Baby socks for son and daughter

Buy wholesale socks through an online store incredibly justified – you can save your money, as prices differ significantly from store. This is due to the fact that the price does not includes the cost of renting retail space, salary retailers, utility charges Read More →

Gisele bündchen graced the cover of Vogue Paris

Supermodel Gisele bündchen starred in a photo shoot for the famous glossy Vogue Paris
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How to give a smile with a kit from Oral-B

Electric toothbrush Oral-B is not only professional care of your teeth and gums at home, but also a great gift for friends and family. Stylish design, impeccable quality and wide range of capabilities has made this the subject of hygiene in a stylish and trendy gadget. With the onset of the holidays comes buying gifts, and therefore the insane “races” marathons, which each time takes a lot of time and taken a lot of energy. Moreover, statistics show that 25% of gifts are not like your recipients, because you can find something not only useful, but original is not so easy. Young people, especially men, prefer to give and receive a gift of a different technique, older people will also be happy to modern devices, or even luxury items that I would love to have but never would buy themselves. As a rule, the closer a person is, the harder it is for us to choose a suitable gift. In the new festive season you can become a genius gift, indeed delighting their loved ones and helping them to take care of health. Oral-B global innovation leader in the field of care for the oral cavity, offers 12 gift sets, among which there are suitable for everyone, subject to any needs and opportunities. Several surveys have shown that an electric brush is not only confusing to the recipient of such a gift, but is really a welcome gift (details: So if you don’t know what to choose, here is what you need!


Take this set and not go wrong. Universal family complete with a baby brush in a fun design “Mickey mouse” and the latest development of the engineers Oral-B brush Oral-B GENIUS is not only professional dental care and oral hygiene for the whole family at home, but also a gift that will appeal to everyone. It has three distinct benefits: — donated to someone close to you, in the future it will help to significantly save the family budget is significantly different because only the initial price of the brushes themselves. Next, you will need to buy only interchangeable tips, the cost and frequency of replacement is comparable to a manual toothbrush. Due to its proven efficiency, security and technological superiority in the future, these toothbrushes will help save a huge amount of time, money and health, which is priceless;
— presentable design and the newest technologies turn the brush Oral-B GENIUS as a gift for all who conducts an active way of life, for fans of the original modern gadgets, as well as for those who pays special attention to health care or watching for the latest beauty innovations. They say that to please everyone is impossible, but not with Oral-B GENIUS! Oral-B GENIUS is the most innovative toothbrush available on the market today. Thanks to the Bluetooth module and detection zone cleaning, you are guaranteed to brush your teeth as advised by leading dentists the world;
— Oral-B Stages Power — the German development in the field of health care of children’s teeth. This brush with a fun design works in conjunction with the learning smartphone app for the Magic Timer, created with the assistance of Disney, and helps children to get used to brush teeth regularly and learn to do it correctly getting pleasure from the process. A fun game in the bathroom — a great surprise for kids teeth, healthy child is a precious gift to his parents. The sympathy of those and the other is guaranteed to you.
All adult models of electric toothbrushes Oral-B are equipped with innovative nozzle CrossAction, which is even better and gently cleans difficult to reach places thanks to the perfect angle of the bristles 16 degrees, covering each tooth, and adapting to its form. All toothbrushes are compatible with any other heads Oral-B that allows you to select the best option to care for the oral cavity according to individual needs. For the highest quality cleaning nozzle is recommended to be changed every three months, focusing on the condition of the wear indicator bristles.
We are preparing surprises for loved ones, trying to treat them to something special. But the most valuable is health. With this in mind, you can truly surprise your loved ones and help them to take care of health. Today you have the power to make a happy healthy smile shone on the faces of your favorite for many years! Read More →

Historical mysteries, a mystery which worries scientists

Some historical mysteries are likely to remain so forever. Scientists can make assumptions of any level of absurdity, but without material evidence (lost, destroyed, perished in the dark ages) they are so vague that to interpret them unambiguously impossible. But the lack of answers only makes these mysteries even more intriguing, right?

  • The map of Piri-Reis.

    Turkish Admiral and a big fan of cartography, Piri Reis. he created his map in 1513. Somehow he managed to portray her places that will be open only a century later. North Africa is shown with high accuracy, Brazil, South America, the Azores, and most importantly, Antarctica. Scientists can not provide any clear explanation of where the Turkish Navigator all knew it.

  • Roman dodecahedra

    Weapons? A candlestick? Children’s toy, or maybe a system of communication with an extraterrestrial civilization? God knows, scientists say, spitting with anger. The mystery of the Roman dodecahedron people devote the whole thesis, each time offering new insights about what can be this strange thing.

  • Pyramids in Antarctica

    Perhaps one of the most amazing archaeological discoveries of modern time. The first of them was opened British Antarctic expedition 1910, the other two were discovered much later. All three pyramids in Antarctica completely identical to those built by the Egyptians on the Board. In the current scientific paradigm assumes that a hundred million years ago Antarctica was covered with tropical forests — which means that there could exist a civilization of their own.

  • The Nazca Lines

    In the early twentieth century pilot archeological expedition accidentally saw ancient drawings on the Nazca plateau, Peru. Mysterious, made with a single line geoglyphs were created before in this area came the Incas. Who made them? How the ancient civilizations managed to complete the thirty-meter drawings with such clarity.

  • American Stonehenge

    In fact, archaeologists call the monument of another, the Tablets of Georgia. Installed strange monument in Elbert County, USA. On the surface of the stone slabs the same text, translated into English, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Entitled as “10 new commandments”, only no one has any idea where the monument and that it is, in fact, the commandments are.

  • The Monument To The Shepherd

    This sculpture is a real challenge for the strongest of minds of four generations — standing in one of the parks in Staffordshire, England. The inscription on the Monument to the Shepherd, built in the XVIII century, reads DOUOSVAVVM. What does it mean? Most likely, we’ll never know.

  • Tamam Shud

    In December 1948 an unidentified man was found dead on Somerton beach, located in Adelaide, Australia. In one of his pockets was found a piece of paper with the words “Tamam shud”. On the basis of “Rubaie” of Omar Khayyam, the crypto managed to decipher the inscription as “Finished”. But the person to identify and could not. If it was not him on Earth ever, if he had fallen from the sky.

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11 of the most unusual schools in the world

In our time, the innovations affect all spheres of human life including education. Modern educational institutions do not coincide with the generally accepted idea of the “classical school” – they use new technologies and develop unusual methods of teaching. And among the most innovative schools diversity reigns: one bet on an individual approach, others allow students to design their own curriculum. Gymnasium gender equality, iPads for fourth grade, the school, wandering from country to country – parents who want to send their children to charm school, there are plenty to choose from.

  • School Sierra Summit in Seattle, USA

    Leaders private school, Summit Sierra, opened in 2015, I believe a personalized approach is one of the most effective ways of learning. It uses the latest technology to give students the opportunity to independently lead their own learning. Every day, children devote 30 minutes reading, 30 minutes, solve mathematical problems, are online courses, talk to mentors about your career and life goals. Taking an active part in their education, children learn responsibility and confidence. Bill gates believes this approach is the education system of the future.

  • The Ørestad gymnasium in Copenhagen, Denmark

    The Ørestad gymnasium in which enrolled 358 people, is a huge glass cube. an open space should help children to communicate with each other and teach them to think creatively in different spheres of life. Pupils are actively involved in the learning process, they form working groups and temporary classes, headed sometimes by the teacher. “We want our students to conduct joint studies and worked together to solve real problems. It is not enough to give them knowledge, you must also teach them to apply this knowledge in practice,” say the leaders of the school.

  • Big Picture Learning, USA

    A special model of training in this school blurs the line between education and work. At the forefront are always predpochtenija students. Children from the very beginning of learning under the guidance of mentors — professionals from the area in which the students would ever work.

  • Egalia in Stockholm, Sweden

    Learning system in school Egalia is based on full equality between students. This should help to form a future society without any discrimination on religion, beliefs, age, sex, sexual orientation and disability. This approach is used by the teachers among themselves, in dealing with children and their parents. The school does not use pronouns “he” and “she,” children are called by name. So the students learn to judge each other based on actions, not in accordance with generally accepted stereotypes.

  • AltSchool in San Francisco, United States

    The model of education at AltSchool is fundamentally different about the traditional education system. Is not applicable standardized testing, and teach children to think flexibly – so it will be easier in the future to adapt to changes in the world. Students rabotaiut with 3D modeling and learning to solve real problems. Priority is social-emotional learning. The school has children from 4 to 14 years. The first AltSchool was opened in 2013 in San Francisco. Now operate branches in Brooklyn and Palo Alto. Will open in the future schools of this type across America.

  • Sra Pou Vocational School, Cambodia

    The school was designed by the Finnish architectural Agency. In the construction of the active involvement of the local community for which the institution was built. So that people can learn how to implement their ideas in life and gained practical experience in construction. Sra Pou Vocational School gives an opportunity for local residents and their children to gain independence. Instead of having to work in low-paying jobs, they can learn all about the prices of their goods and to sell them. When the building is not used as a school, it held a public meeting.

  • Steve Jobs School in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    School name Steve jobs all students from 4th to 12th grade receive for personal use the iPad, which already installed the application necessary to create an individual learning plan. Each child chooses goals and is its own program that every six weeks can be adjusted to the pupil, his parents or mentors (the word “teacher” is not in the course). Therefore, children are not required to adapt to a rigid system and can work at your own pace.

  • Brightworks School in San Francisco, United States

    At Brightworks School children are allowed to do all the things that generally prohibit the parents. Moreover, these prohibitions formed the curriculum. Here you can get dirty, play with fire, disassemble household appliances to pieces all in the same day. The school is located in a large warehouse, which built a makeshift fortress and theater and has everything you need to torjestvo. “The world needs people who like to create, not consume, who perceive difficulties as puzzles and have the creativity and tenacity to change the surrounding social and economic realities,” say the creators of the school.

  • Carpe Diem/Aiken, United States

    The space of the school resembles an office, not a classroom – 300 small offices with a computer and all neobhodimym for learning for each student. Therefore, children preparing for life after school. Carpe Diem students read three times more than their peers from other schools and four years in a row showed the best results in the overall testing in Arizona.

  • Blue School/new York, USA

    Creativity prevails in the school, which was founded the performance collective Blue Man Group. The spirit the founders brought to the process of learning his quirkiness and love of research. Within the curriculum children come up with ways to improve the processing of materials, create 3D models of new York, fixing home appliances. The system of “dynamic education” educates creating innovators and helps children of all ages to implement their ideas.

  • THINK Global School

    Despite the fact that the headquarters of the THINK Global School located in new York, the school has no walls as such. Students spend a semester in another country, studying natural science, local culture and literature. Fall 2014 students spent in Costa Rica, and in spring 2015 they sailed from island to island in the Ionian sea, immersed in ancient Greek philosophy, studied ancient art and literature. In each country, students also carry out charity projects and work in local communities. THINK Global School is an ideal variant school for parents who want their child to become a citizen of the world.

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Pro Dash: the world's first headphones translators

German company Bragi has introduced a revised model hit the Dash headphones: they can follow the health indicators of the user-controlled movements of the head and, most importantly, they are able to translate foreign speech.
On a single charge (of course, no wires from the Dash is not in sight), the gadget lives as much as five hours. The translation is carried out thanks to third-party service iTranslate, which was specially modified for Bragi. Of course, superhigh quality translation no one has yet said — imagine if you inserted in your ear something like Google Translate: a play will not write, but the other person will understand without problems.
Price Dash Pro is quite adequate for our market. For 329$ you will get not only the sound is very decent quality, but a personal translator. Read More →

How to care for graft eyelashes: tips and life hacks (VIDEO)

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10 historic photos that don't understand without explanation

That story is full of mysteries, did not tell only the lazy and those who never bothered white spots and innuendo in textbooks and literature. But even without going very far, you can find secrets in recent history, when in the service of humanity was already photographic technology. They have produced many illustrations of the most important events and absolutely awesome shots that without authoritative comment not understand. We have collected 10 of these photos and tried to understand what is happening to them.

  • Glasses of John Lennon after the murder

    Yoko Ono recently published this expensive, though painful for fans of the Beatles photo in his Twitter. That became with this accessory after the murder of a musician in 1980, up to this time nothing was known.

  • Lyndon Johnson behind the wheel of amphibious vehicle

    36th President of the United States of America loved to scare their guests, pretending to lose control of the vehicle and slides it down the hill straight into the lake. However, each time all ended well, and frightened, but happy that survived they came back to land on the car-amphibian.

  • Corporate Kukluxklan

    A real carnival of the ku Klux Klan was held in 1925 in Canon city, Colorado. Probably, it was really fun and comfortable in white robes and typical of this movement the hoods, but how creepy they look all together on the Ferris wheel.

  • Hitler before and after

    Despite the fact that the whole world knew, looks like Hitler, the US Secret service worked through the possible options for changing its appearance if Tom wants to hide out of sight. I think he would have been my dream all a little different.

  • Ronald McDonald sample 1963

    If the modern mascot of the famous fast-food chain brings to trembling of people suffering koulrofobiey (fear of clowns), the option of 1963 will definitely haunt them in nightmares. And family restaurant call themselves!

  • Women’s archery in the 1908

    How was popular with the audience women’s archery at the Olympics of 1908 in London, it is best to say the empty stands of the stadium.

  • The first test of the vest

    No matter how you conducted the tests without human intervention, sooner or later someone was the first to catch a bullet in the newly invented bullet-proof vest. This courageous gentleman was the first test. But the name of it until we somehow never came. Coincidence?

  • The first photograph of Abraham Lincoln

    Find out in this photo of the 16th President of the United States without his trademark beard and the cylinder is hard enough, but it looked at the age of 37 Abraham Lincoln during his first photo shoot in 1846.

  • Che Guevara and Fidel Castro

    For the benefit of the Cuban revolution in 1956, the year Guevara rebel and the tyrant Castro has not only worked, but occasionally rested together.

  • Elvis Presley in the army

    Perhaps the most unusual act Elvis Presley, who does not fit in the mind of contemporaries, became his voluntary leaving the army in 1958. Two years later, the famous singer became the most anticipated demobilization in America, and his career went steeply uphill.

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THUNDERX3 TGC40: test drive gaming chair

You need to evening “battle grid” to give maximum pleasure, except, of course, finding companions in the best playing shape? Many believe — and now the editors Trendymen tend to agree, what a comfortable gaming chair along with the hardware and skill is the third component of the fun in the game reality. This realization came after us for a test drive got a gaming chair THUNDERX3 TGC40 that among our editors, the place of battle is now bigger than in Battlefield.
Familiarity with it product company that is developing under the wing of well-known Taiwanese company Аerocool began with the Assembly. By the way, Аerocool is a major manufacturer of cases and power supplies for computers, what about the ergonomics of playing space they know something.
Quickly collecting chair TGC40 with instructions, a couple of tools, and even without such a mother, we not only got ready to use gaming place, but also a deeper understanding of how all this works.

High quality eco-friendly upholstery materials THUNDERX3 is a separate pride of the company. For ordinary consumers, this translates into a pleasant aroma of leather, which is not only pleasant to the touch, but breathes with your skin, not allowing the body to sweat even in the hottest moments of the game.
We calculated that at least a couple hours a day in a chair TGC40 and folding-expanding it each time, we will still fail even for a couple of years to get close to the factory test loads on the test samples. The fact is that before the departure of the party a solid metal frame one miserable seat on a special machine and subjected to 10-thousand spreading under load more than 120 pounds! And only if the test has been passed, the whole batch is sent to waiting gamers.
However, not only avid players of computer games can qualify for this “tron” — THUNDERX3 TGC40 with his style chairs luxury car can suit the taste of everyone. The adjustable back increased height and armrests, the chair can be to work and play with absolute comfort for hours. Feeling fatigue, you can fully lay chair and get it in a pose “Lotus” or “cuddles”, depending on the approaches desires to meditate or to sleep.
Pronounced lateral support of the back makes even routine office work is indistinguishable from trip in personal “Mercedes”!

Summing up, we can’t find any reason why the chair TGC40 in particular, and the range of THUNDERX3 in General could pass by your attention! Rare quality combined with stylish design, excellent materials and amazing ergonomics at an affordable price is something that should be home and in the office of everyone who is a long time in a sitting position! By the way, 15% discount on all products THUNDERX3 for the promotional code trendymen15 in the official store is another gift from the manufacturer anyone who is in search of a comfortable multipurpose chair. Read More →

Best friend's girl is..

Diamond is now difficult to surprise someone. Another thing — the enigmatic and mysterious tourmaline, which is available, is expensive, and sometimes estimated in amount of space. Yet until recently, this gemstone was mined in small quantities, brought from afar and was in stock Read More →