5 unusual towers that are being built right now

While everyone is used to assess the significance of the towers in the first place, the number of floors, among professionals, the height is only of secondary importance. The complexity of the plan, the facade according to the location, design originality is what makes burn the eyes of those who dedicated his life to architecture. Today we decided to join a close circle of his devoted, and found 5 towers with unusual shapes that will soon become new attractions of their cities.

  • Glassy Crown, Manila, Philippines

    The construction of this tower in the city centre should be completed in 2018, but already now we can say that the 245-metre Glassy Crown will be 42 meters above the highest currently building Manila. The project was developed by the architectural firm Studio Libeskind, known for the redesign of the world trade center in new York. The lower floors of the tower is office space, while above will be located in the penthouses, duplexes, suites and apartments, each with a unique layout. The numerous balconies and terraces are designed to reflect the rhythmic motifs of the geometry of the facade, glazed both transparent and tinted blocks.

  • If with the word “glass” in the title is more or less clear, the “crown” needs a little explanation. The fact that the top of the tower with three asymmetrical projections of varying heights and direction really reminiscent of this hat.

  • Zhuhai Observation Tower, Zhuhai, China

    Specifically for the building, which was destined to grow in the intersection of two rivers, RMJM chose a project that has a visual referring to marine life. Fish or, as some believe, mermaid tail inspired the architects to use 1400 perforated panels for finishing the 93-foot tower to simulate scales. Internal area after completion of construction will be divided into 3 zones: lower is eateries, shops and lobby, located in Central commercial areas, and at the top will be equipped with 360-degree viewing platform.

  • According to the plan, the Zhuhai Observation Tower is supposed to symbolize the prosperity of the coastal town.

  • Dancing Dragons, Seoul, South Korea

    “Dancing dragons” is the last of 15 architectural projects, currently running in Yongsan, downtown Seoul. The construction of the 77-storey tower is on the North Bank of the Han river, and the final height should be around 450 meters. Feature of architecture Dancing Dragons is that each building will consist of “mini-towers” that will be built around a Central framework. Each such part has slanting cuts, reminiscent of the eaves of the old Korean pagodas.

  • In 2012, the project was suspended, but the architectural firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture hopes that eventually the tower will be built.

  • Pyramid Tower, Jerusalem, Israel

    In a short time in Jerusalem will start construction of the 105-metre-high pyramidal tower, which will become the second tallest building in the city. The project is owned by Studio Libeskind and a local architect Yigal Levi, who together were able to reflect the traditions and myths of the ancient land on which the tower is built.

  • The inner space is enough for 200 luxury apartments, a boutique hotel, restaurant and observation deck on the roof.

  • Tour Triangle, Paris, France

    The triangle is perhaps the most French geometric figure. Perhaps that is why the Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron have done it on a bet in the draft 180-metre tower, which will soon be seen on the background of its triangular counterpart — the Eiffel tower. Triangle Tour will be the first since 1973 the building in Central Paris, which will be allowed to exceed the 37-foot horizon. Inside the building will house the hotel has 120 rooms, offices and various cultural facilities.

  • Another reason for choosing the triangular form of the tower was that in this case the building will cast minimal shadow area on the neighboring structures.

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