Real spy equipment the envy of bond

Espionage in the real world has most likely nothing to do with sophisticated methods of James bond companions. This does not mean that the guys from the CIA is not in the sleeves trump-another: they’re just not as pretentious as gadgets of bond. Well, except for a special pair of shoes with retractable poisonous blade that techniques of intelligence copied directly from the pages of Fleming novels. We went to the online Museum of the special Department of the CIA (Yes, there is such one) and there chose some of the most spy gadgets for the whole history of the service.

  • Camera for birds

    Small and very light camera was designed by experts specifically for pigeons. On a plan of technicians, a wise bird must fly very close to the goal — optics in the camera was pretty weak. How many of these superpsychic has fulfilled its obligations and returned to the nest USS, history is silent.

  • Dollar secret

    The secret is, admittedly, fairly simple. Large silver dollar, circulated at that time, specialists USS made a hollow box. Inside you can hide a small message or the microfilm.

  • Camera in matches

    Kodak Shotover this camera for the office of strategic services — over time, this Department was transformed into the CIA. USS acted during the Second world war, and quite successfully. Professionals patterns easily thalis and with the legendary German Abwehr and Japanese intelligence. The Kodak fun camera disguised as a matchbox. On the lid of the box can attach any label to conform to the host country as a spy.

  • Fashion spy

    Yes, the guys from USS without a shadow of a smile took and developed a unified clothing designed for working in the field of spies. Why dressed so comrades should not have to calculate the specialists of enemy counterintelligence is entirely unclear.

  • Spikes

    Greetings films about the agent 007. There is no information how effective have such devices. However, there are still manual. According to this rare document, each spike, as anything thrown on the road, guaranteed to fall tip up. Very useful.

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Lipstick from the "3D volume" from Avon

Avon introduces a new line of lipsticks that will appear in the first autumn catalogues. This is a series of “3D volume”. The promise of the producer of these lipsticks are designed to make your lips look voluminous and seductive, thanks to the formula with retinol and collagen. And jojoba oil, caffeine and pomegranate will moisturize and soften your lips. In my makeup three shades of lipstick from the “3D… Read More →

10 of the biggest and boldest engineering projects on the planet

Skyscrapers tend to new height records, huge tunnels that connect the continents, and the huge bridges stretching for tens of kilometers over sea and ocean Straits. We have entered a new age of technology, when engineering and infrastructure projects become truly cyclopean. We collected ten under construction or newly constructed projects that were the first for a number of features and is worthy to be called the most daring on the Earth.

  • The expansion of the Panama canal

    Country: Panama Time of construction: 11 years Cost: $ 5250000000 The Panama canal was opened to navigation in 1914 and has since become a gold mine for its owners. But the old channel is not able to serve the growing flow of Maritime transport. So the leadership of the owner it was decided to build a new shipping route, which will replace the channel at the narrowest point. The channel length of 4 kilometers will be constructed entirely from concrete, which will require about 4.4 million cubic meters.

  • Bridge Port Mann

    Country: Canada Construction time: 6 years Cost: $ 1,93 billion Bay bridge Bay bridge promises to be the first in the world on several indicators — the widest bridge in the world, the second longest bridge in North America and most complex cable-stayed bridge that was ever built.

  • Dam “Three gorges”

    Country: China Construction time: 17 years Cost: $ 22 billion To measure the amount of concrete that may be necessary for the construction of this massive structure on the Yangtze river, is not possible. The project is estimated at 17 years of hard work and ultimately will be a cascade of 37 river turbines that will power and a good half of China.

  • One World Trade Center

    Country: USA Time of construction: 7 years Cost: $ 3.8 billion The tallest building in the Western hemisphere will rise above the ground at 541 meters. The building is located in the North-Western corner of the site with an area of 65 000 square meters, which was destroyed on 11 September 2001, the previous complex of world trade center buildings, including the famous twin towers.

  • Aizhai suspension bridge

    Country: China Construction time: 5 years Cost: $ 600 million Suspension bridge over a canyon Dehang length in 1175 meters will be the longest structure of its kind in the world. The bridge will connect two road tunnel, hewn in the rock.

  • The stadium FFR Grand

    Country: France Construction time: 4 years Cost: $ 552 million Sliding roof at the stadium today, no surprise, but here’s retractable field while you can. It is this will be at the stadium at a cost of $ 552 million, which will be built South of Paris. FFR Grand will become the largest stadium in Europe and will also work as an entertainment center.

  • Tunnel London Crossrail

    Country: United Kingdom Time of construction: 11 years Cost: $ 23 billion The most ambitious in the history of the subway tunnel being built in London and its suburbs. About thirty kilometers of tunnels with more than forty new stations will completely alter the approach to underground passengers in the British capital.

  • Bridge Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau

    Country: China Time of construction: 7 years Cost: $ 10.6 billion The bridge was built in 4 years, and its construction was spent about 5.5 billion pounds (slightly less than 60 billion RMB). The project was designed by the Shandong Gausu Group. The bridge is divided into six lanes, and support him more than 5,200 feet. The construction took about 450 thousand tons of steel and 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete. Official representatives say that design is durable enough to withstand fresh earthquake, Typhoon or collision with a vessel with a displacement of up to 300,000 tons. The bridge was built by two brigades of workers with a total population of about 10,000 people, crews were building from opposite ends and at the beginning of 2011 has completed its work, meeting in the middle of the bridge.

  • Russian bridge

    Country: Russia Construction time: 4 years Cost: $ 1 billion Cable-stayed bridge in Vladivostok over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait connects the Peninsula with Cape Nazimova Novosil on the island of Russian. Construction was started on 3 September 2008 in the framework of the program of preparations for the APEC summit in 2012. The second highest bridge in the world, height is 324 meters. At the moment he had the world’s largest cable-stayed span of bridges, with a length of 1104 meters.

  • The Shanghai tower

    Country: China Time of construction: 8 years Cost: $ 2.4 billion Ultra-high building, under construction in the Pudong district of Shanghai in China. Upon completion, this building should be higher in Pudong district, ahead of a tower Jin Mao and Shanghai world financial center. According to the project the height of the building will be 634 meters, total area of 380 thousand square meters. August 3, 2013 building Shanghai tower was completed up to roof level. In August 2014 were completed external work and began an internal finish.

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Autumn makeup collection YSL

Soon Russia will visit the international YSL makeup artist who will teach admirers of the brand with the mind to use 3D stickers for nails, hybrid Kyalami and new colors of lipsticks from the collection of Pretty Metal

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Love the accents: guide beauty trends with Natasha Poly

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Video: Monica Bellucci about her role in "007: Range"

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Male infantilism: how to live with it and whether you want to fight

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First trailer: the directorial debut of Natalie Portman

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