Waxing (or waxing) wax is a centuries-tested procedure for removal of unwanted hair on the body. It is suitable for both women and men is completely safe and relatively effective. However, despite the fact that humanity removes hair with wax is not one hundred years, we really know little about this procedure, which is overgrown with myths like Chubaca hair.

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The first thing you should know about waxing — it should not be incredibly painful, wax burning, and the irritation should go high on the next day. If at least one of these facts is not the same — run from this wizard farther than they can see. So to get the maximum result from the procedure, you need to grow hair not less than 5 mm, so that the master could “catch” and to make legs smooth-smooth. On average, smooth skin after hair removal wax is retained within the Crescent.

The pros and cons of waxing

Any hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, which means that it should be approached consciously. It also has a certain indications and contraindications.

So, the indications for waxing include:

  • Unwanted hair on various parts of the face and body;
  • Irritation and allergic reactions after shaving;
  • Dry and sensitive skin;
  • Hard hairs.

Regarding contraindications, waxing Lycon especially to absolutely safe and has almost no contraindications except for strong damages the skin. Also to the last days of pregnancy waxing Lycon is completely safe.

How to improve effective waxing?

Before the procedure waxing skin sprinkled with talc, but at the moment the most effective method is to apply before the procedure of special oil.

Should also understand that the additives should not be too hot and scorching. It is harmful for the skin and our feelings. The optimum temperature of the wax should be slightly higher than room. Hot wax is harmful to the skin increases the pain, the irritation leaves, and most hair removal does not affect.

In addition, it is believed that wax hair removal is much more effective and more hygienic than sugaring. This is due to the fact that the wax is applied one time, and sugaring goes on the body the same lump. Pasta still need to stretch the skin, which adds to the pain of epilation. And the pain is almost the same.

Also, it is important to remember that process and the period of regrowth of new hair depends on the quality of the wax or the wizard. The appearance of new hair depends solely on the individual. Of course, after several procedures of hair removal, the hair may grow less.

Test edition

Wosk salon in Kiev is the first salon hair removal that works on the exclusive, and most importantly, safe wax. Here, pleased not only creative and nice design of the interior, but also high professionalism of the masters.

Prior TO the procedure. Previously from unwanted hair I mercilessly got rid of using the epilator (and there are 40 tweezers 2 speeds, for a moment). The last two months, I decided that stress in my life enough without it, and switched to a gentle depilatory cream.

Of course, this “changing of the guard” I was disappointed because the hairs are light weight zakolosilis, bulbs, looks stronger and reminded me that I’m unnatural blonde. In General, the “growing Moon” every day.

Wanted to try wax, but the reviews came bleak. Dare to make up their minds and I was right!

Procedure. I go to the door threw out “white flag”: just try it, I can scream, if it hurts, then half a leg will suffice. The master was sympathetic to the warning into the air and began to disinfect his feet. Then he struck some sort of essential oil. This, I confess, I once reassured: oil moistened the foot and smelled great.

Interestingly, according to the master, applied the wax is unique in its property rests on the oil, because usually for coupling of wax with the skin, sprinkled her with talcum powder. A special tool on the master caused a thin layer of wax.

I expected the temperature on the verge of a burn, but no. Pleasant, a little warmer than room. According to the master, this is also the uniqueness of the used wax, because it can be used with such a comfortable body temperature.

As I later realized, the whole focus of the procedure in the capacity of wax: according to the master, he brought from Australia, salon certified, and specially trained to work with it!

But back to the feet after applying the wax, the artist has glued to it a strip and sharply torn off. I felt a slight tingling sensation. Twice I said, all this pain, and when he learned that the patient at this stage will not be just relaxed and chatted with the master. The whole procedure took a maximum of 40 minutes.

After the wax master put on feet special gel that will dissolve wax residues and moisturize the skin.

AFTER the procedure. On the feet it was a slight irritation in the form of red dots is exactly the same as after the epilator. That is, once in a skirt I wouldn’t have gone, but, certainly, the manifestation of sensitivity at all different, so consider the feature. I knew already in the morning after epilator no trace — what happened this time. That is, the reaction is similar, most likely due to the fact that the mechanics are the same: pulled hairs with a bulb. By the way, they should slightly grow: from 2 mm.

How quickly they will grow back after the procedure? “It depends on the growth stage of your hair” — so explained to me by the master. The fact that someone is now growing in the sleeping stage, someone in the active. Therefore, the same women after the visit today will grow quickly, and after a visit in a month – long. Or Vice versa. As for me, it’s been a week and legs smooth! Highly recommend to all and have made your must do of the month!

I’m not new to the “industry” of hair removal. A large amount of hair on the head is still friendship with the wax, from early childhood to the grave. Therefore, the relationship with the hair removal we have stronger and more painful than with the former.

Regarding the waxing, the standard algorithm “to drink before the procedure, a few pills of analgin and scream in the office of the master, as the victim” was brought to automatism. And how wonderful that this time the algorithm was broken.

Tested arm waxing — the skin is tender, close the bone and soft tissue, so to do any other hair removal is quite difficult and painful. I thought it was.

The first thing that attracted attention. As a man, susceptible to all the beautiful, instead of hysterics about future treatments, raised his head and looked at the disney princesses. Bravo to the interior designers for making such a great course!

Procedure. First there was the disinfection, after natural oil that smelled incredibly nice. It was supposed to prepare the skin for wax. Moisturizing before waxing fairly important aspect — it prevents future irritation and even ingrown hair problem. In fact, for dry skin, the hairs grow far more active than hydrated. And to epilate it more difficult.

On — wax. That he is special can be seen immediately. These are cute colorful jars with sweet-smelling substance. My wax smelled vanilla, which was a very nice bonus (hands then, too, smelled like vanilla). When the master caused a layer of wax on hand, I’m already mentally cringed, clenched his teeth and prepared to restrain the outbursts of screaming and emotion. And what was the disappointment, that even the third part of the expected pain did not visit my mortal body!

The procedure went very quickly. About 30 minutes of the Transfiguration and pleasant conversations with a master on the subject, and no subject, pens acquired a human form and became incredibly smooth.

The latter is not surprising, because the skin twice treated with oils. And most importantly, it smells nice, and irritation in the form of red points to the evening is already gone.

By the way, the master warned that to preserve the effect of the wet skin to run-jump and go to the Solarium in a future day is not desirable.

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