Christian Louboutin released a collection of lipsticks

Now Louboutin become available
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How many calories you need to walk to Mordor

Genius Napoleon Bonaparte once quipped that the army marches on his stomach. It’s a fair statement works for every military unit — and scientists are interested in whether the science fiction writers such details, thinking through the plots of his books. As an example, researchers Skye Rosetti and Chris Manoharan chose the Tolkien trilogy the ring of power and tried to calculate how many calories you will need for all members of the fellowship of the Ring to walk to Mordor. Here’s what they have left.

  • Who is talking

    To assist in the calculation of calories, the researchers were helped by their previous work. In it they found the rate of metabolism of every creature in middle-earth. For example, hobbits must daily consume at least 1800 calories, while the elves only 1400.

  • Lembas bread

    Scientists had to figure out how much energy it gives travelers a wonderful lembas bread, they received in the forests of Lothlórien. Local elves claimed that an adult (“the high warrior of Minas Tirith”) will be enough a small piece of lembas bread for the whole day of hard work.

  • The exact calculation

    Taking the position on a full day of hard work, Rosetti and Manoharan calculated that only one lembas bread should contain as much as 2638 calories. So, to all the Brotherhood went all the way to Mordor and fought there with Sauron, you will need no less than 675 pies-lemmas. Given their light weight, also denoted by Tolkien, this is a real Luggage.

  • Summary

    Thus, all nine members of the Brotherhood can walk to Mordor in just 92 days. This they will need exactly 1 780 214 59 calories.

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Scientists have told us how easy and inexpensive to lose 11 kilo in a year

Overseas researchers have found that sticking to a fitness regime and diet to lose weight almost 11 pounds.

Having conducted a special study, scientists have concluded that for effective weight loss you need to remove 250 Calories from your daily diet.

The experiment involved volunteers in the amount of 17 people. One week they ate what they wanted, then used portions with a certain calorific value. The rest of the investigation period, they ate normally. Thus for ten days, each participant lost about 500 g weight.

It should be noted that this method of weight loss does not border on starvation and fails due to this breakdown.

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Elongated Bob: how to wear the trendiest haircut of the season

Stylist David von cannon made the model crystal Renn elongated Bob, the trendiest haircut of the season, and explained how to lay. Read More →

15 the most inhospitable cities, in the opinion of the tourists

Every year a portal about tourism and recreational Travel + Leisure offers its readers to rate about 266 cities worldwide according to their degree of hospitality. Agree, pretty interesting criterion, given that in the past people were mainly interested in historical heritage, attractions, infrastructure, pictures, and more on the intended spot. This year, the call came almost 200 thousand answers with detailed and not-so comments about the places where the travelers had been disappointed. Examine, but do not take to heart if something fundamentally disagree, after all, perhaps some tourists just a little less lucky.

  • 15. Boston

    Not for the first time Boston is in such a dysfunctional roster — 2011 University of Michigan study identified this city as the most inhospitable in America.

  • 14. Frankfurt

    The fifth most popular city in Germany to spoil the experience of tourists about yourself, starting with the airport. Local staff, apparently, attend special classes, instead of creating a favourable atmosphere, just show “validating” who’s the boss.

  • 13. Washington

    A lot of tired tourists and the country’s capital, which, apparently, resulted in nedruzhelyubstvo local atmosphere. Furthermore, Washington is only one of 9 cities in the US, caught in the anti-rating, it makes one wonder.

  • 12. Miami

    White Sands, girls in swimsuits and brilliant coast — just not enough to melt the heart of local residents and make them a little more responsive. Best to get a card or to disappear in the wilds of the city than to run into even inappropriate rudeness from disturbed your passer-by.

  • 11. Beijing

    Unable to convince tourists in their sincere desire to help and the indigenous people of Beijing. However, the rating remains silent on the matter — in irritability, literally hidden under the mask, or not in a banal finding a common language for conversation.

  • 10. Cannes

    Tourists come here to gawk at the luxury yachts and rich life, but not finding a simple human friendliness, leaving disappointed.

  • 9. Las Vegas

    It is naive to expect high social consciousness from residents who are not accustomed to wash dirty linen in public. The atmosphere of Las Vegas, laced with the constant influx of alcohol and excitement, makes people not of the best quality.

  • 8. Baltimore

    It’s amazing how shaken by unrest and poverty in the last few years, Baltimore is only in the middle of the list rather than at the top.

  • 7. Philadelphia

    As the majority of the visitors of Philadelphia, they did not understand why the city got its famous nickname “the City of brotherly love”.

  • 6. New York

    Instead of a pre-failed attempts to breed to interview someone from the 8 million population of new York and its environs, rather spend the time on walks without a purpose and a time limit or a visit to the Museum.

  • 5. Los Angeles, CA

    Pleasant weather all year round and the legendary Venice Beach — this should distract the attention of visitors from the absolute indifference of others.

  • 4. Marseille

    High levels of crime brings about changes in the tourism program, bringing inconvenience to local residents and visitors who have to constantly be on the alert.

  • 3. St. Petersburg

    Along with the rich cultural heritage of St. Petersburg, the readers and the authors of the ranking of Travel + Leisure say the General gloom of the indigenous population and a great chance to be deceived on the street, if you are not able to understand in Russian.

  • 2. Atlantic City

    The dream factory, surrounded by poverty — it is the definition the majority of respondents thought it was appropriate for one of the gambling capitals of the country. It is unlikely you will be able to keep the festive atmosphere during your visit here, if you have at least a couple of hours will leave cozy hotel room or game room.

  • 1. Moscow

    It would have been foaming at the mouth to defend the honor of Moscow, attributing the city increased the faithfulness and friendliness towards visitors, but whom we will eventually cheat? One only has himself a little to settle in the capital, as you will immediately begin to irritate almost everyone in your way. Where here to save Buddhist peace and goodwill!

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The most bizarre wedding rituals from around the world

A date is always a challenge for girls and for guys. We are trying to show their best side, experiencing, often, a lot of stress. But the wedding rituals, until recently, common worldwide, have turned the process of flirting in real hell. Fortunately, practically anywhere now, there are no exact rules of Dating — at least we are free in this. However, in the world there is still a very, very strange wedding rituals, without which young men and women just can’t count on a relationship, not to mention the wedding and procreation. Here are ten of the strangest rituals of this kind.

  • Stealing the bride

    If you fell in love with Kyrgyzstan, all that is required to steal your favorite girl. It’s an old tradition back into use a few decades ago. According to some eyewitnesses, almost half of marriages in the country is that way.

  • Skiving teeth

    When young Balinese people enter into puberty, they pass a rather strange and painful procedure. During the lavish ceremony, their upper canines are a bit worn down. Extremely painful the process must deliver boys and girls from quarrels in marriage.

  • Apples are tainted

    This ritual already, fortunately, has sunk into Oblivion. But in the middle of the 19th century, young girls arranged hot dancing, holding armpits Apple slices. Then, they gave their elected representatives. Hygiene? What is hygiene?

  • The brothel

    In Cambodia, fathers build their daughters small huts when they reach a certain age. Here the girls can meet up with any guys until you find your only. Well, it’s pretty progressive!

  • Stolen kiss

    Irish Gypsies
    This nomadic people certainly not can be too romantic. The younger man, trying to get the attention of any girl, simply grabs her in his arms and tries to steal a kiss.

  • Loving hut Zulu

    After a young girl and her boyfriend will be certain stages of courtship, the father of the last builds, for my money, a special “love shack”. Lives here, in the evening, the groom, and the girlfriend comes to visit him. According to the rules, the father does not see the groom until the moment he comes to ask for the bride price.

  • Buy bridesmaid

    In General, Thais are not really insisting on marriage rituals. If two people like each other, they can just start flirting and Dating. But in Chiang Rai province, a man can have a try to buy a girl who does not really like directly from her mother.

  • Playing with knives

    This tradition lasted until the 19th century. Finnish girls, entering married age began to wear on the belt and empty scabbard. Any cavalier could insert them in your knife — if the girl didn’t return, so he was to her liking. Several straightforward, Yes.

  • The ritual of the people Give

    Young women gather around the campfire, turning, spinning, while a group of men in red blankets play musical instruments. Each guy chooses a girl and addresses Serenade her. If a woman loves a man, she gets up and brings him a chair. The man, in turn, spreads out around lady red blanket. Overall, very romantic festival.

  • Festival of courtship, Wodaabe

    African tribe Wodaabe men organize a festival to please the women. They spend the day primping in all possible ways. Besides, each of them learning a special dance. Girls can just relax and choose a boyfriend — how on the market.

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Journal: vacation in Mexico – what to see and buy

Журнал: каникулы в Мексике – что увидеть и купить
I landed in Mexico city in the late evening. August night was a cold autumn. Half-asleep, after 20 hours with stopovers,… Read More →

Accessory of the day: hat Eres by Maison Michel Paris fall 2015

Brand Eres together with Maison Michel Paris has created a wide-brimmed Capeline hat of lace, the pattern is reminiscent of autumn leaves. Read More →

Where to escape the autumn Blues?

If in the autumn you attack the spleen and apathy, don’t want to leave the house, we urgently need a cure – a charge of vivacity and positive. A good option to travel: sun and sea, sightseeing tours and luxury hotels can easily be cured from autumn depression. Read More →

Ksenia Schnaider spring / summer 2016

Ksenia Schnaider весна-лето 2016
Showing Ksenia Schnaider has closed the 11th season of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days on very light and measured note. “This collection is for those who are tired of fashion and just wants to wear… Read More →