Try on wedding rings Tiffany in the application

Engagement Ring Finder — developed trademark application for phones and tablets that will allow brides to try on all the rings without leaving home

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Find Karl Lagerfeld in the book Where's Karl?

Perhaps the iconic fashion designer will not be able to get lost in the crowd of models, Actresses and editors of Vogue

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New video of Lana del Rey

Новое видео Ланы дель Рей
In the new clip Lana Del Rey High by the beach at first glance, nothing portends trouble: singer languid pacing on a private Villa on the ocean in blue. Read More →

5 major mistakes wine drinkers

Lately to be a wine connoisseur trying almost every second. To understand the noble drink teach specialized courses, where dozens of office workers listen, with bated breath, upper wisdom from a guest sommelier. The funny thing is that last may well be a recent listener exactly the same courses: superficial knowledge about wine, mixed with their own vague ideas about the culture of alcohol use in principle. Maybe that’s why the spread of the most serious errors that make wine lovers. We collected five major mistakes by avoiding them, you not only can enjoy the taste and aroma of good wine to the fullest, but also show themselves competent man in any society.

  • Keep a glass bowl

    Many people hold the wine glass by the Cup, skipping the stem between her fingers and clasping his hand basis. It is certainly convenient, but it is wrong. Wine glasses provided with a long stem is not only for aesthetic reasons: the palm of the warm drink, changing its flavor is not for the better. In addition to the wine opened up, it needs a little shake up in the glass — making is also more comfortable holding by the stem.

  • Incorrect serving temperature

    In this common error is to blame, in part, the creators of commercials. White wine, we show in sweaty from the cold bottle. Meanwhile, overly chilled drink loses almost all its taste and aroma. Of course, it is very nice to skip the extra glass sverhdlitelnogo white on a hot day — but only as an exception. The same applies to wine red. Almost all the restaurants serve it warmed to room temperature. This leads to the fact that the taster feels alcohol notes, instead of the delicate aroma of fruit. So red wine before serving is a must — cooling-in moderation.

  • Too long decanting

    Everyone’s heard of that guilt before use, you fail to let them “breathe”. But about the correct timing of desantirovaniya knowledge of few — most often, people make the same mistake: leave the wine to air for too long. Half an hour — but the amount of time that must pass between decanting and drinking. Otherwise, you risk instead of a rich aroma to get quite tasteless drink.

  • Storage method

    In stores, even specialized, the wine is exposed in a vertical position and illuminated with bright lights — make it easier for the buyer to make a choice. Seeing the bottle in this position, people start to store wine at home also. Actually, the bottle is best to lay flat in a cool and dark place: so wine can remain almost indefinitely.

  • The amount of wine in glass

    Don’t be deceived by the size of the bowl of the wine glass: it is so great not to fill it completely. People who are seeking to fill the glass completely, making a big mistake and deprive themselves of the greater part of the pleasure of good wine. The fact that the drink shares its fragrance only when there is space. Stick to a simple rule: the wine should occupy no more than a third of the glass.

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Collection of Clarins makeup for the morning and evening

Perfect eyebrows, penetrating eyes, and sensual lips — the three pillars of autumn makeup

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How to make a professional evening makeup at home

The secrets of evening makeup at home. Read More →

Dresses size 50 - choose wisely!

Agree, no piece of clothing can transform a girl like dress.

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"It is impossible to live all life without laughter": 10 things to learn from Jennifer Lawrence

Topping actress, one of the youngest recipients of the award “Oscar” in history, the Queen of the Internet and simple girl Jennifer Lawrence celebrates 25th anniversary. Read More →

Watch manufacture Piaget will take part in the charity fair

Часовая мануфактура Piaget примет участие в благотворительной ярмарке
Watch manufacture Piaget will participate in the charity auction Only Watch in Geneva. The auction will take place in support of muscular dystrophy research… Read More →

Rest in November 2015 production calendar

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