Jennifer Lawrence advertises a new line of lipsticks Dior Addict Lipstick (video)

The actress tried on beauty image from Dior
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"I won't be able to have children": Kim Kardashian made a Frank admission

The star of reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kim Kardashian said that immediately after the birth of her second child, the doctors can remove her uterus due to complications during pregnancy. Read More →

Suites in the air: 7 of the world's best first class cabins

Modern first classes on Board the best airline of the planet is almost impossible to distinguish from Suite in large chain hotel. Here you and the cab will prepare for bed, and private bath organize, and even a private Butler will provide, if only the passenger has not regretted the purchase of a ticket several times more expensive than its neighbors on the flight. Today we ran 7 known airlines which offer their customers a non-trivial first class cabin, having examined in detail the reasons not to skimp on flights in total comfort.

  • Singapore Airlines

    This airline is the first and currently the only one that can connect two adjacent suites business class in one of the apartments with a double bed. Among other delights it is worth noting delicious menu and wine list, tableware from Givenchy, 23-inch LCD panel and a denial of service during the flight.

  • Etihad Airways

    Starting in December of this year, Etihad Airways will launch service to The Residence, fully private two-bedroom apartments on the plane with own bathroom, bedroom and living room. In addition to a huge airplane standards of personal space, the airline offers passengers a 32-inch TV, bed linen is Egyptian cotton and even a personal Butler trained at London’s the Savoy.

  • Air France

    New La Premiere cabin features a private wardrobe, adjustable curtain and comfortable pouffes, if in flight you will want to visit your friends from other places. The standard equipment also includes reading lights, 24-inch LCD flat screen and chair of the transformer.

  • Qantas Airlines

    The first class Australian airlines combines futuristic interior cabins with luxurious details. It is equipped with rotating chairs where you can sit facing in the direction of flight, and to lie, if you turn him into bed. As bonuses are LCD touch screen, toilet sets, cotton pajamas and the bed, covered with sheepskin.

  • All Nippon Airways

    To the comfort of the passengers of their first class Japanese airline came prepared as possible. It offers not just comfortable cockpit, but also additional space for clothing and anatomical mattresses, which can help relieve the load in the body. Draw your vnimanie on All Nippon Airways is also due to the presence on Board the international satellite phone, adjustable dining table, the noise canceling headphones and a 23-inch TV panels.

  • Asiana Airlines

    This airline was the first who established the business classes, huge 32-inch TVs and has offered passengers a choice of both Western, Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Among other benefits, two-door cab is a personal mini-bar, satellite phone, Bvlgari, stationery and lighting, simulating a starry sky.

  • Emirates

    The service is what makes a spacious and comfortable first class cabin of Emirates, one of the best in the world. The staff on Board are extremely friendly and professional, which in combination with mini-bar, rdbnam a retractable armchair, shower and Spa on Board the flight does a real holiday.

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History of automotive innovation from Ford

Has for more than 100 years creating new models of Ford cars is a history of the “democratization” of vehicles. This year the design Studio of Ford is celebrating its 80th anniversary is a good occasion to see how varied the relation to the evolution of the car and what technological breakthroughs were accompanied its progress.

  • Edsel Ford

    Son of Henry Ford, Edsel Ford has paid great attention to the design of cars is about the same as his father. He cared about the effective organization of automobile production. It is the Edsel Ford in 1935 he ordered the establishment of a design division that Ford cars were not only functional and attractive in a aesthetic sense, but also meet the requirements of safety and ecology.

  • “Soybean car” (1941)

    When you create a “soybean car” Henry Ford relied on existing agricultural expertise, and their commitment to the automotive business. Metal was in short supply, whereby there is a plastic model, the structures of which were used soy fiber and other natural materials of sufficient durability. Eventually the car became a thousand pounds (450 kg) lighter compared to the “traditional” version with a steel body.

  • Ford 1949 – beginning of a new era (1949)

    Ford 1949 was the first new model released after the end of world war II. In its design we used new design – built-in “wings”, chrome finish, smooth side and a stylish Central grid, causing the Association with aeronautical constructions. The emergence of a 1949 Ford not only marked the transition of the American automobile industry in the postwar rails, but also coincided with an important event in the history of the company – it was led by Henry Ford II.

  • Coating with pearl effect (1955)

    Cars Ford has taken on an entirely different Shine in 1955, when the body of the concept car Futura applied the paint with a pearl effect. Ford was among the pioneers of the new technology, which included the addition of crushed pearl to the composition of paints.

  • System Lifeguard (1956)

    In 1956, Ford engineers have developed a system Lifeguard intended to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. This “package” includes seat belts, improved door locks, padded instrument panel, sun visors, as well as energy absorbing steering column, resistant to displacement under shock impact.

  • Retractable hard top (1957)

    By 1957 cars-cabriolet with hard top was no longer a novelty, but the operations on lifting and folding of the roof, as a rule, were associated with large hassle. Ford specialists have designed an automatic system for easy folding top is in the trunk of a car. The whole procedure took no more than 40 seconds.

  • 30 years before the advent of GPS (1964)

    The first Ford in the segment navigation systems dates back to 1964, when the concept car Aurora was equipped with a map which is automatically adjusted depending on the location of the car. Note that this technology had been around for 30 years prior to the start of production of car navigation systems based on GPS.

  • Mimi Vandermolen (1970)

    In 1970 Mimi Vandermolen became one of the first women in the state of the design Department of Ford, which until then was purely “male” team. Mimi Vandermolen led the work on the interior design of the Ford Taurus and Ford Probe. She is credited with the idea of take account of ergonomic requirements in automotive design.

  • Transparent sunroof (1971)

    In 1971, Ford engineers have upgraded the design of transparent hatch in the roof of the car, replacing it with a manual opening system with electric. This decision meant an extra convenience – the sun’s light and additional ventilation were provided with a simple click.

  • System unlock the doors without a key (1980)

    In 1980, Ford introduced the system to unlock the doors without using a key. The novelty consisted of five buttons on the door beside the driver’s seat. In order to get inside the cabin, it was necessary to dial a PIN code using these buttons.

  • Coasters (1984)

    The need for Cup holders in the cabin began to occur in the 50-ies of the last century – as in America developed catering motorists and become popular in the open-air cinemas. After about 30 years coasters appeared at model Ford Bronco (1984), and since they are among the main elements of automotive design.

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Liquid nail Polish remover — how to choose

Liquid Polish remover remains an indispensable item in every woman’s makeup bag. Without this seemingly simple tools, you cannot create a beautiful and unique manicure. Always remember the fact that to choose such a tool must be very carefully and cautiously, because it is not just a cosmetic liquid that removes old varnish from the surface of the nail, but ordinary solvent, …

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FOTT x Reebok Classic Ventilator

In 1990, Reebok Ventilator debuted in its original color: white combined with cracked gray, black and accents of pink hue. As the suspension system in Ventilator use Hexalite. Special translucent mesh material in the side of the sneaker – the card of the Ventilator. The model is not time uchastvovala collaborations and themed packs. This year Reebok Ventilator celebrate its 25th anniversary. Mark notes the event collaborations with iconic brands and stores from around the world. FOTT – one of the participants in loud celebration.In creating sneakers, the designers FOTT relied on the brand’s history and aesthetic of the 90s, focusing on the quality of materials and execution. The main materials used were high quality suede and leather, as well as traditional “fans” mesh, one of the most recognizable features of the line. To underline the connection with the historical model, the creators kept the side plastic mesh inserts that create the intense breathability of this model got its name. Coloring collaboration refers to the colors of the forum FOTT, which began with the history of the store,and color combinations sports silhouettes from the 90s. FOTT x Reebok Classic Ventilator limited edition. Sneakers can be purchased on 29 August at 19.00 in the store FOTT at the address Dmitrovsky pereulok, 7.

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How muscle memory works

The phenomenon of muscle memory refers to the classic misunderstandings of the scope of bodybuilding. Muscle memory is a long – term restructuring of nerve and muscle cells caused by physical training, providing quick recovery of former athletic shape after a long break in training. A break can be related to many reasons: a long rest, a serious injury and so on. During the suspension, the muscles are greatly reduced in size, reduced endurance. The peculiarity of muscle memory is that after a long break, the athlete has previously engaged in the sport, will quickly restore its former strength and tone of muscles. We will try to examine the phenomenon of muscle memory.

  • The mechanism of muscle memory

    The phenomenon of muscle memory has long been known, but its causes sports physicians associated with the nervous system, namely increased excitability of motor neurons and new synapses, which leads to improved neuromuscular mates. In the motor cortex of a trained athlete who started training after the break, going on an accelerated growth of new blood vessels and improve the power of the motor areas, are secreted neurotrophic factors.

  • Adaptation

    As you increase muscle, the athlete also develops bone and cardiovascular system. The development of the latter is greatly inferior to the muscle progress, but in the absence of stress, the muscles deflate first, while the above system losing out much slower. To resume workouts, your body already has a certain Foundation and it only remains to increase the meat on it.

  • Nuclear fusion

    Scientists have concluded that new kernels and are the basis of muscle memory, which is implemented at the cell level. With the resumption load additional kernel function: increase protein synthesis and hypertrophic processes that are regulated by nuclear DNA.

  • Rebuilding muscle fibers

    Muscular fibre – cells that make up muscle tissue, very long (to 20 cm) and thin (100 µm). Usually their length equal to the length of the muscle. In addition, muscle fibers contain many nuclei is one of the few multinucleated cells in vertebrates.

  • Not more than a year

    Scientific experiment showed that the growth of muscle mass when training is a result of the increased number of nuclei in muscle cells. More cores — more working genes that control the synthesis of a larger amount of muscle contractile proteins – actin and myosin. This change for a long time, additional cores will not disappear even after several months of muscle atrophy. Unfortunately, if the period without training spread over a period of more than a year — there is a risk of quality loss in cellular communications.

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Hotel Adlon Kempinski: newfound attraction of Berlin

Until the mid 30-ies of the last century before the German nobility was a difficult choice — to live in luxury suites Hotel Adlon or continue to wallow in their country mansions, Preslav besides out-of-date. At this, appearing at the most opportune time, many decades ahead identified the needs of wealthy guests, who immediately and satisfied. Even total demolition after the fire and the long pause in the work are unable to dispel the atmosphere of the place, which is already on our minds was able to pick up and develop hotel chain Kempinski.
But you should start, of course, since 1907, when rebuilt in Berlin on money entrepreneur of the Lorentz Adlon hotel visited the Emperor and his family. Left extremely satisfied, he set the stage for the long history of the hotel, which turned out to be the wave of popularity thanks to a new noble fashion for the holding of the dinner parties, receptions and balls in secular places, not in private houses. Именно такой была первая версия отеля Adlon в Берлине.
Caught Adlon and ‘Golden’ 30s, when wealthy Americans traveled to Europe, and on returning praised the hotel for its cosmopolitan and luxury. After the surrender of Berlin in 1945, the Hotel Adlon, which miraculously survived numerous bombings, burned almost completely, but was finally demolished in 1952. Prior to 1984, there were only surviving outbuilding, where first there was a hotel and a restaurant, and then boarding school.
Almost immediately after the fall of the Berlin wall, in 1997 at the same place on the project Bureau Patzschke & Partner newly rebuilt new building, taken under the wing chain Kempinski. Modern Hotel Adlon did not copy its predecessor, but was a continuation of its traditions, as before harmoniously into the architectural ensemble of the quarter, which among other things are the Brandenburg gate.

The room Fund of the Hotel Adlon has 382 rooms, including rooms and apartments, each worthy of five stars that is at the hotel.

Exclusive design and noble materials of each room create a feeling that each of them special, although variations of them only 13, however, this is not enough.

Along with Royal and presidential suites, there are apartments, as the “Brandenburg gate”, “Paris square” or “Unter den Linden”, by its very name issuing the secret of what lies behind the curtains.

No unpleasant surprises like lack of pool or a bad Wi-Fi guests will not find in the list of services. At the Hotel Adlon is literally all that needs to be in hotels of the same class, gym, pool, SPA, bars and restaurants.

The latter, incidentally, is famous throughout Berlin and the old Adlon, Kempinski bars, clubs and restaurants are at the highest level. Why is only one dining hall of the Lorentz Adlon, awarded with two Michelin stars and working under the strict guidance of the chef Henrik Otto and Boris Hebel.

So, if you forget for a while about what attractions are right outside the front door of the hotel, entertain yourself is not difficult and within it. Visit the smokers ‘ lounge, take a tour or limousine in the city, and it is better to just contact the Concierge who will help you choose something to their liking. 10117, Unter den Linden 77, Berlin
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Anna Semenovich congratulated with the wedding

Ex-soloist of the group “Brilliant” Anna Semenovich long been intrigued by their fans upcoming wedding. About a year ago, the journalists managed to find out that in the life of the singer appeared a young man with whom she develops. With bated breath, all were looking forward to the wedding Proposal. Read More →

The College at Saint Martins has a new student

У колледжа Сент-Мартинс появился новый студент
And this is unstoppable, as Zorro, Antonio Banderas. The famous 55-year-old actor will once again be a student of what he hastened to inform his official account… Read More →