10 most comfortable cities in the world

The city is so very different from each other that comparing them is a very ungrateful. Nevertheless, various ratings are often. But, perhaps the most useful remains the ranking of world cities by luxury accommodation. The rating was made based on many important factors, namely the quality of health and education, the level of development of trade and transportation systems, crime rates and threats of conflict and even air temperature. The data used in the ranking based on publicly available information that has been thoroughly studied and analyzed. When the report used data from international and national statistical institutes, as well as expert organizations. In this edition of research provides a comparative analysis of 140 cities in the world. Typically, the best city in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit are medium-sized urban agglomerations in developed countries with low population density, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand. The relatively poor performance of large cities type of London, new York, Paris and Tokyo due to high risks in the area of security related to increased levels of crime and other threats, as well as high load on the infrastructure. However, these disadvantages are partly compensates for higher wages, greater economic opportunities, rich cultural life and a Prime location.

  • 10. Helsinki, Finland

    Helsinki is the largest city in Finland, with a population of more than half a million inhabitants. By Moscow standards it quite a bit, so he is consistently in the list of the most comfortable cities in the world. Comfortable there are not only local residents but also tourists. They meet there are very friendly, good to see there is something unique architectural style of “Northern modern” and many other attractions.

  • 9. Auckland, New Zealand

    Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. Decisive about 1.3 million people, representing almost a quarter of people across the country. The settlement’s history stretches back over 800 years, but the Europeans settled here only in the 19th century. Auckland has become the centre of rail and road links in the country. The city is surrounded by the incredible beauty of the natural attractions.

  • 8. Perth, Australia

    Eighth place in the rating is the city of Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world, having long glory secret places for sophisticated travelers. There lives about 1, 6 million people and due to this secretive unit, the city is always in the top ten most comfortable in the world. And yet there is a very pleasant climate, where even in winter you can not be afraid of cold.

  • 7.Sydney, Australia

    The city’s population is about 4.5 million people. Sydney — one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In pot of cultures is a place for each, and developed economy and a lot of attractions make Sydney attractive for immigrants, and tourists.

  • 6. Adelaide, Australia

    It is the fifth largest city in Australia with a population of 1.1 million people. The city is named after the wife of the British king William IV and was founded in 1836. Despite the fact that Adelaide is the largest city of South Australia, the heart of the great metropolis here it is not felt.

  • 5. Calgary, Canada

    Calgary is located in a picturesque area of foothills and Prairie, but at the same time, it is the third most populous city in the country (1.1 million inhabitants). In calgary’s thriving agriculture, the oil industry, and tourism.

  • 4. Toronto, Canada

    The city of Toronto is the largest in Canada. Home to 5.7 million people. Toronto name is the “economic engine” of Canada, the city repeatedly hit in different ratings on the quality and level of life of its residents.

  • 3. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    The population is about 600 thousand people, it is the third most population city in Canada. Vancouver is the largest industrial center of the country, and the city’s port is one of the main in all of North America. The important role played by the picturesque location of the city – mainly for tourism.

  • 2. Vienna, Austria

    The capital of Austria Vienna is located on the second place ranking. The population of the urban agglomeration is 25% of the total population, but directly to the capital of 1.7 million people. Vienna is not only the largest city of Austria, but also the center of political, economic and cultural life of the country.

  • 1. Melbourne, Australia

    Highest rated Melbourne is the second largest metropolis of Australia and the southernmost million city in the world. Its population is about 4 million people.First Melbourne has secured the status of a metropolis in an economically developed country with relatively low population density and high level of development of health, education and domestic infrastructure of the city. Melbourne is often called the capital of sport and culture of Australia – here are the most important sports events and cultural activities.

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Anish Kapoor in Moscow

On September 22 at the Jewish Museum and the tolerance center opens “My little homeland” — the main exhibition of the sculptor of modern times

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3 ways to become a more successful person

What does it mean to be a successful person? For modern society, the concept of success is quite measurable. Money, possessions, power — these attributes, according to which built our entire society. The person possessing them is automatically considered to be a leader. Become such dreams, perhaps, everyone. But how to do it? The secret is simple. All about work — which for many is just an insurmountable obstacle. We will show you three main ways to cease to regret the past, fear of the present and not think about the future: try not to follow these complex instructions and, maybe, the world will open for you.

  • Ignore the fear

    The first thing that feels the absolute majority of people before the beginning of new things is fear. This is normal, because the brain is trying to leave us in the comfort zone, out of which he subconsciously perceives as danger. We must act contrary to this irrational fear. Take some time to control his behavior. Try to understand what it is you fear. Awareness of the lack of real reasons to fear will help you move on with ease.

  • Fun now or success tomorrow?

    Scientists at the University of Wisconsin conducted this simple experiment in the early 2000-ies. The group of respondents were selected from children under the age of 8 years. Each child was left alone with a tasty treat. The task was simple: hold out before temptation got, an hour later, a kilo of carrots. About the climate to know each child — and yet, only three of the 10 lasted to the very end. Unfortunately, age had virtually no effect on the desires of our mind to get satisfaction right now. You need to gradually learn not to take into account the desire of the body, understanding what advantages you will receive in the future. Only complete control over their existence will ensure your success in almost any case.

  • Temper the will

    To succeed is not an easy task in any case. For this you don’t need to be superhuman. Required other: perseverance and resilience. The exercise of the will should be the basis of every new day. Consider that will is just another muscle, without quenching which you do not take the necessary height. No need to immediately set an incredible goal. Start small. Get up five minutes earlier. Exercise. Come on, in the end, Smoking. These exercises will help you not to give in to the circumstances in the most difficult conditions.

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Look of the day: white dress

While everyone laments that the summer ends, I feel a rise, as if the summer has just started. Maybe I’ll get something new and interesting projects and prospects. Or maybe it’s just how I react to a pleasant Sunny days. At least this is reflected in what I wear: I want a lot of light and bright. White dress free… Read More →

"Agents A. N. To.L

New fun action guy Ritchie is the most stylish cinema event of the summer. Masterly work of costume designers film “Agents of A. N. To.L.” will serve as a visual aid for fans of the style of the 60s. Inspired by the excellent images spy Gaby performed by Alicia Vikander and the villain Victoria Vinciguerra performed by Elizabeth Debicki and make up a fashionable wardrobe based on the painting. Read More →

"Interstellar": science or science fiction?

Before filming the movie “interstellar” scientist-consultant Kip Thorne suggested that Director two simple rules. First: nothing in the movie must not be inconsistent with the generally accepted laws of physics or reliable knowledge about the Universe. Second, speculation about the Universe and lesser known physical phenomena must be scientifically backed. To work on the film attracted many biologists, physicists, psychologists, and the result is real science fiction.On how to teach the basis for the film was written by the book “interstellar. The science behind the scenes”, which was released in Russian by the publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber. Read More →

Hardware or manicure?

Many people – so many opinions! This expression with respect to all spheres of life of modern society, ranging from the purchase of the handkerchief and ending with the acquisition of oil wells. People love to argue, people love to Express their point of view, and, importantly, the opinion of each person’s subjective – what works wonderfully for one, will never suit another. Today we …

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Holiday dresses for girls crochet with your hands, step by step photos and description

Even the little lady’s got good taste in beautiful things. Festive knitted dress for baby girl crochet a truly gorgeous thing. Our model is designed for the holiday party at the kindergarten and primary school. It will appeal to fashionistas 2-4 years. Read More →

Preview collection OMELYA spring-summer 2016

Превью коллекции OMELYA весна-лето 2016
Ukrainian brand Omelya presented the first images of the new spring-summer collection, which will be fully shown on 5 September during Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion… Read More →

How to protect yourself in the beauty salon

What you need to know to be able to protect themselves in case of an injury caused as a consequence of salon treatments. Read More →