The 10 best pairs of shoes for sailing

Special shoes for yachting outwardly almost indistinguishable from normal everyday or athletic shoes, but it is endowed with special properties that allow the sailor to feel comfortable and secure on the slippery deck. Shoes for sailing should be such as to ensure perfect grip wooden covered deck. In addition, the sole must not become clogged with sand and leave footprints on the deck of a ship, and this time the manufacturers that develop a suitable for yachting shoes, are also taken into account. Models are specially designed for sailing footwear can be very different, but most often this term mean comfortable shoes with flat soles. We have collected ten of the best offers from the new 2015 collection, which is best given to understand, what is the shoes for yachting and why it is the most comfortable for summer.

  • ASOS Boat Shoes in Suede

  • Quoddy Downeast Two-Tone Leather Boat Shoes

  • Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Print 2 Eye Boat Shoe

  • John Lobb Livonia Leather Boat Shoes

  • Charles Tyrwhitt Brown Stamford Boat Shoes

  • Lacoste Keellson Leather Boat Shoes

  • Sebago Docksides Leather

  • Dune Barracuda Square Toed Leather Boat Shoe

  • Timberland Icon Classic 2 Eye Denim Boat Shoe

  • Loake Summer Boat Shoe

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Beauty-image: Kate Mara in the promotional campaign “the Fantastic four”

Monochrome and Nude makeup
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How are we going to look this fall: the main trends

Как мы будем выглядеть этой осенью: главные бьюти-тренды
New black lips In the coming season autumn-winter 2015/2016 new black is eggplant and blueberry color. How to wear Cernica-black lipstick, prompt not… Read More →

Trendymen-test: Hyundai Equus

In the camp of the Hyundai Equus model stands alone. Everything here is my own logo and name, your own nameplate on the trunk lid, and even the mention of the dealers of the brand is in the context of the Equus brand. All this work is aimed at creating a special atmosphere premium, which marketing Hyundai tries to fill the image of his flagship.
Yes, so historically, what if the technology can hone over the decade, the right image is created by generations. In this context, the Equus has almost become the first point and the second made a minimum bid. But everything in order.

The unmistakable silhouette of the car is read as a large luxury sedan. As you know, the flagship should not be flashy or too frivolous. And this code is read immediately: monumentalism and cautious conservatism in the front and the lights, a lot of the muscles in the rear wheel arches and General dimensions of well over five meters. Even the “base” Equus not trying to seem less a – line silhouette is straight and not trying to be visually more compact, playing separate elements.

The interior continues this line – all major strokes and sweeping, allowing you to create a solid photogenic image of the interior.

The details, however, are not without drawbacks and focus on the smallest detail can find a lot of nuances that would require more elaboration. For example, the media persists in finding your way and not trying to adapt the General attitude of the vehicle, demonstrating against the tree and classics faceless interface with menus as bookmarks.

But running worked almost without question. It is seen that the character of the car creators paid a huge amount of time and, as far as possible, brought the thrill Equus to what is considered to be the unspoken standard of this club.
The car is docile and smooth at almost all speeds. The wheel requires little effort, but allows you to get information about the movement. 8-speed automatic turned out to be extremely tasking gear changes are smooth and in urban Equus really appreciate the comfort and calm of its owner. Acceleration requires a fraction of a second to think, but then quickly Equus his wins back, showcasing impressive for its weight and size dynamics.
In combination with air suspension effect sometimes get a little too soothing – even wiggle car makes a trip on a trip on a water mattress. On the other hand, reality quickly sets in the way the shortcomings of the road surface, which will allow to forget about where we are and down to earth.
In this context, the Hyundai was a very versatile vehicle. He knows his job as a driver’s car, and at the same time cope with the task comfortable movement of a passenger on the back of the couch. The company has chosen the right path, and the rest must now do the time.


Dimensions l/W/h, mm: 5160, 1890, 1490
Curb weight: 2050 kg.
Engine: 3.8 V6 GDI
Power: 334 HP
Acceleration up to hundreds, h: 6,9
Drive: rear
Test fuel consumption: 15.5 l/100 km
The price of the basic configuration EQUUS 3.8 V6 GDI Luxury: 3 415 000 rubles
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How mesotherapy works and who needs it

What is mesotherapy and how to decide on the procedure. Read More →

Security vacation: Naomi Campbell was sentenced to six months in prison

For the incident with the paparazzi in 2009, an Italian court sentenced British supermodel Naomi Campbell to six months probation. Read More →

Back to school: 10 skills needed for a child

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The wedding of Prince of Monaco Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo

Венчание принца Монако Пьера Казираги и Беатрис Борромео
While in the UK at the wedding of guy Ritchie walked brad pitt, David Beckham and: Jason Statham, Italy for the wedding of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo arrived… Read More →

If the summer never ends..

In August I only buy the best of everything – on a non-ideal time is just not there. Read More →

Canon ME20F-SH: color video in pitch darkness gonna cost

It is well known that nothing but an indistinct black-and-white video, with no special lighting in the dark. It was not until until Canon announced a boycott of the loss of color resulting from the inclusion of infrared illumination in low light. Their new compact camera ME20F-SH needs to revolutionize the light sensitivity of professional photographic equipment.
In numbers, it goes something like this: when the illumination of 0.0005 Lux (a little lighter than in the closet on a moonless night), thanks to a gain of 75 dB, the camera shoots Full color HD video. This is equivalent to the ISO over 4 million!
Canon ME20F-SH is equipped with brand new 35mm CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2.26 and MP under control of processor DIGIC DV4. The camera is easy to mount EF lenses, and other devices via the outputs 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI, external microphone and remote control Canon RC-V100.
The use of such a device, despite its uniqueness, is quite narrow and specific. And it’s not even that too few people would like to take in all the beauty of wildlife at night or explore deep caves, and corny in a high price camera. $ 30,000 — this will be the cost of Canon ME20F-SH at the start of sales in December 2015. Read More →