Useful and fast: the most delicious recipes of curd

The curd is very tasty and quick Breakfast. Their taste matches perfectly with any jam, marmalade or fruit crumble. Sautéed conveniently small portions to dip in condensed milk or honey. The curd can be cooked in the oven or on a thick pan. About the most delicious recipes these healthy fritters and will be discussed in our today’s article. Read More →

Live broadcast of the show Versus Versace spring-summer 2016 in London

Anthony Vaccarello show collection for the Italian brand Versus Versace, fashion Week in London on 19 September at 23:00 Moscow time. Read More →

Calvin Klein spring-summer 2016 (2015RTW)

Calvin Klein весна-лето 2016 (2015RTW)
Calvin Klein spring-summer 2016 (2015RTW) Read More →

FNO 2015: St

How was the most fashionable night of the year in the Department store DLT, on behalf of the Northern capital participated in this year’s guests and the team of Vogue Russia

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Yum: delicious chicken thighs

Chicken thigh – the one that beckons to culinary experiments. Juicy meat on the thigh bone, you can cook anything from stews and pilafs to chops and kebabs. But, more importantly, no matter how you cooked the chicken thighs, they are always juicy and flavorful. Even just fried in a pan or baked in the oven, they are at the table the same success. Read More →

Review Calvin Klein collection spring-summer 2016

Обзор коллекции Calvin Klein весна-лето 2016
Collection in underwear style is hard to impress anyone, but Francisco Costa from Calvin Klein managed to do it. Already familiar fashionable eye pajamas, combinations and cloaks… Read More →

As the Apple-effect came in the automotive industry

The standards bearer of the market Apple has had such a strong impact on the entire electronics industry that this is not a joke to stir a lot of people around the world. The success of the iPhone was so deafening that immediately generated hundreds of likes, the various degrees of similarity and success. It is perceived by ordinary buyers definitely — as a unilateral world in which correct only the economy and sales. The lack of technological alternatives today is served under the guise of a trend, but should we worry about the automotive industry, which has always been known multipolarity. Today the “Apple effect” among automotive brands — more than the real thing. At the Frankfurt motor show, where the biggest brands of the world talk about their plans for the near future, it became clear clearly. Electrification and autonomy of the car — the questions that are somehow plans to address each. Private efforts and General trends impact on the look of the entire global automotive industry and changing role of the company itself. The giants now — not just chain Smoking factories for the manufacture of new vehicles, and players in the technology space, which is more like the it industry.

The love for cars is extremely fragile thing. Of course, there are classic examples of power and beauty, like a Lamborghini or Bugatti. However, in the environment of active consumer behavior often have changeable trends.

Electric cars are the future. Agree with this everything. And if last year the main rate of automakers were hybrid plants, today it is fully electric vehicles. At the same time on the market noticeable a clear balance of power — ahead of the rest of Tesla Motors, which set the tone. Other roles — the largest corporations, like BMW and Volkswagen Given the fact that Tesla Motors is a project of the Elon musk — essentially new jobs, it is hardly surprising that others try to match the status of the bearer. Transfer with custom electronics in the world of cars is obvious — and this is evident not only in the thirst for electrification. However, every news about the development of the car on electricity certainly has the headline “Tesla Killer on the loose”, which unambiguously denotes an undoubted authority in the field.

On the way to the car without driver

People still are not ready to entrust the life of a soulless machine, so the autopilot is not yet come. However, to rely on tips alert sensors and security systems are not averse even experienced drivers. In this regard, all the more notable trend is the car equipped with additional safety systems.

The pioneer here is Volvo. Recently, the company introduced a new system of the cruise control, which can itself determine the obstacles in the way of the car (it can be animals, pedestrians, etc.), slow down and even slow down in front of them.

Tracking system for the alignment presented in the models of Audi, Mercedes and Lexus, but in the Volvo went on. This system focuses on road markings and is able to see the edge of the roadway, curbs and other limitations of movement and to divert the car from their intersection or collision with them.Another innovation in traffic safety, which could soon become a standard feature, the control of wakefulness of the driver. Computer studies the habits of a person while driving and noticed that the driver starts to behave inappropriately, for example, that his reactions are belated, displays reminders to relax. This feature is already adopted by Volvo, and will also appear in the new models of Ford. However, some have suggested to refuse from human involvement and here again is the intersection of interests. Your project of an Autonomous vehicle provided by Google, while BMW is actively working on The Ultimate Driving Machine — own a car without a driver. And about the car from Apple itself never forget and predict that the project has a great future.

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5 requiring verification of ways of dealing with a hangover

In search of a cure for the patient after a great party head man did not try unless there is ground glass, so acute this problem. Of course, some things help, some not, and some cause nausea, that is, how would also help, but in the future, worsening the condition of the here and now. Consider that some products work for all people differently, and therefore, it is naive to expect them to have a stable effect. On the background of proven hangover drugs they have almost no chance to get the recognition of a broad range of sufferers. We strongly disagree, and offer you in the next morning “Apocalypse” not to hurry with the medication, limiting one of these 5 little-known ways of dealing with a hangover. Who knows, maybe this is your recipe, which you will tell your great-grandchildren.

  • Magnesium sulfate

    It is believed that this is a cheap tool that is sold in every pharmacy, helps with the struggle for a clear head is not worse than expensive medications known brands. Filling in the missing trace elements in the body, it literally an hour negates the discomfort in the body. The main thing is that you have no contraindications for its reception, for example, disorders of the kidneys, and near at hand was a large amount of water, as magnesium sulfate provokes dehumidification, or simply “dries”.

  • Whey

    Whey is also good for the deficiency of potassium and magnesium in the body, having also a restorative and calming effect. Drink with a high content of milk sugar, identical to glucose, gently rids the body of toxins, stimulating circulation and the liver with the kidneys.

  • The cabbage brine

    For some reason everyone thinks that it is better cucumber brine from a hangover does not save any other tool in the world, and then greatly surprised that they became worse after drinking the marinade instead of water and vinegar. Cucumber pickle rolled in personally banks and not in banks purchase of pickles, indeed, is very good, but the cabbage brine is much better than him. He does everything the same as previous funds, as well as an attempt on the immune system a hefty dose of vitamin C.

  • Yogurt

    But this fermented milk drink is not only cure the consciousness, but also will fill the stomach, because yogurt has a high nutritional value and content of vitamins and minerals is on a par with a full Breakfast.

  • Pear juice

    Fresh juice of the pears over the past few months became a real hit in combat hangover. The blame for the discovery associated with enzymes in the fruit that speed up metabolism and promote rapid elimination of alcohol from the body. It should be noted that pears also lower cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory action, but it is — to the word. The only downside is that pear juice you need to drink before drinking alcohol, so should not rely on the fruit platter on the table, if you are already “in process”.

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What to wear knowledge: the best bags for school

Although I am no longer a schoolgirl or even a student, for me September is still primarily the beginning of the school year. And so when I received the new bag — I thought: Oh! It’s the perfect bag to carry your textbooks! In General, the results of my experiments with this bag have any idea… Read More →

VKontakte appeared online shopping

Now users of the social network will be able to create your online store
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