A former male model , Cuando tan from Singapore is now engaged in photography. In 50 years, his face virtually untouched by wrinkles, and the body is under a 20-year-old pitching. Thane has over 300 thousand followers on Instagram, where he often exhibits his selfie. The photographer says that his appearance, he is obliged to exercise in the gym and chicken Hainanese. Somehow it all just… something’s wrong here.

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Чуандо тан Masako Mizutani (age 49) масако Masako is originally from Japan. In my 49 years, she does not look older than his 25-year-old daughter. Masako has been blogging about beauty, which shares the secrets of youth and advertises beauty products.


Daily Masako spends on the maintenance of his youth up to 5 hours. Its required action: massage a bone comb, cosmetology and expensive creams. Important points in its program this 8-hour sleep, lots of water and only healthy food. Beauty blogger wakes up daily at 5 am and proceeds to cosmetic procedures.

Luge NSOs (41)

Луже Нсу

Youthful appearance Luge the NSO lets give her more than 20 years. She lives in Taiwan and works as an interior designer. The woman says that the secret of beauty in a vegetable diet and plenty of water consumption. Her sisters also look much younger than their passport data. Perhaps it’s genetics.

Луже Нсу с сестрами

Of course, such a youthful appearance at 42-year-old woman draws on her account a lot of curious users. Now she has more than 480 thousand subscribers.

Rice Hiroko (46)

Риса Хирако

Japanese blogger and model Rice Hiroko became known in 2016, when I started to upload their photos in Instagram. Rice, in her 46 years, will not give more than 25 years, so it’s fresh and young. Her appearance made users of Instagram to doubt the sincerity of the blogger. Decided that throwing me for 20 years, she wants to attract more subscribers. But doubts vanished as soon as Rice posted a photo of his passport, where is the date 14 Feb 1971.

Риса Хирако

Despite his 46, Rice has been invited to the shooting. Most often it advertises model swimwear and underwear.
And the most interesting: the secret of her youth. And again, it’s simple! It is only eating organic and using natural cosmetics. Rice said that her favorite product is the almond milk, honey and banana puree.

Liu Satin (61)

Лю Саоцин2

Chinese actress, at 60, looks 35, despite the fact that her life cannot be called peaceful and calm. The woman iron a business lady, who created a strong company, it was 4 times for her husband and all spent a year in prison for tax evasion. According to Liu Saiing, her youth is proper diet and daily skin care.

Apasra Hongsakula (70 years)

Апасра Хонгсакула

At 18 years of age Apasra Hongsakula from Thailand became Miss Universe — it was 1965. And after 52 years, her appearance seems to be only slightly changed. Time it seemed had not been touched.

Апасра Хонгсакула

In 2014, around posted a photo of 67-year-old Apasra sparked controversy. Therefore, the control of the star made a statement that Apasra didn’t do any plastic surgery. All that changed in a model is her hair straightened.

Liu Elin (age 49)

Лю Елин

Who do you think in pictures? No, it is not the children of Liu Elin, that she personally, in the arms of his son. 49-year-old woman had already retired. She worked 30 years for the posts of librarian and now has gone into retirement.

Лю Елин

People often are shocked when they learn that I’m almost 50. Whenever I go to stores and tell people your real age, they often surround me, and I want to know my secrets

Liu Elin to share what makeup she uses, give priority to regular physical workouts.

Candy Lo (52)

Кэнди Ло

Model from China. At home it is called “the woman who cheated time”. In the 52 years she advertises clothes for girls and swimwear.

Кэнди Ло

From candy Lo three children. The secret of youth she calls smaller meals, avoiding harmful habits, jewelry( according to Chinese beliefs, the gems have the ability to positively influence the body) and good genes.

Whatever it was, but compatriots say, that candy has not once used the services of a plastic surgeon.

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