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Leading stylists state that this fall the most important and basic part of the wardrobe of any woman will be a simple white shirt. This outfit has long ceased to be a member of the business closet, and accordingly, now, white shirt had been more universal and liberated in different variations. Combine the white shirt can be both with classic clothing in skirts and black pants, and with casual in jeans or shorts the original.

Fashion, fashion shows autumn-winter 2017-2018 show that a white shirt can be combined with leather shorts, skirts, Maxi, pleated skirts, culottes, jeans, classic costumes, and just the look of the dress – it’s hard to figure out what a white shirt does not fit. Trendy way for fall 2017 is the image of total white with a white oversize shirt. And for more severe images choose a white shirt without a collar.

White shirt for autumn not only emphasize your feminine and understated style but will go perfectly with tanned skin.

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