Agniya Ditkovskite: "He's a man. A man of his word

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The costumes from "Mad men" will sell at auction

Костюмы из сериала "Безумцы" продадут на аукционе
The “Mad men” is about the everyday fashion advertisers of Madison Avenue was completed in may, but the producers gave viewers the opportunity to get back into it… Read More →

The wonders of makeup: how a makeup artist transformed into the Kardashians

How makeup can change the appearance beyond recognition. Read More →

Family ties: brothers and sisters of Hollywood celebrities

Brad and Doug pitt, Penelope and Monica Cruz, Kate, Pippa and James Middleton, Kira and Caleb Knightley, Rosie and Toby Huntington-Whiteley, Victoria Beckham and Louise Adams — tell who they are, brothers and sisters of Hollywood celebrities, and what they do. Read More →

That drink at home those for whom alcohol is a profession

Anyone who has any interest in mixing cocktails, can offhand recall a dozen of favorite beverages, which do not suspect even the most regular visitors of bars. What there to speak — orders some guests baffled even seasoned bartenders, so complex formulations of these “special” cocktails. It is, of course, and the share of bragging, because real professionals rather listen for what they can offer standing behind the counter, than it will be to push erudition. Claim as world-renowned restaurateurs, bar owners and importers of alcohol, as it turned out, sometimes that is easier. We learned that drinking at home four of the most outstanding personalities of the last annual Cocktail Convention in New Orleans, and now we offer you to spend the evening in their style.

  • Montgomery Smith for Damon Bolta

    Bartender and co-owner of the Grand Army in Brooklyn, which is still the owner of The Speakeasy, prefers to cook for himself a cocktail Montgomery Smith prescription legendary Nate Dumas. Ingredients:
    Brandy 60 ml
    Strong Benedictine liqueur – 15 ml
    Herbal balm from time to time Branca – 10 ml Preparation: mix all in a mixing glass with ice, double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

  • Liquor Singani or beer for Steven Soderbergh

    The name of the Oscar-winning Director was listed in the list of importers of new Bolivian liquor Singani 63, but his tastes are not so clear. So, it can replace the favorite alcoholic drink with a glass of Peroni beer or any other light. The main thing is that it is well chilled.

  • Gin and tonic for of Avery Glasser

    The founder of Bittermens bitters and spirits company from New Orleans faithful ageless classics and simple mix like gin and tonic. Ingredients:
    Gin 60 ml
    Tonic – 120-150 ml
    Lemon – a few cloves Preparation: mix all the ingredients in a tall glass with ice, serve with a straw or without.

  • White Negroni for Paul Clark

    The taste of the editor of Imbibe magazine and the author of the collection The Cocktail Chronicles not be questioned, so you definitely should experience the effect of White cocktail Negroni. Ingredients:
    Gin – 30 ml
    Beater Suze – 30 ml
    Liqueur Lillet Blanc – 30 ml Preparation: mix all in a mixing glass with ice, strain into a cocktail glass. Before serving, decorate squeezed over the glass of lemon zest.

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Warm dresses for full, fall-winter 2015-2016, photos

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Centerfolds in life and in the magazine

To turn from Cinderella into a Princess, the modern woman doesn’t need a Prince, and photoshop. With it, you can get rid of (though only in pictures) from visible problems with the appearance. Did you know that fashion magazines create beauty using the computer? So modern technology came through strongly in such a specific area as the female beauty industry. A few more years … Read More →

Top 5 beauty-images of the week

Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Rebecca Ferguson and other
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Size is not important: clothes for girls with magnificent forms in Hollywood

Размер не главное: одежда для девушек с пышными формами по-голливудски
After the brand is Lane Bryant, which was released underwear for girls with curvaceous, clothing for them came from the famous comedienne Melissa McCarthy…. Read More →

Where did the nudists

Nudism has been around for a very long time — we can say that the course was created by the mankind. The basis of this phenomenon lies not vulgar and, in some ways, quite a perverse desire to enjoy Nude and show off his (rather, it is inherent in exhibicionista), but it is a healthy desire to become closer to nature. The modern world is slowly starting to get rid of the remnants of centuries of common morality: people more and are more willing to begin to organize not only nudist beaches, but also tours of naturism. Today we will tell you where nudists that can bring good practice to walk around like that and can this lead to liberation of the mind of all mankind.

  • Ancient Greece

    Sacred character of Nudes was noticed in antiquity: no wonder the Greeks had all sporting events completely naked. The word “gymnos” means “naked”, it happens us the modern word “gymnastics”. In addition, most of the pagan rites associated with fertility, were also conducted in the Nude. In many parts of ancient Greece, there was a practice of spiritual protection against a possible attack: monthly young girls had to go through with the plow around the boundaries of the village.

  • India

    The emergence of nudism in India, too, has been associated with mystical reasons. Even the chroniclers of Alexander the great described within the so-called gymnosophists — Naga sages. Currently, there is still a certain sect of ascetics, who, in fact, is one of the branches of Jainism. Here nudity is seen as liberation from the mortal world.

  • Germany

    In the early twentieth-century Puritan Germany surprised the rest of the world. Here culture was born free body, which, as you know, based on the constant nudity of his followers. From this point, we can consider the modern history of nudism, the founder of which was a geographer (and staunch anarchist) Elise Reclus. He said about nudity, how about socially acceptable behaviour, which can lead the world to a new type of thinking.

  • Scandinavia

    Around the same time, the doctrine of naturism penetrated to Scandinavia. Here his apologist mill Soren Sorensen, founded in 1936, the first of its kind nudist club “Sunny sports the North”. Hence the current spread to France, where doctors Gaston and Andre Deauville began the issue of “Live wisely” and established a theme resort “Heliopolis”.

  • The Soviet Union

    Not behind the new developments and our country. The main ideologist of the Naga way of life was made by Maximilian Voloshin. His book “Reflections. Nudity” and “Glare. Mask. Nudity” became a real desktop Bible for thousands of Russian and then Soviet tourists. He became the founder of the main nudist beaches in Crimea. Ironically, this initiative was welcomed and the Soviet regime. About the middle of the 1930-ies, people would arrange the whole Nude procession through the streets of the main cities of the country, including in Moscow avenues. Lenin himself, in one of his writings, said that nudism is “healthy proletarian beginning.”

  • What are the pros

    First of all, nudism solves almost all the problems associated with a fear of society. Practicing naturism a few months a year in a row, you certainly will no longer be ashamed and public appearances, and meetings in unfamiliar company. In addition, nudists, as a rule, very carefully begin and relates to the environment. When the person has no clothes, he is more susceptible to the state of nature around him — the same principle applied to ordinary life.

  • Cons naturism

    First, we should not forget about the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation. It accelerates the aging process of the skin and is particularly affecting the most delicate parts of it. Usually, they are hidden bathing suits without them nudist literally takes place in the destructive rays of the sun. Secondly, we must not forget the social component of the phenomenon. Demonstration of reproductive organs of most people is quite an understandable negative reaction, because such a nudity taboo since the days of the ancient world.

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