Street style: 15 of the best images of Kylie Jenner

Famous sisters comes on the heels of Kim Kardashian.
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Jane Birkin vs Hermes

Джейн Биркин против Hermes
Singer and actress Jane Birkin turned to Hermes with a request to remove her name from the title of the Birkin bags Croco, which was invented in the 1980-ies especially for her… Read More →

Cosmopolite — the first collection by Peter Philips for Dior

On the eve of the start of sales of the iconic makeup artist commented on news and new properties products

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How to do manicure

It is always hard to do something for the first time. The same goes for nail Polish, especially when so long watching skilful and deft actions of the master. However, this craftsman also did a manicure for the first time. So fear nothing. You just need to try once, and this case will become habitual and routine, such as cleaning …

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Katie Topuria told about her figure after giving birth

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Secrets of family happiness

Spouses in family life often annoys the loss of freedom. As soon as we exit the registry office, we begin to control every step of the spouse: “Where have you been? What did you do? Hoover! Go take the trash out”. It turns out that one of the spouses must serve another? The secret of family happiness – in the preservation and strengthening of love. A loving man does everything that the woman was okay with him. He … Read More →

Tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses: the most worthy representatives of the family

Tortoiseshell frame — just the focus of the aristocracy and confidence. These glasses are the absolute trend of the season in the mass market. Men gradually began to get rid of the habits the black rims and begin to experiment with colors. Shades can be a new breath in the sea of style and be an excellent acquisition. We conducted market research and gathered five pairs of reference points walnut shades that not only look beautiful, but also represent an embodiment of the aspirations of fashionistas from around the world.

  • Dita

    Gold aviators, $445,

  • Persol

    Cognac frame and polarized lenses, $360,

  • Ray-Ban

    Classic round tortoiseshell frame, $200,

  • John Varvatos

    Stylish variation on the theme of round glasses, $300,

  • Oliver Peoples

    Explicitly referring to the 1970s adequately supplemented tortoiseshell rim, $420,

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Yves Saint Laurent returns to high fashion

Yves Saint Laurent возвращается в высокую моду
Creative Director at Saint Laurent Hedi Slimane has decided to revive the couture line this French fashion House, the latest fashion show which took place 12 years ago. … Read More →

Floral-citrus fragrance Stella McCartney

Fragrant peony and frozen lemon in infantile bottle of Stella Eau de Toilette

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Why sex in advertising does not work anymore

One of the most common advertising techniques is to use exaggerated erotizirovannymi images in the demonstration for almost any product. Please note, because many, often not designed for this stuff, from clothes to movies, manufacturers are presented with the help of sports Hotties. But does this mean that sex sells?

  • It turns out, not at all. According to a recent study conducted in the Research Institute of the state of Ohio, overly candid images can even deter a potential consumer from the product. In the following slides you will see some examples of these ads, which turned out to be not as effective as expected from her creators.
  • A picture of the famous Kate Upton for the new collection Sam Edelman led to a significant reduction in the growth of sales of the brand.
  • This advertising of the new fragrance Calvin Klein Obsession and even caused a wave of protests: too openly depicted the girl is positioned as a “male toy”.
  • It’s the same with this advertising campaign Tom Ford: even though the picture clearly attracts the attention, he’s overly distracting a potential buyer from the product itself.
  • The fast food chain Carl’s Jr. not for the first time launches a campaign to promote their burgers — using too sexy model. Hell, who cares erotic fast food?
  • And another expert Carl’s Jr. This time the viewer is invited to taste the whole Burger commercials. Needless to say, how much attention actually gets the advertised product?

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