In the loop: a fun bracelet and images with it

Continuing the theme of cool decorations (the first part read here), I want to show you my new bracelet. This store Shein (here) I like the clasp, which seems almost vintage. In fact the whole bracelet is one large detail. Simple in form, but catchy enough to become one of the Central ideas in the image. And here are the images… Read More →

Famous designers and models created a charity project sweaters

A team of British designers and models have created a charity project, which was aimed at saving children.
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Get rid of acne: all about fighting with acne and rashes

Skin rash not ask your age on the passport and come after puberty. Explain how to part with them forever. Read More →

Thule EnRoute: city backpack with tourist in the past

Swedish brand Thule presents an updated series of its most popular urban backpacks — Thule EnRoute. A new palette of colors, a fresh design, improved protection of gadgets and three sizes of each model — now to find a backpack to suit individual requirements, has never been easier. Thule EnRoute Triumph — 21 litre urban backpack on every day, thanks to the protective compartments for computer and tablet will always be connected. Thule EnRoute were created on the model of travel backpacks combine the comfort of sports models of urban and ergonomic backpacks. Due to the advanced compartments for laptop and tablet Thule EnRoute Triumph, Blur and Escort provide reliable protection of equipment. But in a larger compartment for fragile items SafeZone will fit even the largest smartphone or glasses. Hidden pocket on the front panel also can be expanded — now it is convenient to store not only small things, but clothes.

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Thing of the day: Park bond would choose Woolrich x Color

“Tsvetnoy” Department store and presented a collaborative bond would choose Woolrich black parka with a collar made from natural Fox fur. Read More →

How to remove gel Polish at home

Practical tips, how to remove gel Polish from the comfort of home. Read More →

Color therapy: 20 new Urban Decay shades

The variety of colors, finishes, huge mirror and double ended brush new eye shadow palette Vice 4

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The most highly paid singer of the year 2015 in the Forbes rating

Katy Perry has headed the annual ranking of the highest paid singers in 2015 Forbes magazine and earned $135 million Read More →

How to survive until the next century

A person can live for several centuries? Today, scientists answer this question in the affirmative. According to them, within thirty years there will be new technology that can significantly extend our lives. And if you now will take care of your health, then you are lucky enough to independently verify the possibilities of future medicine. All this — the ways to extend the life and new technologies — is told in the book “Transcend” scientists Raymond Kurzweil and Terry Grossman.

  • Gene switch

    If we compare genes with computer programs, in 2003, collecting the human genome, scientists were able to update our software. One of the revolutionary discoveries of recent years is RNA interference. With its help, scientists can turn off genes, including those that cause aging and disease. Many drugs based on this method, already tested.

  • Stem cells

    In science there is another way to stop aging. It turns out that you can turn one cell type to another, introducing additional genes. For example, skin cells can do stem cells using four genes. A stem cell is known to use for rejuvenating all body tissues. Experiments with worms and fruit flies have shown that similar genetic methods to enhance life five times.

  • Robotic blood cells

    Today much research is being done related to nanodevices. They are introducing into the bloodstream of animals with therapeutic purposes. The nanobots are able to control the chemistry of the blood and inject the necessary substances. This is a great solution for many people, such as patients with hemophilia and diabetes. Moreover, scientists are developing nanorobots that will replace platelets, leukocytes, erythrocytes, and can work even better biological cells.

  • Avoid stress

    Want to live to take off of medicine? Then follow a few simple rules. Avoid stress. It can not only significantly reduce immunity, but also cause heart disease and digestive system, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes type II, sleep disturbances, reduced intellectual abilities. To eliminate stress from your life, spend about the same amount of time, work, yourself, family and friends. An imbalance in any direction could provoke a nervous tension.

  • Change eating habits

    Change food habits. Reduce your calorie intake. Eat less foods that contain a loading dose of carbohydrates (e.g. pasta, bread, cookies). Abstain from sugar. Less include diet food containing starch (corn, potatoes, rice, etc.). In unlimited quantities can be consumed neskoromnaya vegetables. Your body needs fats. But there is one caveat: saturated fats raise cholesterol levels, so the fries are harmful. But omega-3 fats, which you can get from fish and walnuts, is useful.

  • Three supplements

    It turns out that today we can’t get from food as many of the vitamins and minerals how the body needs. This resulted in new methods of agriculture and modern methods of food storage. Therefore, scientists recommend taking Supplements. They can be used to solve many problems: memory loss, high cholesterol, prostate disease, various inflammation and so on. Usually it is enough to enter into the diet of only three dietary supplements: vitamin mineral complex, fish oil and vitamin D.

  • Engage in physical activity

    One study, which was attended by 16 000 veterans have demonstrated that physical exercise reduces the risk of death at seventy percent. Observations of scientists from Italy have shown that exercise reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Other scientists have found that physical activity decreases the chance of heart attack by fifty percent. Want to live a long life — complete aerobic and strength exercises and exercises for development of flexibility.

  • Start the fight against toxins

    Try to reduce harmful effects of toxins. Use air cleaners. Arrange the apartment and office indoor plants to reduce the level of formaldehyde and benzene. Put copying equipment away from your workstation and do not forget to ventilate the Cabinet. Avoid Smoking, including passive. Use water filters. Eat more plant foods and less meat. Boil meat to remove fat surfaced, full of pesticides.

  • Restful sleep

    Restful sleep required for your brain. Recent studies have shown that during a night’s rest, the brain actively processes the information and rebuilds itself. Lack of sleep impairs long-term memory, learning ability, immune system and mood, and can cause increased anxiety and depression.

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Airfield — lookbook autumn-winter collection

Austrian brand Airfield is autumn-winter collection. The images are quite conservative and yet relevant. How did they manage to combine — don’t know. But partly these photos — the answer to the question how to dress stylish women “for…”. However, there’s a lot of interesting ideas for any age. Read More →