Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2015: guests of the most fashionable nights in Moscow

Natasha Poly, Anna chipovskaya, Ksenia Sobchak, Elena Perminova, Anastasia Romantsova, Ekaterina Mukhina, Svetlana Bondarchuk and other guests of the fashion’s night Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in the Central Department store, Department store “Color” and Podium Concept Store in Moscow.
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Rebellious London Chantal Thomass

Lookbook underwear, where British underground subculture, checks and even the guards of Buckingham Palace suddenly become sexual innuendo

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Menu on new year's Lenten buffet 2016: what dishes and recipes like the Fire Monkey

According to the Orthodox Christian calendar 31 December falls on Christmas post. Traditions prescribe for the faithful to consume in those days, modest meals and not to include in the menu fatty foods, dairy products and high-calorie sweets. To those who adhere to religious canons, there is quite a difficult task: what food to put on the Christmas table 2016, and requirements of the Church not to break, and a holiday to spend. Read More →

Experts have found out what women best to create a family

In search of the relationship between the health of future children and birth order of daughters in the family of scientists came to a startling conclusion: it turns out better to marry girls who have older sisters or brothers.

The new Zealand and Swiss researchers found that women who have older sisters or brothers, it is much more likely to have healthy children and have minimal tendency to be overweight. To participate in his large-scale experiment, experts were invited more than 13 million pairs of sisters from Sweden who were born in the period from 1991 to 2009. The results of the study showed that between birth order of girls and their body mass index (BMI) in the future there is a close relationship.

According to researchers, surpassing the mark of 25 years, in 30% of cases elder sisters had a much higher BMI, compared to the younger. Experts simply explain this trend. So, the woman while carrying the firstborn has more thin and small blood vessels. For this reason, the older child gets less nutrients than his younger brothers and sisters, and in the future can compensate for that in adulthood, significantly overeat.

In addition, researchers are advised not to forget about the influence of social factors. Thus, among children is widespread competition for the delicious food, and most often wins her senior. By the way, it is noteworthy that among men, the researchers found no such trend.

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Best mascara that costs 150 UAH

What mascara can easily buy in the price range of up to 150 UAH. Read More →

5 best ways to quickly burn 500 calories

Quickly burn fat and calories is a dream for any budding athlete, a figure which is still far from ideal. Typically, these athletes immediately begin to lean on cardio, exhausting yourself at the gym or on the Jogging. But not a single cardio burns fat. These five basic techniques help get rid of excessive adipose tissue as efficiently and allow you to get bonuses in the form of muscle mass, endurance and other physical options.

  • The excess muscle mass

    The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. A simple law works in a hundred percent of the time, so if one training season you dedicate the basic exercises with a barbell, next year, your metabolism will work much better than now and all the calories will go on maintenance. Yes and do workouts with free weights are a great fat burning method, which breaks down calories more effectively hadron Collider.

  • Thrust and squats

    Exercise that involve most of the body like deadlifts or squats are the panacea of fat in any area of the body. The mass of working muscles-stabilizers consume so much energy that even eaten at dinner a piece of cake will burn in the furnace of your metabolism without the rest (but with cakes still need to be careful).

  • Muscle failure

    Even old Arnie talked about the fact that the muscles need to shock in order to get real results. The alternation of light and heavy weights, intensity, phase, work and leisure — in this system is the key to the perfect body and so here we just tell you about it. Load legs today so that tomorrow it was difficult to walk, and the next day run the cross — the pain on the stairs will respond by reducing the waist, and improved circulation, promise you. And after a muscle shock calories in your body just burn, even if you lie on the couch.

  • Postural running

    The next time you go out for a run, try running not wag the upper part of the body, and attaching the force to feel the monolithic body. This simple trick will help to increase the load on the circulatory system and will automatically start emergency system fat burning. In addition, this cheat will help in the course of running to strengthen the abdominal muscles and back.

  • Interval approaches

    You may have heard the theory that if you remain at a stable level of intensity during the workout, your body goes into a preservation of fat immediately after a workout. You can avoid this with interval training – changing the level of intensity every few minutes. So, even after a workout you will burn calories at an enhanced pace for a few more hours.

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Extraordinary stories of ordinary things: a dryer for drying and styling hair

We gathered for you some interesting facts from the history of the dryer and tell you about how to choose a modern hair dryer
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gastro-tour: space food of the future

You’ve probably heard about the NASA experiment on the simulation of the annual flight to Mars over a group of 6 people, prisoners in a confined space somewhere on the slope of Mauna Loa. Of course, all the 365 days they will eat whatever is in the ordinary diet of the astronauts, that is not too varied. Among other observers, of course, interested in the impact of nutrition on the status of volunteers, because it will largely depend on the success of this flight to the Red planet. But things are changing and the food on Board space stations. Here are just 5 things that can happen or has already happened in this area recently. Not all astronauts are looking forward to, but only time will show how these ideas were wealthy.

  • Coffee cups for zero gravity

    Squeezing from a tube or drink through the mouthpiece — it’s a bit wrong when it comes to drinking in zero gravity something hotter or harder than regular water. The invention special Shota or space coffee cups seemed like a daunting process, but the end result was quite simple. Such a container only needs to have one side with a sharp Ulam edges, so that when you rollover it over the mouth of the capillary forces pushed the content is directed, not chaotically in space.

  • Whiskey in space

    According to the winemakers, the wine is properly aged, the wine cellar should be at least locked up tight. Jokes jokes, but that may be more difficult to obtain than a space station? It is perhaps for this reason, the Japanese brand Suntory recently sent into space a few copies of their product to study the effect of a weightless environment on the aging process of the drink. Similar experience in 2011 has already conducted Ardbeg distillery, and while the results to the public and is not shown, it is possible that somewhere already loaded the Shuttle with thousands of liters of drink that will launch to the moon in a couple of decades in order to sell the land for big money.

  • The calories in food. Seriously

    The University of Clamensane in the near future will have in all senses not sweet: on the one hand, NASA has allocated 200 thousand dollars on research, on the other — they will explore the possibility of recycling human waste into food for astronauts. We have no doubt that the science is now not difficult to make a candy out of this, but did NASA inspired second-best Thai movies, when he writes TK?

  • Space vegetables

    The lack of fresh from the garden vegetables for its astronauts, NASA soon plans to solve with the help of the space of the plantation. The new initiative is an Assembly stations greenhouses in which to grow anything, examining in parallel the features of the process of pollination of flowers in weightlessness. Sounds better than the prospect have something of your own waste, you will agree.

  • Brewer’s yeast from space

    The Ninkasi brewery from Oregon decided not to complicate the sending to the ISS of its product, and instead launched his own rocket with brewers yeast on Board. The latter has been in space for about 4 minutes and then safely descended in a capsule to Earth. Of course, one of them brewed beer, the party which were scattered at the price of $ 20 per bottle. How it became commercially profitable, still a big question, but the ad campaign turned out excellent. Of course, we are still far from Breweries in zero gravity, but perhaps this initiative will attract large investors and then to craft the drink directly into the ISS.

  • Rolls in zero gravity

    Actually the idea of some of earthlings that the astronauts still eat all of the tubes are outdated. They happen real party when sugarbabies crew members bring Goodies from the Ground. The same astronaut Soichi Noguchi and did at the time was the sushi-maker and made some kind of roll right on Board the space station. Was this dish, of course, only one sheet of nori and rice — apparently raw fish on Board under a taboo, and it looked like his one-armed blind the immigrant skewer.

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Fashion's Night Out 2015: after party guests of Vogue magazine at Denis Simachev Shop & Bar

As usual, the real fun happened behind the curtain Fashion’s Night’s Out on the Vogue magazine party at Denis Simachev Shop & Bar under DJ set Vitaly Kozak involving Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss, Victoria Davydova, Natalia Hendelberg, Elena Perminova, Eugenia Kalmanovich, Evelina khromtchenko and many others. Read More →

Breaking the rules

Lately every dog on the Internet, including me, knows what and what not to wear. Those who made sacred knowledge, in a hurry to share my own set of rules with others. And maybe, in some cases, it is not their own rules, and odd scraps of knowledge from the book “Housekeeping” of the sixty-fifth year of manufacture and performances of Evelina… Read More →