Back to school: 10 skills needed for a child

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The wedding of Prince of Monaco Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo

Венчание принца Монако Пьера Казираги и Беатрис Борромео
While in the UK at the wedding of guy Ritchie walked brad pitt, David Beckham and: Jason Statham, Italy for the wedding of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo arrived… Read More →

If the summer never ends..

In August I only buy the best of everything – on a non-ideal time is just not there. Read More →

Canon ME20F-SH: color video in pitch darkness gonna cost

It is well known that nothing but an indistinct black-and-white video, with no special lighting in the dark. It was not until until Canon announced a boycott of the loss of color resulting from the inclusion of infrared illumination in low light. Their new compact camera ME20F-SH needs to revolutionize the light sensitivity of professional photographic equipment.
In numbers, it goes something like this: when the illumination of 0.0005 Lux (a little lighter than in the closet on a moonless night), thanks to a gain of 75 dB, the camera shoots Full color HD video. This is equivalent to the ISO over 4 million!
Canon ME20F-SH is equipped with brand new 35mm CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2.26 and MP under control of processor DIGIC DV4. The camera is easy to mount EF lenses, and other devices via the outputs 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI, external microphone and remote control Canon RC-V100.
The use of such a device, despite its uniqueness, is quite narrow and specific. And it’s not even that too few people would like to take in all the beauty of wildlife at night or explore deep caves, and corny in a high price camera. $ 30,000 — this will be the cost of Canon ME20F-SH at the start of sales in December 2015. Read More →

The top 5 myths about the effect of food on the skin

Find out what products actually do not harm your skin
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The journey of Blake lively in Spain: clowns, Tomatina and shooting

Путешествие Блейк Лайвли в Испанию: клоуны, томатина и съемки
Actress Blake lively after the birth of his daughter has returned to active work – these days it is filming in Barcelona. With your new hair color lively plays… Read More →

Be Yourself: Lady Gaga for Shiseido

In the new video messenger Shiseido Lady Gaga urges always be yourself — even during the crazy experiments with appearance. Read More →

10 problems, the solution of which will make you a billionaire

I want to be a billionaire? To bathe in fame and money to spend bills right and left and nothing to reflect? Dream not of the worst, but in order to achieve this, you need to try hard. In order to have something to draw on — we have collected 10 of the topical issues that will undoubtedly bring you fame and fortune.

  • Wireless transmission of power. Devices have become so small that the battery size has become a real problem. To reduce the size of batteries to infinity, but this process has limits. Much better would be to completely abandon conventional batteries and switch to a wireless power transmission system. At the moment there is an induction charger that does not use wires, but these technologies are still in their infancy. Therefore, if the laurels of Nikola Tesla haunt rather learn the subject and start development.
  • Internet everywhere. How tightly the Internet entered our lives, in the world there are many places, even where there is no phone, not to mention a stable access to the web. Currently working on a solution to this problem employs such Corporation like Google. The project is called Project Loon and represents a development in the field of balloons equipped with routers, handing the Internet. Launched into the stratosphere balloons will create a system of access to the Internet worldwide. In the project there is also potential for cellular — mobile access point can compete with the expensive satellite link and to provide confident coverage even in the remotest corners of the globe.
  • Cheap solar energy. It would seem that solar energy is free — take it and enjoy. But photovoltaic cells, which form the basis of solar panels are not cheap. So the whole world is now struggling to find material that will work in the same way, but cheaper. The reduction of production costs of solar energy will be a real energy revolution, which will be good money.
  • Clean coal. The transformation of carbon in the fuel is the task, which dealt with millions of years of earth’s history, but can’t decide scientists. The creation of artificial substitute of coal can become a discovery of the century.
  • Cheap international payments. There are many payment systems offering payment services abroad with a minimum Commission, but so far, the scheme works only in conjunction with the banks, the transfer of funds abroad will cost money. To solve the problem could be a decentralized system, free of Bank charges, such as Bitcoin, but it, unfortunately, has not gained the trust of many States.
  • Diet drug. Miracle pill for weight loss is the dream of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and has not been invented, although this has been stated countless times. Means for hypermetabolism and was not found, although scientists are working on it already in the first year.
  • Cheap desalination. Water scarcity continues to head the list of the world’s most pressing problems. Desalination plant for sea water are built worldwide, but this water is expensive. The price reduction is the main path that needs to go the engineering thought in this area. Working together with solar energy, desalination technology can solve many problems of the future, and inventors is incredibly enriching.
  • Accurate weather forecast. SYNOPTIC system today has a lot to do with extrasensory perception, despite the abundance of devices and pundits. Accurate predictions two months in advance — it’s still a fantasy that could become reality, subject to the availability of new technologies.
  • Uncrackable passwords. Having the intent and the existence of certain programs that can crack any password. Its complexity may influence except on the time that it will be spent. Therefore, the programmer did wrestle with the problem of turning smartphones and laptops to digital fortress, which it will be impossible to hack.
  • To conquer death. Let it sounds fantastic, but the victory over death is the one great goal that looms ahead of hundreds of scientists. How to make time ceased to be unforgiving to the human body — a task worthy of a man who defies his own nature.

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New Russian cuisine on the threshold of a great breakthrough!

Earlier in Russia traveling for the sake of volcanoes, fishing or folklore. Now to try the beef Stroganoff from shellfish, soup with sea devil, ice cream honeysuckle

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Mistress into maid

I wrote so much about boho-trend that it would be strange not to try on this image. So, today the image with a gradient in rustically and in peasant style. Starring — dress with a vintage print from ROMWE (here). The main source of inspiration — the sunflowers. They are so beautiful, every day I go home from training past the old woman,… Read More →