Together again: supermodels of the 90s reunited

Cнова вместе: супермодели 90-х воссоединились
Everyone remembers the legendary images by Peter Lindbergh – the cover of British Vogue in January 1990, photo of motorcycle leather jackets in 1991 or frames with the girls… Read More →

Bracelets out of rubber bands "dragon Scales" and "fishtail": several variants of weaving

In today’s tutorial we are going to make bracelets out of rubber bands popular patterns: “dragon Scales” and “fishtail”. They are represented as in the classic versions, and so unusual, original. Also offer a master class on making a bracelet with rare pattern, which we called “Friends”. All jewelry lagging on different devices: the machine, the fork, the fork and my fingers. So, watch our video and photos. Read More →

Only marriage unbearable: 10 luxury wedding rings (photo)

The most precious symbols of marriage
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G2 Combat P51 Fighter bike weekend, crowning Confederate Motors

61 instance — is an impossible amount for a small business, focusing on the individual approach in creating custom bikes. The company also Confederate Motors, which just introduced the limited edition batch G2 Combat P51 Fighter, probably barely restrained myself from flow line production, because the bike turned out just fine.
This bike the company announced that invisible line, uniting on the basis of the first “fighter” all the best ideas for more than 20 years of existence, including the successful discoveries in the exterior Confederate X132 Hellcat. The only drawback is the lack of opportunity to take on another impressionable young lady without the invention of the Kama Sutra in a single seat.

G2 Combat P51 Fighter of the second generation is ready totem for the rebels of the digital age who do not attach much importance to the difference between Motorboats and oxfords.

Lightweight wheels carbon fiber tightened in Pirelli tires, which you need to try hard to lose traction. Colors limited party resolved monochromatic and simple, with the symbolic superiority of the dark side in 1 instance.
But forget about the simplicity, if you need to understand the construction, consisting of 6061 parts, each of which possibly facilitated by the forces of aerospace technology. 200-horsepower V-twin engine is further cooled with air unit, and a 5-speed gearbox is protected against overloads.
Each instance of G2 Combat P51 Fighter will be produced to order only. While the white version will cost much cheaper than dark — 113 900 119 against $ 500. Read More →

Autumn in the style of the seventies

The August issue of ELLE Spain invites us to prepare for autumn. A new photo history with Vanessa Lorenzo for those who are still in the summer fell in love with the style of the seventies and boho-style. However, the photo shoot stylists offer boho in a more low-key, urban twist. Read More →

Granddaughter Jane Birkin in an advertising campaign Comptoir des Cotonniers

Внучка Джейн Биркин в рекламной кампании Comptoir des Cotonniers
French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers this year celebrates its 20th anniversary with a revival of one of his main ideas – family values, namely, the closeness of mother and… Read More →

The New Chanel Première Tourbillon Volant

Tourbillon in the form of the iconic French fashion House Camellia — breathtakingly beautiful

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Test drive Trendymen: Mercedes-Benz GLA

Let’s start with the fact that despite the letter G in the title, GLA in practice is difficult to refer to crossovers. Nicely, this is supposed to be A-Classe, but the dictates of the market, and without a formal compact crossover today any self-respecting brand just does.
In a sense, this is the label of the crossover can be a source of inflated expectations. After all, what we usually expect from such a car? The height, the view from the top down and high ground clearance. Here the templates are broken from the very first seconds of acquaintance. Here we were met by a small landing, and the line of Windows is not above passing sedans and hatchbacks. Despite the 17 inch ground clearance, this option has GLA less than any of its competitors — the usual set of qualities does not stack well. And that is why you should not try to measure GLA usual criteria crossover.
And one has only to distract from the Protocol, as everything falls into place. Four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance, relatively capacious trunk and amazing everyday practicality. In some sense, GLA closer in spirit to the series Allroad Quatro, and label crossover here — a tribute to fashion.
Mercedes was very soft, foldable and proportional way. Additional 20 inches of length compared to A-Classe allowed to make the silhouette more balanced and not breaking the line of the rear rack and trunk lid. Designers also do not regret chromium with additional style packages, the car looks brilliant as a designer accessory. It is important not to miss the color of our test car flow neighbours were sincerely mistaken for a female, but a dark tone of the body needs to fix this embarrassment. Our clear choice — GLA in black.

Despite its compact size, the GLA is not asking for discounts for your size. The salon is very carefully tailored. There is no gloss Mercedes flagship models, but not visible saving on the little things that often plagues competitors. The arrangement of the elements and controls calibrated and requires no adjustment. However, the Central multimedia screen it’s tempting to point a finger. But nothing will happen — it can only be operated washers joystick Comand.
At our disposal was the car in the version of the GLA250, all-wheel drive version with increased ground clearance. Despite four-wheel drive, a stock 2 litre turbo petrol engine 211 HP enough to stock — car shows adult dynamics, covering the first hundred in 7.1 seconds. Suspension for Russia in Mercedes amplify. On the one hand, it is very practical from the point of view of operation in the conditions of local roads, but on the other, makes a move of several absorbers sandwiched. It makes GLA literally bounce on the road bumps, especially at speeds closer to 100 km/h.

But on these cars rarely go to forced marches. But in the conditions of city streets GLA revealed a small wheelbase and precise wheel maneuverability make it outstanding. In conjunction with a whole bunch of driver assistance systems, including the monitoring of dead zones, and the control strip, and rear view camera, daily performance of this car can compete with anyone, and GLA can handle it. And here it is not required to be labeled as a crossover.


Dimensions l/W/h, mm: 4417, 1804, 1494
Curb weight: 1505 kg.
Engine: gasoline, 2 L.
Power: 211 HP
Acceleration up to hundreds, h: 7,1
Drive: full
Test fuel consumption: 10.7 l/100 km
The price of the basic set: 2 050 000,00 R.
The price of the tested car: 2 614 766,39 R. Read More →

5 everyday things that can save your life

Recently on the territory of the entire planet is gaining momentum a new trend: preparing for survival. The so-called “preppers” spend a huge amount of money, time and other resources to provide themselves and their families in case what. Reached an extreme stage of paranoia people supply the backyards of their homes underground shelters. Machine equipped with a heavy scottbradley, strengthen window grilles, wheels — chains. And all anything, if the security of your own home does not remain for such people the tenth case. But if you believe in common sense, that is a house (or apartment) you have to protect from normal misfortunes, which is not part of the zombie Apocalypse. We have collected a small list of basic items that must be in every home. Each of them is able to save not only your property but also your life.

  • Radio

    Natural disaster, war and other troubles certainly will bypass the usual methods of communication. Buy and fit batteries conventional radio — from here will receive information about which side to lie down with your legs right now, and which way to crawl slowly, covered with a sheet.

  • Flashlight

    Blackout is a phenomenon in our country is quite common. If you don’t need to go, you can, of course, and with a candle in the kitchen to sit. But all sorts of global problems (knock on table) is usually accompanied by the same off the light. Buy a good flashlight, insert the batteries and keep it in an accessible place. In peak situations is useful.

  • Ect

    Keep the house bat — bad taste, remember. Among other things, it still hit should be able to. Rushed the robbers to armed confrontation ready probably better than you. So will be able in no time to take away this useless stick. And to make it useful, but not for you. Much better would be to buy a Taser. Any documents on its storage is not required, and in case of attack, he could save not only your property but also your life. Better yet — buy a Taser in a closed room with the range of the shot enough with his head.

  • Smoke detector

    A smoke detector is installed in each new apartment, by default. Then, a thousand little intelligible reasons it remove the residents themselves. Either someone is Smoking, and tired of the constant alarm. Either kitchen magician is tired of the same beeper as nightly happy sacred action with seafood for the whole family. So, stop Smoking (at all, in principle, and the apartment in particular), and the kitchen magician buy your headphones. Unscrew the smoke detector is very stupid and dangerous. Who will warn you about the commencement of the fire?

  • Plug for sockets

    This thing just needed to families with a small child growing up. It is unclear why children are drawn to shove a piece of wire in the socket, and not a finger in the honey jar, but the fact remains. A set of rubber plugs on the apartment — not complex and not expensive acquisition. Do it!

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The cashmere collection Claudia Schiffer

Коллекция кашемира Клаудии Шиффер
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer presented the cashmere collection for American brand Tse. All it comprises 18 items, which is a German calls timeless…. Read More →