Size is not important: clothes for girls with magnificent forms in Hollywood

Размер не главное: одежда для девушек с пышными формами по-голливудски
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Where did the nudists

Nudism has been around for a very long time — we can say that the course was created by the mankind. The basis of this phenomenon lies not vulgar and, in some ways, quite a perverse desire to enjoy Nude and show off his (rather, it is inherent in exhibicionista), but it is a healthy desire to become closer to nature. The modern world is slowly starting to get rid of the remnants of centuries of common morality: people more and are more willing to begin to organize not only nudist beaches, but also tours of naturism. Today we will tell you where nudists that can bring good practice to walk around like that and can this lead to liberation of the mind of all mankind.

  • Ancient Greece

    Sacred character of Nudes was noticed in antiquity: no wonder the Greeks had all sporting events completely naked. The word “gymnos” means “naked”, it happens us the modern word “gymnastics”. In addition, most of the pagan rites associated with fertility, were also conducted in the Nude. In many parts of ancient Greece, there was a practice of spiritual protection against a possible attack: monthly young girls had to go through with the plow around the boundaries of the village.

  • India

    The emergence of nudism in India, too, has been associated with mystical reasons. Even the chroniclers of Alexander the great described within the so-called gymnosophists — Naga sages. Currently, there is still a certain sect of ascetics, who, in fact, is one of the branches of Jainism. Here nudity is seen as liberation from the mortal world.

  • Germany

    In the early twentieth-century Puritan Germany surprised the rest of the world. Here culture was born free body, which, as you know, based on the constant nudity of his followers. From this point, we can consider the modern history of nudism, the founder of which was a geographer (and staunch anarchist) Elise Reclus. He said about nudity, how about socially acceptable behaviour, which can lead the world to a new type of thinking.

  • Scandinavia

    Around the same time, the doctrine of naturism penetrated to Scandinavia. Here his apologist mill Soren Sorensen, founded in 1936, the first of its kind nudist club “Sunny sports the North”. Hence the current spread to France, where doctors Gaston and Andre Deauville began the issue of “Live wisely” and established a theme resort “Heliopolis”.

  • The Soviet Union

    Not behind the new developments and our country. The main ideologist of the Naga way of life was made by Maximilian Voloshin. His book “Reflections. Nudity” and “Glare. Mask. Nudity” became a real desktop Bible for thousands of Russian and then Soviet tourists. He became the founder of the main nudist beaches in Crimea. Ironically, this initiative was welcomed and the Soviet regime. About the middle of the 1930-ies, people would arrange the whole Nude procession through the streets of the main cities of the country, including in Moscow avenues. Lenin himself, in one of his writings, said that nudism is “healthy proletarian beginning.”

  • What are the pros

    First of all, nudism solves almost all the problems associated with a fear of society. Practicing naturism a few months a year in a row, you certainly will no longer be ashamed and public appearances, and meetings in unfamiliar company. In addition, nudists, as a rule, very carefully begin and relates to the environment. When the person has no clothes, he is more susceptible to the state of nature around him — the same principle applied to ordinary life.

  • Cons naturism

    First, we should not forget about the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation. It accelerates the aging process of the skin and is particularly affecting the most delicate parts of it. Usually, they are hidden bathing suits without them nudist literally takes place in the destructive rays of the sun. Secondly, we must not forget the social component of the phenomenon. Demonstration of reproductive organs of most people is quite an understandable negative reaction, because such a nudity taboo since the days of the ancient world.

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The history of the manicure

Have you ever thought about where did the manicure, and where this first appeared way to care for your nails? The history of the manicure takes a lot of centuries ago. Well maintained, neat nails is a whole culture that has passed a lot of tests. The first information about the manicure came about in the third century BC. Marvelous tools designed to care …

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Are 15 amazing facts about the new Apple Watch

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Jetlag: the best ways to avoid stress during the transportation

In his normal state of the human biological clock are configured so that moving quickly from one to another time zone can really knock a person off balance.This lag of the biological clock from circadian rhythms causes fatigue and sleep disturbances.Full adaptation to new circadian rhythms people, as a rule, it takes from two days to two weeks – depending on how many time zones had to cross.The different systems of the body regulate its rhythms at different speeds. For example, digestion can adapt faster than sleep. Your body can be help easier to come to the norms, observing these simple rules.

  • The translation of the biological clock

    To go to sleep according to the time zone of the place where you want to go — in advance and in good faith is a pursuit worthy of a truly enlightened citizen.

  • Consider the light time

    When you fly East, your day is shortened. When journey to the West — is lengthened. In the case of shortening of the more unpleasant consequences, so you should take this into account.

  • Afternoon flight

    Day is the best time for your flight, especially if it takes several hours. Biological cycles suffer with daily flights much less.

  • Rest during the flight

    Maximum comfort during the flight will help to create earplugs, a blindfold, inflatable pillow and feet in Slippers or warm socks. To maintain blood circulation you can do yourself with a massage or from time to time to walk around the cabin.

  • Sleep after arrival

    An hour of sleep after the flight is able to do wonder to regain energy and to prevent significant disruptions in health.

  • Water regime

    More water and less coffee or sugary drinks — this rule will help to avoid stress and long adaptation to changes in time zones and daylight hours. However, this usually works in a usual mode, so do not lean on drinks of this kind.

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Selena Gomez in Adidas NEO lookbook

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The next stage of construction of the RC Volga completed, the official website of the developer

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Как прошла свадьба Гая Ричи
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As vacuum massage will help get rid of cellulite

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Never say never: Gisele bündchen made a series of plastic surgeries

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