Ukrainian Fashion Week ss 2016

Review of impressions of the fourth day of Ukrainian fashion week.
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Masoli on his feet

How to deal with calluses on your feet? It’s time to go with winter shoes in the spring or Vice versa and almost every woman faces the problem of calluses and corns. These troubles not only make women’s legs unattractive, but also cause the owner a lot of inconvenience and pain. Masoli on your feet properly If you try to give …

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Present imperfect: how to stop being a perfectionist

Second place can bring not less joy than the first, proved Polina Gagarina at Eurovision. You only want the top step of the podium? It’s time to stop chasing gold. Read More →

Thing of the day: shirt dress by Carolina Herrera

Weightless pink dress silk organza dress with bottom hand is the most sensual evening option for next summer

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Evgeni Plushenko prepares for fifth Olympic games

A year and a half ago at the Olympics in Sochi Evgeni Plushenko did not speak at the last moment due to a severe back injury. For a long time on the Internet, and among the famous athletes there were disputes about whether it is necessary to do to send a skater in such a demanding competition, if he has health problems. Still did not concur on this issue. Read More →

Comrades women: what prevents friendship of the sexes

Glamour columnist Gleb Cupids discovers that it interferes with the friendship of the sexes, and comes to a rather optimistic conclusion. Read More →

Anastasia Rjabtsova in Céline at dinner The Macallan and Roca the hotel StandArt in Moscow

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What sex positions are the most ideal?

Inventing with his partner next him, pose for sex, you deep down hope that sexual desire will smooth the possible awkward moments? Why complicate the natural impulse of passion? We offer to recall the most common sexual positions and to make them an interesting twist. Eventually sex will happen and natural, and with a taste of novelty.

1. Missionary position

Well-known posture, which is devoid of the intricacies and allows you to fully relax both partners. In this position you can not worry about how you look from the side and completely surrender to sexual feelings. However, it can add variety.

Take pillows and put them under your partner buttocks. Therefore, the member will penetrate at an angle, reaching the point of the mysterious “G” that will give her a thrill.

– Its legs can stretch you in the chest. While you can stimulate her Clit. It doubles the feeling of the partner, which leads to the bright orgasm.

– Remember how the heroes from porn in a similar position. To make the penetration deeper drop on his shoulders, her legs. Thus pokusili and kiss her thighs.

2. “Rider”

If your lady prefers to be on top, it is likely that it is prone to power and leadership. And that means quietly to rest at the bottom you don’t have to.

– Sit in a comfortable chair without armrests and put her on top. Much strain is not necessary, but the penetration will be deep.

– If you allows good physical shape, have sex standing up. Push your partner to the wall and get into it, how passionate, tough male.

Get behind her and spread her legs as widely as possible. Open your arms to the partner side in the manner of wings. The friction force will substantially increase, as mutual sensations.

3. Doggie-style

A good option sexual positions, if you want to feel like a true male. At the same time you can prolong sexual intercourse, a little attracive orgasm.

– When the partner is already in the desired position, raise her hips and get her legs around my waist. So you’ll find that cherished the “G” point.

– Even if you just a little lift of her pelvis, then immediately feelings will intensify.

Try doggie-style standing up. With a little tilt the follower forward. It can rest against the wall with her hands. It will not create unnecessary stress for her body that will help to focus on obtaining sexual pleasure.

Not always the principle of Kama Sutra and ingenuity in sex bring an unforgettable flight experiences. Enough to make a little variety in a familiar, comfortable posture and a positive result is guaranteed.

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"The main thing is to discuss boundaries": Michael Fassbender on how to simulate sex on the set

Fully naked in the movie Shame, Michael Fassbender has become a hero in the wildest fantasies of women around the world. We find out how sexual education of the actor and why he likes to appear naked on screen. Read More →

A test run Trendymen: Hyundai Solaris Special Edition 500000th

The inhabitants of Moscow it is known that tourist destinations have quite a few, but essentially offered the same thing — the cities of the Golden Ring, which, although different, but overall similar. However, there are five hundred kilometers from Moscow is an amazing place that has certain uniqueness — both in aesthetic and historical terms — the lake Seliger. The ancient water system is located in the heart of the Novgorod Rus. There we decided to go. And at the same time to try out a new Hyundai Solaris Special Edition 500 000th.
Go team Trendymen had night — for the reasons that you can bypass the congestion on the outskirts of the city. It worked and from Moscow managed to slip out with ease. Riding on a deserted highway Novorizhskoe allowed to make the first conclusions about the car. At cruising speeds, Solaris showed himself quite confident holding a lane on a long and pleasant turns. The steering wheel has a nice heavy weight at speed, so more than half the distance to the Volokolamsk managed to overcome effortlessly. Especially helped new six-speed gearbox, which has a good range of torque. On the track is especially nice, and the onboard computer tells you when you need to step things up a gear. Late at night on a completely deserted road with no external stimuli to understand the pros and cons of the car. 2015 Hyundai Solaris is equipped with easy-to-read system alerts the driver that night is particularly important. 2015 Hyundai Solaris received a “negative” displays (black numbers and letters on a black background). For tired eyes the decision was obvious.
In the morning I had the opportunity to examine the car in detail. 2015 Hyundai Solaris was not impressed by the boring of a budget car. And this despite the fact that Solaris is the best-selling car in Russia in 2014. Notorious “coramine” in the appearance of the car remained quite a bit — more massive lines of the body combined with the new lighting produces the impression of self-sufficiency. And this is exactly what is lacking in machines like Solaris. Despite the fact that the Solaris facelift has become a delicate cosmetic surgery, the 2015 model year compared to the predecessors looks much more interesting. Obvious differences are the lighting and led sidelights that add in front of the Korean millionaire interesting accent.

Sandy rolled on Seliger road suspension Hyundai Solaris proved to be quite palatable. Minor irregularities, she was swallowing with a resilient softness, and side rolls were reasonable and expected. That is what is expected from the machine in which I want to load the entire family together with the dog and go on an exciting journey far from Moscow.

Basic for a family of Solaris engine of 1.6 liters is enough for confident movement in the stream and measured overtaking snail. To put pressure on the pedal you can safely and confidently — the engine will respond with the appropriate set speed. Hyundai Solaris is great for travelling families. A base set of functionality is enough for comfort on a long trip, but updated look allows you to feel on the road along with owners of more expensive models. Read More →