For two weeks in my browser tabs open strange news that I want to discuss with readers of his blog: “a Simple teacher of English of Vinnytsia school bought branded bag for 10 600 hryvnias on credit.”
люксовая статусная сумка в кредит

In this story, so many meanings that I don’t even know which side to approach. Probably will start with the most personal — not the woman confessed to her husband how much expensive purchase. This is such an interesting tradition in our house, lying to her husband about how much you spend. I remember when I was a student, moonlighting as an administrator at the beauty salon. And there is one girl beautician brought to sell the jacket that her mom gave, but Kurt didn’t fit well. I wanted this jacket to buy. And then I fell conflicting advice older ladies:
— If the husband is against the purchase, you give him a cheaper price, and the difference then will report as wages.
Husband on the contrary I must say that the jacket is more expensive. And the difference — keep on the expenses.
— If the husband is opposed in principle to buy new things, you just put the jacket in the closet in silence. But as it until the fall comes to wear it — I would say that you have it for a long time already lies. He doesn’t remember all your stuff?

In General, the idea of lying to her husband, deceit do the family bookkeeping and generally out — she is very much supported in our society. Moreover, often supported by men, too. I somewhere already wrote that like the idea of the traditional device family (“husband is head, wife is a neck” and other wisdom about feminine wiles and wisdom) they come from the fact that traditionally, a woman married to an unfamiliar man, who cared for her well-being, and sometimes he did and could be hostile towards her. (if, for example, his parents married). It is clear that in such conditions it was necessary to put a lot of effort to survive and more or less normal circumstances, grown offspring. But it turns out that today, when we choose our own partners and are free to live with them when we make money, when they themselves manage the finances, property and destiny — the idea of a double family accounts, the idea of the need of family deception — still very popular. Moreover, older women promote these ideas, the younger only with good intentions.
люксовая статусная сумка в кредит

The second aspect, which is certainly very important is the idea of a status thing, and things are investments. From year to year glossy magazines and other stylistically-educational resources promoting readers the idea of status consumption. (here and further are illustrations of screenshots of the actual articles). If not clothing, accessories for sure. How many times have I heard and read about what bag defines women’s status, its style and General “its price”.

I don’t know to be honest, that means most people, when talking about the status. Especially in terms of handbags and other accessories. I personally often wear a very cheap bags made by local craftsmen or bags from inexpensive stores. I love it when my bags a lot, I can often change, and if something goes bad — I do not much this fact upsets. Yes, I can buy any model in the more expensive segment, but hardly I would think that this bag will improve my status in the eyes of others. But even with buying expensive bags, I will try to stay within your budget. Bag credit, as well, and any consumer credit, it seems to me the most foolish financial thing possible to imagine. And to testify this bag (and many other credit “status toy”) will not on the status, and financial illiteracy.

Moreover, when we speak of the upper level luxury brands, often referred to in the context of the fact that such purchase is an investment. That will buy you a crocodile Birkin in a rare color, put in the cupboard, and in ten years sell three times more expensive.
люксовая статусная сумка в кредит

Maybe crocodile Birkin, it usually works. Not sure to be honest, I have not grown to such level the cost of bags. But what scares me is that it is currently ordinary women perceive such advice as a guide to action, but adjusted for your budget. And buying the most expensive handbag, which only can afford it. But the real value of these bags is low, with the years they become obsolete, and is not expensive. I’m not talking about the fact that if this is the only luxury bag that a woman carries and in the feast and in the world, travels with her in public transport (and there she not only wiped at the flea market, but also to cut can) — bag and come into disrepair faster than it was expected.

Of course, in the case of the heroine of the article, which began to pass the bag to the rental, just to say that it is an investment. It remains only to find a sufficient number of clients for this business. However, I think, in our country, where so often it is important to “seem” and not “to be”, this problem should not arise.

The bag that I bought Vinnytsia teacher, worth six of her wages. And in this respect it would be interesting to discuss our historical experience, a legacy of the Soviet time. The same experience, because of which the idea of buying things with price greater than your income, does not seem absurd. Years total deficit, the concept of “firm”, “threw”, “fartsa” — brought the society to the fact that there are things for which it’s OK to overpay. Because in society there is a demand and willingness to pay the price. The amount claimed by the society of goods was so small, these items were so tight that the marginal utility of these goods is not decreased practically for a long time. That certainly had an impact on price. Therefore, in order to buy “Firmovy” jeans for 200 rubles, even if your salary was only 150. The price of most coveted objects were very high in comparison with salaries. But the number of these things was small. And worn such things for years, if not decades. When I was in the late nineties went to the tenth grade, I found a home in the Cabinet of Yugoslav boots that once was my mother and which was postponed with the idea that there will come a time and such a good imported shoes will undoubtedly serve me well.

In General, the time and the trends kept much longer, so this approach was considered quite in order. Today, in the era of fast fashion, when the trends change every season, to pay such large amounts of money for things — does not make sense. Can often happen is that these things just do not have time to “work off” the price.

I for myself stick to the formula “price per output”. When I plan to buy a thing, I estimate how often I’m going to wear it. And how much approximately it will cost for every output in this thing. For example, evening shoes for a hundred dollars that I wear three times a year is about $ 33 per output. And the good sandals or sandals that cost $ 100, I will wear at least all summer. Not every day, but not less than twenty times wear likely. In the end, the price for one is only $ 5. Such calculations, I use for buying things when you are assessing whether to pay for a particular thing stated price.

Well, the last thing I would like to mention — low price bags, I bought the teacher. Official website Louis Vuitton bottom bag starts from $ 900. Stated in the same article, ten thousand is a little less than five hundred. I would like to believe that the woman just found a used copy in good condition. (and what a copy costs less than a new bag today, already clearly suggests that this item does not work as an investment or an investment). But alas, we cannot exclude the possibility that this is just a copy of very good quality. Wanting to buy an expensive, high-status thing women are accustomed to shopping in a slightly lower segment does not have expertise in assessing the originality of such things in quality assessment. And it is actively used by those who propose to buy a dream cheap…
люксовая статусная сумка в кредит

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