What do you think, what’s stopping you lose those extra pounds? Laziness, lack or insufficient amount of physical activity, poor diet.

You will be surprised, is the desire in whatever was to follow the commandments of proper nutrition, it actually slows down the process of weight reduction. The fact that until recently was considered an enemy figure, and was banned, are now allowed!

So, today you have the right to:

Eat after 18: 00

Заповеди правильного питания, которые мешают худеть

Modern women are very busy, so only a few of the fair sex have until that time to come home, cook dinner for yourself and your family.

If your dinner 3 hours before sleep, you can be calm for your figure. For dinner it is best to eat light meals rich in protein: fish stews, cottage cheese and yogurt, baked meat with a side dish of vegetables. The main thing to avoid sweet fruit and drinks – they contribute to the incitement of appetite, provoke overeating and promote fat deposition on the hips in the evening.

There in front of the TV

Заповеди правильного питания, которые мешают худеть

The importance is on what kind of mood you eat. If all the chores are done, you are not in a hurry and plan to enjoy a plate of vegetable salad, there is nothing wrong with what you’re watching your favorite TV show.

In this case, you fulfill the main condition – eat with pleasure and in a quiet environment, no you are not distracting and do not hurry. You only need to control the size of portions and amount of calories (by the way, if you want to lose weight, calorie daily diet should not be less than 1200 kcal).

There are three times a day

Заповеди правильного питания, которые мешают худеть

You can eat three times a day and lose weight. You can eat six times a day, and get better. The fact is that sometimes many snacks can be a direct way to overeating.

It’s all in the foods you eat. At each meal include complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, vegetables) and proteins (legumes, fish, poultry), and you do not need to snacking and stress-eating sweets.

Eat fatty foods

Заповеди правильного питания, которые мешают худеть

Fats vital to the body for its proper functioning. In addition, proven that the lack of fat leads to excess weight. The main thing that it was the “right” fats – omega 3 (contained in linseed oil) and omega-6 (contained in sunflower and corn oils).

Add oil in a food in its natural (unprocessed form) daily in small numbers, and the weight loss process will go faster.

It is reasonable to exclude from the diet TRANS-fats are found in margarine and fast food.

There are desserts

Заповеди правильного питания, которые мешают худеть

The main fear and constant stress of most ladies losing weight is to stop eating sweets. In fact, nothing terrible will happen if you eat Breakfast on a small piece of the pie.

Metabolism in the morning is the fastest, and if not to get carried away, harm the figure will not, and you will be able to accept the fact that lunch and dinner will only eat healthy food because their portion of the sweet you have already received.

To go to parties

Заповеди правильного питания, которые мешают худеть

Partying, nightlife, alcohol and high-calorie food to nullify the results of the weekly workouts and diet. And this is the truth, if you go to a party unprepared.

Take the small plate, don’t eat the bread on a side dish to meat, order vegetables, skip dessert or replace it with fruit. Alcohol – the enemy of a slender figure. It slows down the process of burning fat, stimulates the appetite, weakens the will power.

If it is impossible to completely give up alcohol, choose a dry white wine, alternate a glass of wine with a glass of water. Instead of sitting at the table, move more. Dancing – wonderful exercise.

Agree that such indulgences to lose weight will become much easier and more pleasant.

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