This year actually I was not a good birthday. On this day we buried a close friend. And as luck would have piled three million small household Affairs. And in your birthday I am going on the Dnieper Embankment, view of boats on the water and think: that would now be somewhere to move. Below on the yacht, and massage done and relax, and not think at least a couple days about anything bad.

You know, it’s some kind of magic, but the next morning I Wake up and the first thing I see personal messages offering to go out of town to interesting and not the traditional eco-tour. In General, forty minutes later I was sitting in the car the main fairies of the Ukrainian tourism — Lala Tarapacana and singing Monetise we raced to the village Red, a restaurant and a naturalist is.

It is with the story about the naturalist is and start. Because, probably, without this magical place created by Tanya Hutzwould not have been such a magical tour. Naturalist is a whole ecosystem, was successfully inscribed in an ordinary Ukrainian village. Green tourism, at the same time completely comfortable. First, there are very nice. I don’t know of any options chosen the location for this hotel, but I can say that it has paid off. Lake, forest, fields, animals. Clean air. Very beautiful, inspiring and… cleaning. Yes, even despite the fact that I live in a private house near the forest, the complete remoteness from city life — good for clearing the mind.

Second, in Naturaliste very tasty. I do not see how can be so delicious and familiar dishes. Of course, the fact is that almost everything that is served at a local restaurant is grown right there on the farm.

And for the very greedy who want more than just a three-day burst of delicious natural products you can go to the local shop and buy all these delicacies with you. I especially loved the yogurt here is incredible. I’ve been doing yogurt at home, but so cool I somehow don’t succeed.

But in the end, we arrived at the naturalist is not just food. Retreat bachelorette party #Vmstatus from Eco4rest and the main fairies Zhanna Kapitsa has hosted the program, which would have sufficed for a week. Very tight and rich. For everything.
For beauty: we did massages and beauty treatments for the face. Calm and very quick recovery.

Health: Jogging, wholesome granola, dance workout around the campfire.

For magic and inspiration: we collected wild flowers, wove Kupala wreaths and made a wish that I believe must come true.

For the mind: we listened to a wonderful lecture Galyna Annenkova-Hook. About it I will tell you separately. This is a wonderful lecturer, and even if I don’t always agree with her in some moments, is a pleasure to listen to it: enjoy it, deep knowledge and interesting stories.

For relaxation: just the opportunity to relax in a hammock by the lake and listen to the birds.

And yet for the soul: just pleasant communication with each other and gatherings until morning in a pleasant female company.

The next round is coming soon: from July 14 to 16. Highly recommend. It is a small loss of everyday life in a separate ecosystem, which gives the feeling of a reboot, gives inspiration and strength for new achievements. It’s definitely a lot of pleasant new acquaintances and discoveries.
To register for the new round here: the Retreat-slumber party #vmstatus

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