Junk food can cause male impotence

American scientists came to the conclusion that such causes of male impotence, stress, bad habits and excessive hard work, added another – poor diet. Men often consume products with a high content of GMO and pesticides, may soon lose their quality of sexual life.


The experts conducted a large-scale study, the results of which have been very disappointing. As it turned out, the representatives of the stronger sex, who every day eats large portions of food, which includes genetically modified and saturated with pesticides products, much more at risk to get impotence than men who eat completely healthy food.

According to researchers, food with a high content of pesticides and GMOs provokes a significant reduction in the amount of testosterone in the blood of men. This process eventually leads to a decrease in erection. In addition, over time, cease to function, those cells are responsible for formation, development and normal functioning of spermatozoa. Scientists also noticed that drinking dishes made from such harmful products that triggers the production in the body men female sexual characteristics.

Earlier, the experts found that in a marriage, the representatives of the male half of humanity become healthier. The reason lies in the fact that life in the family often meet wife, approaching the selection of products and preparing food more thoroughly and carefully.

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Beauty lesson: how to create a hair bow

5 steps to create a romantic and playful image
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Dose of winds: how and where to go kite surfing

When you cross a kite, snowboard and sea, you get kitesurfing — fashion kind of leisure that brings joy, the adrenaline and the benefit figure. Read More →

10 successful in the fashion industry of women with non-standard appearance

Chloe sevigny, Tilda Swinton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Serena Williams and other great women we see on magazine covers and in commercials not only for beautiful eyes

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10 secrets Concierge service that will enhance your stay

Many tourists, being in a new city, begin to touch to learn it, is senseless winding miles of uninteresting areas. Other buying trips or follow the pros ‘ advice on various forums, not knowing that sometimes the best advice you can get right in the hotel. It’s enough to ask for advice from the Concierge, whose functions are that guests do not get bored. Here are just 10 of the alternative options of stay in different hotels around the world, compiled according to the latest recommendations. In any case, best to check everything is in place — suddenly appeared in the city something is so interesting that the Concierge deem it worthy of your attention.

  • Jakarta

    Chief Concierge at Keraton at The Plaza advises to visit in Jakarta ancient village Setu Babakan, where the indigenous people of Betawi for centuries to honor their culture. After exploring the traditional buildings and participate in activities you can dine in a wonderful Cafe Batavia, overlooking the old city.

  • Vienna

    According to Dieter Ludwig, working in Hotel Bristol, not to be content with what offers most travel agencies in their standard tours. You need a minimum of a visit to the Prater amusement Park and a trip to Riesenrad, and then boiled or veal schnitzel in Huth Gastwirtschaft will seem especially tasty.

  • Venice

    Venice can be a real boon for shopaholics, and not just for romantics, dreaming day and night to sail on the canals of the city. Filippo Bollini from Hotel Danieli, ideal buy memory something from leather or jewelry is handmade in one of the many boutiques, and then to celebrate the purchase of dinner at the Terrazza Danieli.

  • Shanghai

    Do not attempt to quickly look through all the in Shanghai, you still don’t get it on the main Board from Stanley Shao, chief Concierge at The Hongta Hotel. Instead, take a tour of the 400 year old Yu Garden, try the radish cake in Lu Bo Lang and follow all the tea in the Tea pavilion.

  • Mallorca

    Not some sandy beaches rich island of Mallorca, I’m sure Mariano Iglesias Moreno, a Concierge at the hotel Castillo Son Vida. Hiking in the mountains of Serra de Tramuntana will allow the most curious tourists to discover the stunning beauty and views that are not available with the surface of the earth.

  • Paris

    Paris, like many other European cities are best explored empirically, walking everywhere and trying everything to try. Marie-Lisa Teri from Prince de Galles Hotel advises to start with a visit to the salon Delisle, where since 1895 artisans produce unique objects of bronze and iron. For excellent cheese should go on the Rue de sèvres in milk shop Fromagerie Quatrehomme, offering a choice of over 200 varieties.

  • San Francisco

    Experienced travelers have nothing to do in the bustling downtown San Francisco — this is the opinion of Jose Lopez from the Palace Hotel. He also proposes an alternative in the form of a trip on the ferry to the town of Sausalito filled with cozy cafes, boutiques, wine shops and galleries. A lot of interesting and beautiful can be found on the North Beach, where Italian cafe serves awesome cannoli and espresso.

  • Crete

    Wine connoisseurs definitely appeal to the boutari winery in Crete, located near the archaeological site at Knossos. Nightly bonfires on the beach near the Blue Palace will announce that the time has come famous cooking lamb antikristo and baking bread in a stone oven. The last note from the Concierge at the aforementioned sounds a bit like advertising, but we have no reason to think that it’s actually not tasty.

  • New York

    In new York it is very hard to find a place where every moment of time is not photographed a crowd of tourists, but that is no reason to treat myself to a walk through Central Park, Belvedere Castle or the Great lawn. Without hesitation, the Concierge at The Chatwal James Jolis recommends a visit to the Egyptian collection in the Metropolitan Museum of art, a bite to eat at Totto Ramen, and then to go to a show in the theater district of the city.

  • Moscow

    Foreign tourists who are not afraid of Russian cold, chief Concierge at Hotel National beekeeper Julia always advises to prefer winter tours in Moscow “Golden period” from April to June. At this time the streets of the city with all its lights on the background of the darkness of the evening look especially magical. For completeness, you can ride on a sled, eat hot soup with the obligatory shot of vodka in any institution of the metropolis.

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Remedies for athlete's foot

Sweat glands of a person considered to be a natural temperature regulators of the body. They help to maintain the desired temperature of the human body through the allocation of excess moisture through the pores of the skin. In normal condition the sweat stands out slightly when not too strong loadings. But many of us are faced with the disruption of the sweat glands, especially often it happens in the summer. And especially …

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10 wedding dresses Valentino

10 свадебных платьев Valentino
In the midst of wedding season edition Vogue.ua recalls the most famous Bridal gowns, created by the Italian House of Valentino. Anne Hathaway (photo:… Read More →

Bloody Mary recipe old Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway for his extraordinary talent and daring lifestyle is one of favorite writers edition Trendymen. About the same we love and Sergei Dovlatov, but he, unfortunately, did not leave any recipes for your favorite cocktails, but the old Ernest tried for two. We already wrote about dear to the heart of the great drinkers drink, and today is get you closer to the mystery of cooking “Bloody Mary” in Hemingways. Get everything you need, invite interesting people and get ready for what you may be visited by the Muse.

  • Ingredients:
    1 liter of vodka
    2 liters of tomato juice
    Worcestershire Sauce
    2 lime
    Celery salt
    Cayenne pepper
    Black pepper
  • Pour all the tomato juice in a 3-liter pitcher with ice. To prepare Bloody Mary in smaller containers Hemingway himself was considered impractical and devoid of any meaning.
  • Send then all content liter bottles of vodka.
  • Sprinkle all serving freshly ground black pepper, rather to awaken the flames in your mouth.
  • Try not to overdo it with celery salt, otherwise you’ll have to open another pack of juice, a bottle of vodka and look for a more pitcher to dilute the salty mixture.
  • Ask everyone who is going to drink a cocktail, on the subject of portability, Cayenne pepper, add a reasonable amount in a jar and try not to RUB the eyes and mucous membranes before thoroughly wash my hands.
  • Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 3 liters of Hemingway cocktail was good enough, but you can change the proportions depending on personal preferences.
  • Squeeze a generous stack (60 milliliters) of lime juice in a pitcher and get ready for the party.
  • Gently stir the contents of the container with a bar spoon and taste the cocktail. If a Bloody Mary is not strong enough, add more alcohol as advised by a great writer. If the cocktail party is over, and you still have not done anything for which you could be ashamed the next day, then prepare another pitcher, we suggest that you.

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How to deal with the fallout: four effective mask against hair loss

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How to fool the brain and become better on all fronts

At some point a grueling workout you suddenly decide that they can do more than usual. To take the weight, to go the extra mile, to take another approach. Suddenly it becomes clear that the body is quite able to pull these loads that you felt heavy. A similar condition probably familiar to almost everyone. Cheating does mind us showing weakness where there is strength? How. Trust me, you’re stronger than you think.

  • Physically

    Professional athletes have always known that there is a deep connection between state of mind and performance. You can force yourself to do even more in that moment, when the body screams of unbearable fatigue. Recent studies have shown that this system is ambivalent, works both ways. The mind stops the body before the performance at least three-quarters will be close to critical. Timothy Knox, Professor of physics, inspired by what is happening in the body processes called this feature “the Central government is lazy state.”

    The mind stops the body before the performance at least three-quarters will be close to critical. Do not be tempted.

    In fact what is happening is justified by evolution: the brain just doesn’t understand why he needs to use unnecessary resources. The rest of the forces he saves until the moment of actual danger, when they really can come in handy. But the fact that we have long exist outside of wildlife, and you may use this “spare” energy during workouts. The main thing is to win the mind.

  • Mental

    The brain is deceiving you about not only the level of the physical, but also mental. In a time when mental fatigue once again prompt you to throw things and go once more to check social stream — send her to hell. As in the case of the body, mental resources are required by the brain in case of sudden danger. He is careful, like a rat on Board the plague ship everywhere and waiting for the catch. But you are smarter than these primitive sensations! Follow from it.

    Willpower is required to convert virtually every act is a limited resource. But its reserves are much higher than you think.

    Step over themselves and, incidentally, stop using these satanic guides about the holiday in the middle of the workflow. Nobody argues, need to escape, but three attempts of the brain to lead you away from the apparent fatigue two will be false. Remember this always. Willpower is required to convert virtually every act is a limited resource. But its reserves are much higher than you think.

  • Emotionally

    The man has a huge reserve of emotional strength. So arranged by nature, it’s not even an add-in protective mechanism, but the basis of existence. To recover from the heavy loss in record time — if you stop to conform imposed by society’s conventions. Of course, you will be very hard to lose a close relative or to get out of a serious relationship.

    To recover from the heavy loss in record time — if you stop to conform imposed by society’s conventions.

    But prolonged depression after this is not a required element of your life and never supplied not supplied. Another thing is that it is much easier (sorry, but true) for many years to fall into grievous torments, than to admit to himself unexpectedly quick release from this prison.

  • Catch-22

    In this game, again, two can play. It is important to remember that the brain is very sensitive to all your conscious statements, even if it is not obvious. Feeling fatigue, the need to be distracted while working, lack of concentration, do not give in. Let him know the man, I’m well aware of their own resources and will use them as it sees fit. Of course, this is easier said than done. We take the position, and enjoy. Good luck!

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