12 of the most expensive stones of the planet

Currently there are more than six thousand minerals and each year a number of added hundreds of new. Many of them you will never see in life, we use about a hundred of minerals, including precious stones. Minerals can be classified as precious stones, depending on their chemical composition, refraction, crystal structure and optical characteristics. These 12 minerals are the rarest and the most valuable on Earth.

  • Eremeeva

    2000 per carat Eremeeva is a aluminum with attached fluorine molecules. Named after a Russian mineralogist, P. V. Eremeev and first found in Siberia in 1883.

  • Fire opal

    2300 dollars per carat Fire opals — the stones are transparent to translucent, mostly with flowers from hyacinth-red to wine-yellow, sometimes almost red. In Mexico produce variations with opalescence.

  • Pedretti

    3000 $ per carat Poudretteite (Pedretti) is a rare mineral from the group of milarite. Forms a colourless or pale pink crystals. Poudretteite is colorless, light brown and purple-pink. Opened and described in 1986. Despite the extreme rarity of this mineral, it is used as a faceting of a gemstone. The largest cut poudretteite weighs 9,41 CT.

  • Benitoite

    4000 dollars per carat Benitoite is a very rare mineral, a silicate of barium and titanium. Named by the discovery in 1906 in San Benito.

  • Musgrave

    6000 dollars per carat Musgravite is a rare mineral from the group of taaffeite, complex oxides of magnesium and beryllium. The name of Musgrave received on the initial location in Australia, in the valley Musgrave range.

  • Red beryl

    10000 per carat Red beryl is a mineral composed of beryllium, aluminum and silicate. In nature, pure beryl is colorless, but it acquires the color from traces of additional elements. Red beryl is only found in the mountain ranges of Utah, and its cost can reach up to ten thousand dollars per carat.

  • Alexandrite

    12000 dollars per carat Alexandrite is a type of chrysoberyl. Was first found in the Urals in 1830-ies. Has amazing properties to change colors depending on lighting.

  • Diamond

    15000 $ per carat The diamond, cut diamond — pure carbon, sintered in an amazingly beautiful bars. Diamonds used in industry due to its durability. Are found in kimberlite pipes, by the age of 1 to 3 billion years.

  • Serendibite

    18000 dollars per carat Serendibite has a fairly wide range of colors – blue, bluish-green, light yellow, dark blue and an extremely dark blue, almost black. At the present time, reliably confirmed the existence of a little over 1500 cut serendibite, of which are absolutely vast majority are almost black, so dark their tone.

  • Grandidierite

    20000 per carat Grandidieri is a very rare mineral, a silicate of magnesium, iron and aluminum. Color greenish-blue, bluish-green, greenish-blue.

  • Taaffeite

    35000 dollars per carat Tapeit is a unique stone, ohranyaemyi exclusively in Ireland. Precious stone is found in alluvial deposits within Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

  • Red diamond

    1000000 dollars per carat Diamond is expensive, but the red diamond is even more expensive. The red color arises not due to impurities of other minerals, and due to the plastic deformation of the crystal lattice. This makes the mineral more valuable.

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Dita von Teese starred in a sexy photo shoot

The star of the Burlesque show shone in revealing costumes. Diva showed its charm and appeal.
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The basic rules of male friendship

“As the years go by, and friendship in the heart forever.” There is something more than memories about childhood, first love and dashing antics. It is about friendship. About a real friendship with those with whom you recently went sledding, played football, went to guys takedowns and tried the first alcohol. It’s more than friends – they are real brothers.

There are basic rules of male friendship. They are not abstruse written by the Professor or researchers that may be alien to the concept of true friendship. Such dogmas were formed and practice for decades. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Friendship with no expiration date

Unlike women who love to exchange “pleasantries”, type: “you’re a friend, for the whole week you called only 3 times!”, men can not be seen and not to call a month or more, while not having to each other any claims.

After changing job, residence, Hobbies, going out of your familiar life, yielding place to new. But they are your brothers will always be there, despite your social status, money and health.

Bros and girls

No woman should be between friends. Because the girl is easy to find, and a true friend – no. Bro never get to a girl. In addition, in some male circles there is a taboo on sexual contact with former friends.

Male solidarity

Solidarity among men does exist. No matter how hard it is to criticize and refute ladies, it really is. But women’s solidarity – the concept is questionable. In their world is competition, and even jealousy. While no one is arguing that. Neither men nor women.

Helping hand

Friends are always each other help. This can be a call in the night asking to come to help to manage the situation. Also can help with household issues, the repair of an apartment or car. And, of course, the case smacks of idiocy is no exception. Yes! Even friends do stupid things together.

The back cover

When there’s danger or trouble, a true friend will always protect you. He will write better writer believable stories and tell them to your wife, or the tax authorities.

No the word “no”

Friends, as a rule, do not refuse each other’s requests. Usually all feasible. And the desire to deny the man does not even arise.

Friendship is friendship and business apart

Dangerous adventure – a joint business with a friend. After all, money can ruin not only the person but also friendship. In addition, there may arise many situations in which your opinions will not converge, and it will not tolerate delay.

Married friend is not a joking matter

Often in different movies, and in reality, you can see how friends make fun of a married man. Of course, a true friend can joke and not be offended. However, when you think of the next joke, remember: “we’ve All been there”.

“Don’t tell me what to do”

Friends accept each other for what they are. A friend is a person who sincerely values and respects you without all your masks and designed for someone behaviour. However, we should not teach each other to live and to give him a cautionary instruction. Even if all “lectures” will be heard, a friendship may crack.

Even if you don’t make millions, do not occupy the desired position, but have real friends – you’re incredibly rich. Friendship enriches morally and spiritually. When these components of your life are in harmony, you have all chances to achieve the desired height.

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"Bond has cost me many nerve cells": an interview with Daniel Craig

47-year-old Daniel Craig for the fourth time, played James bond in “007: Spectrum”. Find out why many consider him the best agent in the history of James bond. Read More →

Konstantin Meladze refused to comment on their wedding

From the day the unexpected wedding of Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhneva it’s been two weeks, and the online community and did not think to leave: the discussion of this does not stop the media and social networks. Read More →

5 cocktails Soviet times, which was not terrible to drink

A hellish mixture of colognes, technical fluids and radiation pills from the kit — that’s the first thing that comes to mind at the mention within the context of the words “Soviet Union” and “cocktails”. To be honest, and this can not be found in the same Erofeev’s poem “Moscow-Petushki”, which became a real Soviet citizen guide on how to rekindle the fire in your chest. But this was unattractive for a civilized man “cocktail” of culture, because for the needs of the intelligentsia no-no and imported fine drinks in shops, and once even opened a “Lounge” in Moscow. Here not filed a “sumbitches” and “Ruff”, but the bar terrace was listed many other drinks that you can drink without fear for their lives. About five of them and discussed today, and for greater atmosphere we accompany recipes posters and pictures of the interiors of the legendary institution.

  • Old Thomas

    Liquor “Old Tallinn” – 50 gr
    The red currant juice – 75 g
    Cherry compote – 25 g
    Lemon – 1 slice
    Cherry – 4-5 berries

    Preparation: to Prepare the glass, making sugar land. Mix liqueur, juice and juice in a shaker with ice, strain into glass with fresh ice. Add a slice of lemon and berries. The cocktail should be served with roasted almonds.

  • Coffee flip

    Egg yolk – 1 piece
    Dessert wine (Muscat, port) – 50 g
    Cognac – 30 gr
    Coffee liqueur – 30 gr
    Powdered sugar – 1 tsp
    Crossenny ice
    Ground cinnamon – 1 pinch

    Preparation: Beat everything except the cinnamon, in a shaker with ice, strain into a glass one-third filled with ice crossenny. Before serving, sprinkle with cinnamon.

  • Volga

    Stolichnaya vodka – 35 oz.
    Creme de menthe – 10ml
    Orange liqueur -15 gr
    Lemon juice – 25 g
    Sugar – 5 gr
    Ice Preparation: Mix in a shaker with ice and all ingredients, strain into glass with fresh ice.

  • Cherry

    Cherry liqueur – 50 ml
    Champagne – 100 grams
    Cherry juice – 25 g
    Lemon – 1/8 part
    Canned fruits Preparation: mix all in a glass with ice, fill with champagne and garnish with fruit.

  • Cowboy

    Apricot liqueur – 20 gr
    Liquor Benedictine – 20 gr
    Egg yolk – 1 piece
    Jean – 30g
    Pepper vodka – 30 gr

    Preparation: Pour into a glass for port wine alcohol and carefully place the yolk. Drink in one gulp.

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Funny congratulations for a woman with a retirement in verse and prose

Just think, how does the life of the woman with retirement. On shift work, people come pleasant chores and home care. And let to leave with a friendly staff and familiar atmosphere always a little sad. But it is humorous greetings retirement will smooth the moment of parting, let me remind you about the new prospects and will look at everything in a positive way. Gentle and warm and sincere words from the mouth of the boss or colleagues, spoken from the heart, will be remembered for many years to come. Read More →

"The hunger games: mockingjay

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth said goodbye to their heroes at the premiere of the last film of the franchise “the Hunger games: mockingjay. Part II” in Berlin. Read More →

How to make friends in adulthood

Remember how easy it was to make new friends at school and University — a casual conversation could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. With age, unfortunately, people are less inclined to make new personal connections. Some need a proven company, and someone has managed to acquire a rather unpleasant experience. Fortunately, we have some advice based on practical psychology that will allow you to make friends at any age.

  • Bar

    The easiest way to make new friends — become a regular at the best bar in the area. Select the place where you are comfortable to spend time: most likely, his regular customers will share your basic interests and principles. Besides, the informal atmosphere of the bar (multiplied by a known proportion of relaxing alcohol) contributes to new acquaintances.

  • Clubs

    The same hobby can become a solid Foundation for a strong friendship. So at least says a famous American psychologist Tracy Moore. On the basis of common interests will be very easy to get close with nice people and have something to tell each other apart from formal sayings about the weather, financial problems and political situation in the country.

  • Sports

    In many cities there are outdoor sports facilities to rent by anyone. Try to come to one of these locations and join the players in football, for example. Competitive spirit brought together with other team members and if you want to do, to continue the dialogue and off the field.

  • Smile and wave

    Mina becomes indifferent to many great way to protect from harsh reality. This armour works so well that through it will not be able to break through not only offending people, but also those who could well become a new friend. Leave your hatred at home — no one wants to communicate with the man, contemptuously drawing his lips and folded hands. Look in the eyes and try sincerely to become interested in the conversation.

  • What’s in my name for you

    Do not try to learn the name of the interlocutor in the beginning of the conversation, and introduce yourself yourself. Much better would be to inspire people by conversation, to show yourself as an interesting and intelligent partner. Most likely, the person will present himself at the end of the conversation and will evaluate on the conversation as more valuable.

  • Confidence and frankness

    People appreciate confidence. No wonder the leader of the company is the one who’s acting the most boldly. Try to overcome the innate modesty and do not give others a reason to doubt, how sure of your actions. In addition, it is wise to remain honest man: the combination of confidence and honesty are so rare that people will be attracted to you.

  • Sociability

    The main thing to overcome on the path to becoming a new friendship — their lack of communication. Try to start a conversation with many without making differentiation on the social status of the interlocutor if it is certainly not a key position. The usual small talk with fellow passenger, a salesman in a store, or unfamiliar colleague could well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Proven: spicy food promotes longevity

Experienced scientists from China conducted a study during which found that acute spicy food reduces the likelihood of premature death to almost 15%.

The experiment involved 500 thousand different volunteers, aged 30 years and older. The participants gave researchers their personal information (occupation, income, education, eating habits, bad habits). The organizers of the experiment was to find out how different groups of people (separated by age) influenced by the hot peppers.

It turned out that at the present time, the volunteers feel fresh and good. And the youngest group of participants had improved their immunity.

The result of the study showed that eating spicy peppers even one or two times a week, reduces the risk of premature death by 10%. But if you regularly eat spicy food, the risk of early death would fall by almost 14%.

Wise Chinese scientists believe that the secret lies in a special component of the pepper – capsaicin. More contain fresh peppers. Therefore, they are much more useful milled and dried. This was proved during the research.

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