Lexus GS: updated sedan remained in the shadow of an SUV

Paired with the LX SUV that we wrote this week at the motor show at pebble beach company, Lexus introduced and redesigned GS sedan. Become forensica celebration, of course, is not meant, but the decoration line. Find out why so and not otherwise.
Still, the facelift of the sedan, in which the car received a new grille, side skirts, lights and so on, is not a reason to kick up a fuss, although the figure bumper looks really impressive. But extended for a further three positions a list of options of color body pleases not so much variety, how much effect that produces a multilayer coating with the effect of mica.

In terms of sensationalism the most striking variation should be a new version of the 200t, 245-horsepower engine which is paired with 8-speed — Yes the same as that of the SUV — automatic transmission. Mention could be made about the change in the box and the GS 350 version with uprated 3.5-litre V6, but it is unknown what exactly will be taken to the Russian dealers.

In any case, the Lexus GS was not deprived of an advanced and familiar with security system Lexus Safety System+ and expanded finishing options.

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Will not forget, will not forgive: how to behave with a man in the beginning of the relationship

Family psychologist Michael Labkovsky tells how to behave at the initial stage of the relationship, so that in the future they will only become better.
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Lev Durov: movies, personal life and family

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Lupita nyongo at Louis Vuitton in new York

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Back to school: 20 things from the autumn collections

Снова в школу: 20 вещей из осенних коллекций
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Toyota Land Cruiser 200: ecovation for thinking

Than off-road car, the harder it will pull. The validity of this proverb is proven though countless, but, apparently, not enough time. In order to preserve the reputation of their Land Cruiser SUVs that are stuck, perhaps, beyond all, Toyota is in the next update of “two hundredth” has gone a bit the other way.
In Toyota Land Cruiser 200 sample 2015 the emphasis is not on the appearance, although there are noticeable changes, and not on the cross, because with this and so it’s all right, if you understand precisely what the car is capable of. Security — that is, as conceived by the manufacturer, should attract new buyers, however, even in this word invested a different meaning.
The fact is that along with the system of automatic braking, blind spots, traffic and marking, adaptive cruise control, monitoring the tire pressure and automatic beam switching, in the car for the first time in the world to have the opportunity to look under the bottom. Due to the transfer of an image taken with a circular chambers, and the superposition of the contours of the SUV, the driver can see what he’s going on under the wheels, and to estimate whether there to steer.
Among the external changes worthy of mention the “gutter” in the middle of the hood, modified bumpers and grille, and updated led headlights with a transverse metal insert.
Inside, designers “mixed” button on the center console, enhanced diagonal screens and added brown to the palette of possible choices.

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What happens when machines become smarter than us

Artificial Intelligence fiction cliches plaguing mankind since the time when computers were able only to handle a very limited amount of data. The development of modern technology already allows us to speak about some of the prospects in this field. But how nice these prospects mankind itself? Already, many prominent scientists — including bill gates and Stephen Hawking — talk about possible dangers that can carry AI. This fear is well founded: what the need may be higher, constantly developing minds, in their much less developed creators? Today we, based only on scientific data, try to imagine what will happen to humanity when the machine becomes smarter than us.

  • Algorithms

    Look what happened last time. If the programming was in the set of commands, which we entered in the car — and get, approximately, exactly what introduced someone now people already operate a set of algorithms. They are often trained on the raw signals of the sensors. That is, know how to create conclusions based on small amounts of data. Almost like people.

  • The possibility of AI

    As a result, Artificial Intelligence is not limited to one area of expertise. The same system can learn how to switch between multiple pairs of languages, to operate different programs and create an internal environment that is virtually identical external conditions. Of course, the cortex has much greater abilities. Scientists still do not know how to instill new algorithms for AI — but it’s only a matter of time.

  • When the machine is us

    A few years ago, interviewers TED interviewed several leading experts in the field of mechanical engineering. Was asked just one question: when will we be able to build a machine that can do any human task by 50%. It is not about this or that sphere of activity: the machine should be able to do all the things that can make the average person. To think also. To adapt to the new conditions also. And all the experts agreed that such a machine will have to 2040. Just think — if you stop Smoking right now, then it will be able to live up to this moment.

  • Humanity in bondage

    But, of course, the AI will not work immediately genius. Scientists will have to go through several lengthy stages and spend dozens of years, only to create an AI that can work at the level of a conventional mouse. But, right then, there will be a huge leap that will lead artificial intelligence far beyond the known to mankind. The machine will do things better, faster and smarter than we are able to do. AI can open almost any invention for which there was not enough time and resources to mankind. A cure for aging? Interstellar travel? Or that much more attractive for machine — recreating themselves nanorobots. And what role will remain mankind itself? Experts believe that higher intelligence will not be equal to the lowest. Most likely, we would play the role of the operating mechanism.

  • What will be the future

    Nevertheless, in many respects, humanity will decide their fate. The fact that the AI does not possess traits that we used to see in others. No anger, no kindness only desire better and faster to solve the problem. That is, it depends on the person, what questions will begin to take Artificial Intelligence. For example, if you put before him the task to solve the most difficult mathematical problem, endowed with reason, the computer may decide to terraform the planet into one huge computer center — just because it’ll be easier. Therefore, scientists unanimously agree: the future of humanity will depend only on us. Until, of course, we don’t start to make mistakes.

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The age, beauty and inner spirit

Sometimes systems ways to completely ruin our lives and attitude. I have long wanted to write, because it is this person catches me their statements about their own appearance. To imagine anyone not required — Lady Gaga. Several years ago, when she had just appeared on stage and on TV, trying to twist her clips, I… Read More →

How to keep a tan: four effective steps

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5 hours, which will easily outlive humanity

Nails would make of these hours! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when the arm is truly unkillable model, which will be inherited until the end of the human race. And we are now talking not about the legendary series of G-Shock from Casio, although she certainly deserves the highest ratings in matters of safety. Only “mechanics”, only hardcore! Today we have selected the 5 most “kretowiny” chronographs and watches that have excellent appearance and functionality.

  • Montblanc Sport Chronograph Tantalum Automatic

    The fact that the case of this diver’s chronograph is oxidized only at temperatures above 280 degrees Celsius and does not react almost with any known acid or alkali, the model required a material called tantalum. And 300-meter water-resistant watches are owner Sport Chronograph Tantalum Automatic should thank the excellent build quality of Montblanc.

  • Swiss Military Watch 20’000 FEET

    20 thousand feet from the names in the metric system of calculation give a value of 6,000 metres. It is up to this height the pressure of the atmosphere is not at all scary for this model. Yes it even with a shotgun shot and only broke the protective glass and lightly scratched the dial!

  • MTM Silencer

    A little easier, but much easier and more accessible looks this tactical model from MTM. With its stainless steel case with DLC coating, scratch-resistant, and good functionality “Muffler” may be just the perfect choice for those who lead active, or rather, an overactive lifestyle.

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon

    Lightweight and durable carbon fiber casing and parts of the mechanism in combination with open tourbillon on the dial make this model the most memorable in our list. 100-meter water resistance may, of course, not so much to impress, but a functional and beautiful solution “sweep” seconds hand definitely deserve attention.

  • Rado V10K High Tech Diamant

    The secret of unprecedented strength, apparently, is hidden in the simplicity, at least it is experience hours V10K High Tech Diamant from Rado named by the Guinness Book of records “the Most durable in the world.” Alloy case ceramic and diamonds is 10,000 units on the Vickers scale, which is 50 times higher than the strength of conventional steel, with only 200 units. In order not to violate the integrity, the manufacturer even moved the crown and buttons of the time setting with the traditional position “3 hours” on the caseback.

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