is a mountain valley with red earth. Red earth Donchuan located far from infrastructure, so on the tourist map of China is an unusual place not indicated.

It was opened in the mid-nineties. Red earth covers an area of over 200 thousand square kilometers. Its name they received because of the reddish-brown soil, which is rich in iron and other minerals. If you look from above, it seems that a small piece of land covered with multi-coloured reddish-brown cloth.

2. Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj (Buna) is a small village situated among small bubbling waterfalls, the origins of the crystal clear, blue water of the river Buna. The attraction of this fabulous place is the monastery, which rises among the white small houses. Here long lived the itinerant dervishes and Sufi.

It is a sacred structure called the refuge of Muslim monks. Currently, the monastery is a Museum where you can get anyone tourist. In the courtyard there is a small restaurant where you can eat trout.

3. Lake Hillier, Australia

It is difficult to imagine this inexpressible beauty. You just have to see. The only pink lake on Earth, which surrounds the white sand, and around impassable eucalyptus forest is lake Hillier (Hillier). Amazing lake was discovered in 1802. It is located on the island of Middle island, in the South-West of Australia.

Its main attraction is the bright pink color that does not change throughout the year. Unusual color of the pond is it a mystery that nobody can solve. Previously it was assumed that such colouring is given waterborne bacteria and various microorganisms. But this conjecture was not confirmed. The only option to get to this amazing place is to travel by air.

4. Huacachina, Peru

In the center of the vast desert lies the oasis town huacachina (Huacachina). The road to it from the capital of Peru (Lima) takes about 5 hours drive away. And the road is not easy. The population of this fabulous city is only about 200 people. And, of course, while there, you can completely feel cut off from the world and civilization. A Peruvian sand hills – a perfect place for skiing on snowboards.

5. Marieta Island, Mexico

Unusual beach that has a romantic name love Beach (Playa de amor) is on the island of Marietta in the Bay of Banderas. This hidden beach is in a small basin, surrounded by dense forest.

To get lost in this wilderness Paradise is possible only on water, through a maze of underwater caves. On the beach you can see a huge variety of birds and dive into the crystal clear sea water.

6. Isola Bella, Italy

This island located in the waters of Lago Majority, is considered one of the most beautiful Islands on Earth. On a small piece of land is a magnificent Palace Borromeo. Here is a tiered garden with a lovely flowering shrubs, grottos, fountains and terraces. Complement the grandeur of this place of the Royal birds white peacocks.

7. Popeye Village, Malta

The sailor Popeye village in Malta (Popeye Village) consists of wooden houses, which were originally designed for the shooting of the famous musical “Popeye” in 1980. The modern village in Malta is a resort area and is a tourist attraction of Malta. Here is a very beautiful Park. You can organize a cruise through the Bay to enjoy breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. The situation, which has been preserved in some houses, reminiscent of the filming of the musical and has a direct relationship to the film.

8. The Church Of Las Lajas, Colombia

The monumental Basilica of Las Lajas (Las Lajas Sanctuary) located in the Department of nariño (Colombia), in a gorge on the border of Ecuador and Colombia. This is one of the most visited churches in Colombia. Negotiate the Cathedral is located on the bridge between the noisy waterfalls and high cliffs and resembles a castle-fortress. It is a symbol of peace between the Ecuadorian and Colombian peoples. On the rocks near the Church you can see a lot of positive signs for help and healing.

9. The Island Of Flores, Portugal

This evergreen beautiful island included in the UNESCO list. Here is a national Park with rare flora and fauna. This island is located in the Western part of the Azores archipelago off the coast of Portugal. It is covered with all sorts of flowers, plants and rich in thermal springs. Everywhere stretched the flooded rice fields, beautiful villages and volcanic lakes.

10. Cleft Silfra, Iceland

Rift (rift) Silfra (Silfra) formed in Thingvallavatn lake, national Park Thingvellir in Iceland. Divers and thrill-seekers have long loved this unusual and amazing place.

Maximum depth is 63 m And the visibility of the purest cold water in this basin is more than 100 m. Therefore, swimming and diving, you can lose the sense of depth.

11. Darvaza “Gates of hell”, Turkmenistan

Derweze (Darvaza) is a huge current gas crater. Its size is about 60 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep. He has long called “the Door to hell.” Geologists stumbled upon a cave with a large amount of natural gas. To avoid its effects on humans and animals, this gas is burned. According to experts He was to die a few days later. But to everyone’s surprise, this gas burns for about 45 years. Naturally, this magical and fascinating spectacle. Look at him, tourists come from everywhere.

12. “City in the rock” Setenil de Las Bodegas, Spain

In the South of Spain for 8 centuries, is the town of Setenil de Las Bodegas is one of the most amazing parts of Andalusia. Its main attraction is the massive vaults of the rocks that hang over the streets and houses. Many houses literally “embedded” in the rock. Walls and roofs of dwellings is basaltic rock, on the slope of which is this amazing town.

13. National Park “Lençóis maranhenses”, Brazil

This amazing Park is located on the Atlantic coast, in the northeast of Brazil. The wonder of nature covered with snow-white dunes up to 40 meters. And when the rainy season begins, there occurs an unforgettable sight. At this time, among the sand dunes you can see many lagoons with crystal clear, turquoise water and all kinds of wildlife. As fish and crabs get here – no one knows. But the spectacle is just amazing.

The best time to visit the Park of “Lençóis maranhenses” (Lençóis Maranhenses) from July to September. During this period, the lagoon is completely filled with water.
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Gyrometer — new 2017

Smart Balаnce Suv Wheel 10. This model has a good off and carrying capacity. The big advantage of gyrometer of this brand is the fact that his wheel can pump air, allowing you to adjust the pressure in the wheels for a smooth ride on different types of road surface. Read More →

Eyebrow like Cara Delevingne: "print" for eyebrows gaining Instagram

Find out the pros and cons of the new devices in the form of “print” for eyebrows
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10 fastest cars in the world

The ratings of high-speed cars is pretty slippery. Manufacturers strive to arrange for the inspection of vehicles in a spherical vacuum of ideal conditions, which of course can not be implemented in the regular track, not even on a special track. Nevertheless, here is the dozen of high-speed machines passed all the test this year — the cheapest will cost the fan drive half a million dollars, and the most expensive costs so much, how many earns in a year, a serious firm.

  • Ferrari 488 GTB

    Maximum speed: 350 km/h The power of 660 horsepower at 7800 rpm gives the car acceleration to a hundred km/h in 3.6 seconds. Top speed Ferrari 488 GTB — 350 km/h. This, of course, if you have the guts.

  • Pagani Huayra

    Maximum speed: 370 km/h For some sort of 1.27 million dollars you can become the owner of a luxury supercar from Pagani. The machine is equipped with six-liter V12 engine from Mercedes-AMG, but under the hood she has a whopping 720 horsepower.

  • Zenvo ST1

    Maximum speed: 375 km/h The Danes produce cars rarely, but if you do, then attracting worldwide attention. ST1 harvested in New Zealand, the car has a 6.8-liter V8 engine with supercharger and turbocharger. In all there were 15 cars — even if you accumulate the necessary to buy 1, $ 22 million, the owner will be difficult to persuade to part with such an exclusive.

  • McLaren F1

    Maximum speed: 386 km/h Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens has managed to create almost the best supercar of the modern world. The unique design of the interior (the driver’s seat and steering wheel located in the center of the salon) indicates a purely selfish character of the owner. Until 2005, the F1 was the fastest car on the planet.

  • Koenigsegg CCX

    Maximum speed: 405 km/h At the time, Koenigsegg was praised even Jeremy Clarkson, to please whom — well, very difficult task. On the other hand, pilot Top Gear Stig without a shadow of a doubt crashed the car on the track, and then said that the car just lacks the rear spoiler. Conscience at you is not enough, the Stig!

  • 9ff GT9-R

    Maximum speed: 414 km/h Tuning digging 9ff has built this monster based on the Porsche 911, they deserve a ton of hate from the snobbish-minded fans of the brand. The design of the model and in fact was controversial, but the upper limit speed for the conventional Porsche remains just out of reach.

  • SSC Ultimate Aero

    Maximum speed: 430 km/h In 2012, the American supercar Shelby SuperCars workshop a whirlwind burst onto the pages of the Guinness book, registering a record speed of 412 km/h Theoretically (no electronic speed limiters in “American” is not in sight) SSC Ultimate Aero can accelerate right up to 430 km/h.

  • Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

    Maximum speed: 431км/h In fact, the aforementioned SSC Ultimate Aero showed on the track a higher real rate, but representatives of Volkswagen said that it was only the skill of the pilot. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the fastest production car in the world.

  • Hennessey Venom GT

    Maximum speed: 435 km/h To check the maximum speed of this beauty, had to build a special track on the territory of the Kennedy space center. In the race the Venom GT showed astounding 435 km/h.

  • Bugatti Chiron

    Max speed: 463 km/h The palm is still behind the Bugatti engineers. Luxury handsome for 2.65 million dollars will make the king of the road even the most inexperienced driver: a special system of adjustment responds to the increasing and decreasing speed, acting as a kind of mechanical semi-autopilot.

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Test drive: Lexus ES250

What should be the power of the engine of good business sedan cost under three million? If you reject the extra modesty and feigned savings, it appears that the 200 HP is much less than it somehow is not serious. It is therefore not entirely clear what to do with low-power 150-strong version of the ES 200 the mill Lexus, when there is an attractive option ES 250, which this time came to us for a test drive.

Lexus ES 250 could well be called “zero reference point” due to the complete absence of opponents of the smaller motor power.

The interior of the sedan is its main attraction. Everyone here looks on the amount that you paid for the car.

Adjustable in every way imaginable heated seats and other inconspicuous at first sight details in the process of operation of the car allow feel the perfect well thought of interior and the process of interaction with him.
The sophistication of the dashboard and interior trim with the move will reassure the new owner that has just laid out a round sum for the Luxury package. It is definitely worth it!

But the dynamic characteristics 250 th outstanding at all desire to call not — bundle 2.5-liter engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission works smoothly, but nothing more. Agree that with good technical have the makings of 9.8 seconds in the passport in the column “acceleration to 100 km / h” as it is not solid.
The slowness of the engine is smoothed elegantly suspension settings, gaining elasticity is proportional to the set speed of the vehicle. At the same time, it’s hard to believe some five years ago, overall Japanese cars of this brand are distinguished clumsiness, so the feeling of control Lexus vary depending on time and class.


Dimensions d/W/h, mm: 4915, 1820, 1450
Unladen weight: 1575 kg
Engine: gasoline
Power: 184 HP
Acceleration to hundreds, h: 9,8
Drive: front
Test fuel consumption: 12,5 l/100 km
The price of the basic configuration: 2 457 000 p
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New collection Agent Provocateur: the main provocation of this spring

A new collection of the famous brand Agent Provocateur has named Icons. The entire collection designed for spring-summer season. Advertising campaign presented to the British model Eliza Cummings. Company Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994 in the UK, the headquarters is located in London. In addition to lingerie, the brand produces swimwear, perfume and various accessories.

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