How perfume can affect the opposite sex

The right perfume is our way newsale non-verbally and to Express themselves to others. A good fragrance can say a lot about the owner, as, indeed, bad. If personal scent consists of dining flavors in office center and fragrant sweat, even exquisite appearance does not help the situation. But if male counterparts can still tolerate your fragrance, for women the smell can be unbearable. Or Vice versa — is undeniably attractive. Many researchers say that smell plays a major role in the process of how women determine the attractiveness of a male. On this occasion, even there is a saying — men see women sniffing. This is true. But how do you make your fragrance attractive to women — it has its own rules.

  • Choose the right points on the body

    Apply perfume on those areas of your body where you can feel the heart beating. It is about the wrists, the points behind the ears, chest in the heart area. Ripple enhances the smell.

  • The best smell is no smell

    If you constantly feel the aroma of his Cologne, it means you went too far. People need to feel your smell, only coming closer. A couple of drops is enough.

  • Do not mix the fragrances

    It is not necessary to use all means one of the line perfume – Cologne, shower gel, deodorant. One means would be sufficient. But make sure that other products do not interrupt the main of your chosen fragrance.

  • Consider the type of skin

    In the case of dry skin Cologne should be used more often. Moist and oily skin holds scents longer.

  • Wearing in the morning

    Eau de Cologne helps to combat midday drowsiness and lack of energy. A drop of perfume around 15.00 will cheer you up and will help to preserve the fragrance until the evening.

  • Different scents in different seasons

    Heat increases the intensity of any aroma, and the smell, mixed with sweat, it becomes stronger. That is why light citrus smells so good in summer, in winter it can afford to have heavier flavors.

  • Native scents

    If a girl loves his father and he’s loyal to a certain scent, try it out. This will cause the lady to feel safe near you.

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Meet the new collection of a

The onset of autumn has served as an excellent occasion to present the new collection of a brand.TaNbyAndreTan season Autumn 2015.
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What really was the era of supersonic Concorde

Along with the Boeing 747 their mark in the history of passenger aviation has left and the legendary supersonic civil airliner, Concorde. For almost 30 years he faithfully at hitherto unseen speeds, taking people around the world faster than the fastest multi-seat aircraft. During this time, of course, have happened, and in the end the project of supersonic passenger air travel under the sign of the “Concord” turned. But even 10 years later this iconic aircraft not forgotten us, and his story of triumph respect courage in defying time and human genius.

  • The intersection of Chuck Yeager the sound barrier in 1947 prompted the producers to think about the creation of the first commercial airliner, which also could overcome the threshold of Mach 1. But the project, apparently, was too ambitious for its time and its more or less intelligible the incarnation began only 15 years later.
  • November 29, 1962, the governments of France and great Britain signed the agreement to start joint work on supersonic jet airliner called Concorde. “Harmony”, inherent in the title of the project was to demonstrate zaiteresovat and mutual coherence of the two States.
  • In direct competition with Concorde were to become American Boeing 2707 and the Soviet TU-144, but the first on the drawing Board have not moved, and the second project folded because of problems with the performance and safety of the finished samples.
  • As the engine on all parameters approached Olympus 593 turbojet developed by Bristol Siddeley and Snecma. Afterburners of the engines did Concorde take-off is noticeably more smoky than the non-reactive liners, but is created when this craving was worth it.
  • Externally the new aircraft received several inherent features like double Delta wing and markedly lowered the nose, the position of which allow pilots better visibility during takeoff and landing. During flight the front part was translated in the traditional position for better aerodynamics and aerodynamics.
  • The first release of the Concorde took place in 1967 during the presentation in Toulouse, but the first flight of the prototype was only in March 1969.
  • Despite the fact that immediately after successful testing on over a dozen airlines have expressed a desire to have in its fleet this ship, very soon Concorde faced with the negative side of the question. For example, while overcoming the sound barrier liner produced the so-called sonic boom, which caused concern on the ground. In this regard, the main routes of Concorde was built mostly over the water, and stay over populated areas was kept to the minimum necessary.
  • Constant complaints of inhabitants of nearby houses to airports, as well as the oil crisis of 1973 also contributed to the popularity of Concorde customers. The company’s major customers left British Airways and Air France, each bought for all the time 7 aircraft.
  • I must say that there were 20 Concorde aircraft, but 6 of them were the prototypes for testing.
  • His first commercial Concorde flight was made on 26 September 1973, under the flag airline Air France from Washington to Paris. Couple of years later, in 1976, British Airways puts on the flow of TRANS-Atlantic flights between London and new York, focusing on the fact that crossing the Atlantic takes only 3 hours, while the usual Airbus overcome the distance in 7 hours.
  • As the target audience Concorde became more solvent, and even in places elite, and the interior liner closed their harsh ascetic features designed décor.
  • Pretty soon the level of the Concorde passengers began to dictate what should be on Board, and then in flight menu appeared expensive champagne and caviar. In the ‘ 90s on Board supersonic Airliners was visited by many celebrities, including Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Andre Agassi, sting, Tony Blair and many others.
  • Throughout his operational career Concorde is not satisfactory in the issue of security, but that all changed on 25 July 2000. On this day the Air France airliner burst into flames and crashed shortly after takeoff from damage of the fuel tank caused by a tyre blowout while driving on the runway. The plane crash that killed 113 people.
  • Immediately after this incident, all the 13 ships were removed from regular flights and returned to service in 2001 after the complex of works on improvement of the protection, but still the level of popularity of a supersonic civilian flights and was not to return.
  • By the summer of 2003, both airlines announced the shipment of the remaining liners Concorde for a well-deserved rest after almost 30 years of service. During this time sverhsvetovoy the Concorde fleet of British Airways alone has committed 50,000 flights, and carried more than 2.5 million passengers.
  • All the rest of “the Concorde” have become Museum pieces, such as the liner of Air France, joined his former rival TU-144 on eternal Parking lot.
  • Many regard the end of an era of supersonic civil aviation as a step backwards for humanity and science in General. And it’s hard to disagree when you take into account that there are few who can at any time cross the Atlantic at the speed two times greater than the speed of sound.

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The most touching and sincere congratulations on the Day of the marine corps

Holidays are different: some celebrate weddings and anniversaries, others – professional events, the third – public. But there are people that we speak with pride – it’s war! Stern and brave guys in uniform at all times been held in high esteem. About them wrote poems and songs glorified in poems and novels, painted pictures, made films, been devoted to odes! On land, in water, in the air – everywhere they are. The enemy has no chance to slip unnoticed. The Marines is a special military caste. On land and at sea, protect the Homeland, giving her an oath once! But his feast day they, like all others, waiting for congratulations from their friends and relatives, from wives and parents from the high command and the government! Let’s not disappoint them! Let’s make their hard life the happy moments and heartily congratulate the Marines! Read More →

Bilateral manicure, pearl nail tips and nails on the catwalk of Milan

Двусторонний маникюр, типсы и перламутровые ногти на подиуме Милана
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Orlando bloom and 13 other handsome men on the Dior Homme cocktail party in Los Angeles

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7 best collections at new York fashion week

What kind of things should fill up your wardrobe showed designers
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The details of the Dolce & Gabbana show

Hypertrophied embellished sunglasses, bags, baskets, and gold heels

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The summer: a new fragrance Tom Ford

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Ksenia Borodina commented on his parting with Mikhail Terekhin

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