Stylish haircutsthat are designed to reset the number in the passport and to deceive others perform several functions at once: refreshing the image, help to hide flaws in the appearance, look cool. Also, these haircuts allow you to make interesting stylingthat will look both bold and interesting, which does not allow to determine the age of the hostess.

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When we talk about “molodshih haircuts”, then it is important to avoid the haircuts and hairstyles that are static. Perfectly ironed and styled hairstyles not only comfortable in real life, but also accentuate any flaws in the appearance, which can indicate “excess age” and add the. Therefore, choosing a haircut with a desire to hide the age, pay attention to the lush and outdoor stylingthat will not “stick” person.


Pixie haircut is one of the best options for haircuts, when it comes to “rejuvenating the hair.” She is daring, interesting, able to highlight the winning features of the face and to divert attention from the shortcomings. A great example of a pixie haircut — example Sharon stone. The actress looks incredibly cool with that hair.

In the collage above, you can see how a short haircut gives it keira Knightley easier and youth, which in itself, relieve a couple of years. A master in her case, by contrast, weights the image and highlights the shortcomings.


The Bob haircut is the favorite in all categories and one of the winners among the category “Molodaia hairstyles”. Short hair Bob looks presentable, looks great, adds some bling and makes the age uncertain. Example of editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Vitur the most significant.

An important role is also played by the color of the hair. On pictures with dark hair (collage above) actress Jennifer Lawrence a few years younger, but static hair and dark hair color adds visual age.

To make the Bob look more interesting, you can do a graduated Bob — this haircut and will dilute your image and lose a couple of years.


Haircut cascade is another good option as molodtsa hairstyles. It meets all of the requirements we talked about above. This short haircut is not static, gives hair lightness and casualness, creating a young image. It is comfortable to use and does not require daily styling. Thanks to its three-dimensional shape, the cascade does not emphasize the flaws and just looks great.

So, in the collage above you can compare the looks of Kim Kardashian haircut cascade and static Hollywood styling. Styling not only differ in its texture, but also mood. Youth cascade emphasized facial features Kardashian and static styling, though, and couldn’t get a better appearance (just no), but significantly increased age.

Asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetrical haircut is suitable for women of all ages. The contrast of length, asymmetrical haircut greatly refreshes the image, making it more playful and girlish. Only if it’s done correctly the asymmetry very well “texture”. Otherwise the haircut will look like your master sneezed while working.

In the collage above also can be seen as asymmetric caret greatly refreshes the image and resets a few years, in that time, as heavy static curls and dark hair accentuate all the flaws and “old”.

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