Original tattoo in a white shade very quickly gained popularity, both among girls and men. However, white tattoos are a bit different from the same tattoo-mehendi and classic tattoos, but very reminiscent of the wedding flash-tattoo.

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So, spectacular and refined white tattoos, surprisingly, are created using white paint. This version of the tattoo looks quite impressive, creating an illusion of scarring. Just a very neat illusion.

White tattoos look great on the arm or wrist, they are suitable for girls who like interesting ideas and experiments. However, you should remember that tattoos white paint can behave unpredictably.

It should be noted that the best white tattoo looks great on tanned skin or black people. It turns out the contrast with the white paint that creates a great and interesting effect.

Also, do not forget that over time, white paint can be “absorbed” into the skin (because it has a high absorptivity) and look like a real whitish scar.

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to do tattoos on exposed parts of the body. Under the action of the sun and other external factors, it can be very fast or turn pale or yellow.

Also, not every tattoo artist will be able to cope well with a white tattoo. Turn to the proven master who, if you have not worked with white paint, but has enough professionalism and it turns out a nightmare.

However, if you’ve been dreaming about the interesting tattoobut could not decide, then feel free to choose a white tattoo. It will look as natural as possible, will not be evident and it is always possible to “overlap”. The last such tattoos lend themselves much better than others.


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