Nodoby pedicure: any clothes, shoes, and mood (PHOTO 20+)

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Signature: what are the shape of the nails (8 options, PHOTOS)

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Helmut Lang to launch charity project with young artists

Their t-shirts and accessories we are ready to buy in October

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Reliable care for our feet

Did you know that a woman makes about six thousand steps a day? For a hundred years, a couple of times she can travel around the world. The legs consist of twenty-six connecting bones, nineteen muscles and many ligaments. Unfortunately, people are forgetful and Read More →

Clay facial masks: understand the intricacies and improve the skin (SELECTION MEANS)

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Hailey Baldwin in boots Dr

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The commandments of proper nutrition, which prevent to lose weight

What do you think, what’s stopping you lose those extra pounds? Laziness, lack or insufficient amount of physical activity, poor diet. You will be surprised, is the desire in whatever was to follow the commandments of proper nutrition, it actually slows down the process of weight reduction. The fact that until recently was considered an enemy figure, and was banned, are now allowed!Continue reading… Copyright […] Read More →

Creating greeting cards

Messages in writing were sent to the addressee since ancient times. Initially it was delivered by courier, after postal services. Not all letters had a secret character, so there were postcards. The card is just an open letter (without the envelope, sealing wax…). Such a simple form of a letter appeared more than two hundred Read More →

Eyes wide: the whole truth about remedies for eyelash growth (+SELECTION FUNDS)

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How to carry out teeth whitening at home: 6 ways a win-win

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