The wind grows stronger: how to wear knitted things in the early autumn

Cozy knitwear this season — not a gift for Granny, and designer creations. Wrap up in style, dress up wisely. Read More →

6 great women and their brooches

A lot of flowers in the garden, and the rose one. There are a lot of jewelry, but the brooch is special. The woman chooses brooch Van Cleef & Arpels, when she has something to say to the world and she knows exactly how she wants it to say. How to spell

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Autovice we now want in their cars

It often happens that absolutely don’t need something, but once you take advantage this as immediately familiar does not seem so good. With cars it happens all the time, but you can not feel the changes if the novelty-seeking occurs within a single class. However, one has only to climb a little higher, as you will not want to leave with many pleasant features, which will re-open for you the comfort while driving. Here are just 6 of such functions from a business class, whose appearance in their everyday cars waiting for millions of drivers around the world.

  • Heated everything in the cabin

    Don’t have to be too skinny or “article” from nature, to enjoy all the pleasures of the heated seats and steering wheel of an early winter morning. We do not claim to installation in budget cars similar to S-klossowski heating system with door panels from Mercedes-Benz, but sometimes for a complete happiness lacks only a bit of heat.

  • Umbrella in range

    Such a small thing as a branded umbrella shows that the manufacturer cares about the convenience of their customers, even when they are out of the car.It is, in principle, can be independently recorded in the cabin, but hardly anyone at the right moment, it will be convenient to climb over the seats to find the damn umbrella. In Rolls-Royce, for example, this useful accessory is built right into the driver’s door, so why not predusmotret something similar on naukowych cars.

  • Transparent roof with dimming

    In the car with a transparent roof nice not only to admire the stars, but Sunny day to race on the highway, getting parallel to something more than just a “driver’s tan”. Technology same Sky Control Mercedes-Maybach S600 went a little further, allowing the driver to choose the degree of opacity in the cabin. In our opinion, it looks much more aesthetically pleasing rag top or the same hatch.

  • Seats with ventilation

    Along with conditioning, it would be nice to have in the cabin of any car ventilated seats, which will not allow your body to suffocate under clothing. It is proved that well-fed and dry, the driver can safely wait in traffic for much longer than others, so you stock up a strategic reserve of food in the cabin and make sure in the driver’s seat with a fan sucking air through perforirovannoi surface.

  • A good auto sound

    Yes, we know that if you move Meridian sound system with all of its 19 speakers straight from the Range Rover in an ordinary hatchback, some of them have to install outside nedosti place, and zvuciti it in an unprepared car is so-so. We are confident that you can put a regular acoustics just to was, the manufacturer simply has no right, because the human ear in the car should be as good as his fifth point in the seat.

  • Automatic feed belt

    Produces notification seat belt — even though it is effective, but easy way to protect the driver and passenger. But if this belt will be automatically filed almost in hand, it will be even impolite to refuse so gently made suggestions to protect their lives. We have to wait for when this technology will move from BMW to other avtomobil of different class and rank.

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Together again: supermodels of the 90s reunited

Cнова вместе: супермодели 90-х воссоединились
Everyone remembers the legendary images by Peter Lindbergh – the cover of British Vogue in January 1990, photo of motorcycle leather jackets in 1991 or frames with the girls… Read More →

Bracelets out of rubber bands "dragon Scales" and "fishtail": several variants of weaving

In today’s tutorial we are going to make bracelets out of rubber bands popular patterns: “dragon Scales” and “fishtail”. They are represented as in the classic versions, and so unusual, original. Also offer a master class on making a bracelet with rare pattern, which we called “Friends”. All jewelry lagging on different devices: the machine, the fork, the fork and my fingers. So, watch our video and photos. Read More →

Only marriage unbearable: 10 luxury wedding rings (photo)

The most precious symbols of marriage
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G2 Combat P51 Fighter bike weekend, crowning Confederate Motors

61 instance — is an impossible amount for a small business, focusing on the individual approach in creating custom bikes. The company also Confederate Motors, which just introduced the limited edition batch G2 Combat P51 Fighter, probably barely restrained myself from flow line production, because the bike turned out just fine.
This bike the company announced that invisible line, uniting on the basis of the first “fighter” all the best ideas for more than 20 years of existence, including the successful discoveries in the exterior Confederate X132 Hellcat. The only drawback is the lack of opportunity to take on another impressionable young lady without the invention of the Kama Sutra in a single seat.

G2 Combat P51 Fighter of the second generation is ready totem for the rebels of the digital age who do not attach much importance to the difference between Motorboats and oxfords.

Lightweight wheels carbon fiber tightened in Pirelli tires, which you need to try hard to lose traction. Colors limited party resolved monochromatic and simple, with the symbolic superiority of the dark side in 1 instance.
But forget about the simplicity, if you need to understand the construction, consisting of 6061 parts, each of which possibly facilitated by the forces of aerospace technology. 200-horsepower V-twin engine is further cooled with air unit, and a 5-speed gearbox is protected against overloads.
Each instance of G2 Combat P51 Fighter will be produced to order only. While the white version will cost much cheaper than dark — 113 900 119 against $ 500. Read More →

Autumn in the style of the seventies

The August issue of ELLE Spain invites us to prepare for autumn. A new photo history with Vanessa Lorenzo for those who are still in the summer fell in love with the style of the seventies and boho-style. However, the photo shoot stylists offer boho in a more low-key, urban twist. Read More →

Granddaughter Jane Birkin in an advertising campaign Comptoir des Cotonniers

Внучка Джейн Биркин в рекламной кампании Comptoir des Cotonniers
French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers this year celebrates its 20th anniversary with a revival of one of his main ideas – family values, namely, the closeness of mother and… Read More →

The New Chanel Première Tourbillon Volant

Tourbillon in the form of the iconic French fashion House Camellia — breathtakingly beautiful

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