Guests at the Givenchy show in new York

Dazzling Liv Tyler, Amanda Seyfried and Laetitia Casta, as well as Kim Kardashian, Debbie Harry, uma Thurman, Nikki Minaj, Julia Roberts and even Courtney Love

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The hearts of people who trust each other, beat in the same rhythm

Researchers from Denmark in detail investigated the influence of trust on the human body. As it turned out, trusting relationships between people contribute to the fact that their hearts begin to beat in unison.

This conclusion was made by experts who conducted the experiment with the participation of 74 volunteers. All subjects were first asked to play the game using the popular designer “Lego”, dividing them into two equal groups. The first part of volunteers began to design parts, together with scientists of any guidance or instructions — they just continuously worked with the designer, trusting each other by default. The second group of experts initially asked to the participants during the design made a break for the game, which is a kind of test of their credibility.

Throughout the experiment, researchers measured the heart rate of all subjects. Test results showed that those 37 volunteers who were doing the same thing, trusting each other unconditionally (that is, the first group of participants) hearts beat in unison, which scientists had not noticed the second team.

At the moment experts can’t explain why your heart rate matches those people, that have the confidence, but in the near future they plan to solve the riddle. By the way, earlier identified as the main physiological difference too trusting of people. As it turned out, in the prefrontal cortex of their brain contains too much congestion in the gray matter, and the tonsils of such people is greatly increased.

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"Around a lot the same and a little present": an interview with Kirill Ivanov and musicians "SBPC"

“SBPC”, or “largest Prime number”, a longtime favorites of the jury music awards, music lovers and fans of clever experiments with electronics and poetry. Recently the band released their sixth album, “Here and always”, and in the fall goes on tour in Russia. Will start on September 4 in St. Petersburg, the native city frontman Cyril Ivanov. Read More →

Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi are expecting a girl

A few days ago there was information that Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi took a time-out in their relationship. The cause of quarrels began, allegedly, the whims of the young husband and his “cooling” to his pregnant wife. Read More →

Top 10 books of autumn

10 главных книг осени
“Dvina the line must be” P. Hong, 2015 “I haven’t slept all night reading this book,” said Stephen king novel about Floors Hawkins. “The girl in… Read More →

Theism: the truth about addiction to tea and tea drinking

Some time ago in Western culture has been a dramatic increase of interest in tea. It is quite natural that for inspiration he turned to China. So in everyday life appeared te Guan Yin, PU-erh, Oolong tea and many other varieties, in which today only the lazy does not understand. Many have made the use of tea as a constant habit, which we jokingly called “tea drinking”. Tea drinking — the term is more of a metaphor and movement unites people who don’t like the taste of mocha and Arabica, and much closer te Guan Yin, PU-erh and other goods from tea shops. But tea can lead to altered States similar to intoxication — we tried to understand and understand the effects of tea and possible physiological consequences of its constant use.

  • Theism

    In medicine there is the concept of describing psychological dependence on coffee or tea, which is called beautiful word “theism”. The dependence is generated on the background of the tendency to nervous excitement, caused by drink. Clinical cases of the disease so rare that about the drinks, to drink which is considered to be quite healthy, usually nobody thinks. However, the conversations that arise after tea a rather strange feeling, have a real background. Slow motion effect, sweating, hunger, weakness or dizziness — feel this effect is easy coffee, but tea, we do not expect this just. However, many tea lovers have repeatedly noted altered States of consciousness after a Cup of strong tea. General reviews of tea lovers were so many that many became seriously concerned about whether or not tea can cause mild intoxication. The answer to this question is found in the field of biochemistry, at the level of reactions in which changes occur in our body.

  • Active substances in tea

    A powerful stimulant that is contained in tea is L-theanine is a chemical substance that is present in tea and some types of mushrooms. First isolated and identified in the mid-20th century, is still not studied in full, but many believe that it was his forces achieved a soothing and stimulating effect when drinking tea. L-theanine slows down the absorption of caffeine, making the invigorating effects of tea more durable and smooth.

  • Tea and addiction

    It so happened that all varieties of tea that is drank for centuries in Asian countries sharply flooded the Russian market, leaving no chance previously to understand the intricacies of their use. Especially strongly it affected puerh — black tea, which is roasted in earthen ovens and has a characteristic black color. The particular fortress and the high content of stimulant drugs also contributed to the fact that Puer started drinking very, very many. Strong stimulants tea fit well into the picture of the world that were still alive the memories of chifire is a mysterious beverage prisoners.

  • Folk chifir

    Chifir is a drink obtained by digestion of highly concentrated tea. Has a psychoactive effect, in a way, is a narcotic, addictive. Effect occurs within 10-15 minutes after consumption and may last for several hours. It is a change of mental state: the occurrence of arousal, distress, heaviness in the head, dullness of attention, changing minds. The effect of chifir is associated not only with a high content of caffeine (strong coffee contains caffeine not less). The chemical composition of chifir sharply differs from that of normally brewed tea: due to prolonged and repeated heating of theine is destroyed by moving into other organic compounds, and in the infusion of tea leaves displayed a maximum of alkaloids, as well as adenine and guanine, which are present in the leaves, but the usual ways of brewing tea remain insoluble in the infusion are. They (especially guanine), as well as destroyed by boiling theine largely responsible for the negative effects of chifir.

  • Water extraction

    The active substances of tea, which is brewed with hot water, are working on a completely different level and is not able to cause drastic physiological consequences. In Chinese language there is a special designation for the condition that is causing a good Cup of tea — Cha Qi. And the main thing here, not dizziness and energized, and enlightened state of mind that shows new sides of things and it becomes clear the meaning of things.

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Was quite large: the history of one surgery for breast augmentation

Enlarge Breasts or not is a matter of personal choice. Our heroine did mammoplasty and honestly told me what it was. Read More →

Fashionable lucky 2015: the most trendy colors of autumn

Choose trendy nail Polish
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What to wear with women's converse - 24 image

Sports shoes firmly established in the wardrobes of many girls. Read More →

Jason Wu spring-summer 2016

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