I often think about the style not in terms of “what skirt to wear with this shirt”, but in terms of — what makes some people stylish at the time, as others don’t, although they try and sometimes even wear all the same. As a result of such consideration, I to answers concrete did not come, but made a few vital situations in which a conventional heroine looks stylish or not. And Yes, it’s not always only about the clothes.

For example, let’s take the beach. And not fashionable beach resort with a bar and a swimming pool. And this is quite a common beach in the city, where the sand, some shrubs, giving shade, water and people around.
что делает людей стильными

Situation one: Girl comes to the beach in shorts and t-shirt. And looks at the same time — well, as usual, look great in shorts and t-shirt most people. Someone better, someone worse. Depending on the shape and appearance. But overall about the same — “I wore a tank top and shorts to go to the beach.”

Situation two: a Girl comes to the beach in t-shirt and shorts. And looks while a)cool, b)stylish. Because she even “expendable” t-shirt and shorts to sit around the campfire, which look cool and stylish. Behind the scenes there is much to this effort. For some it just happens by itself they choose the right things, do not hesitate to combine them and get a cool way, almost not making this effort (special lucky women manage it all and more cheaply to do). Some have to carefully evaluate and compare things when buying, consider the combinations. but in the end they also look cool.

Third situation: a Girl goes to the beach, but wants to look cool. But alas, she can only look cool in a dress, like a cocktail, and in sandals with heels. It’s the way she dresses. Ten times stumbles until it comes to the beach. More begins to curse everything when it comes. And in the end, gently sitting on the rug, because the dress is particularly freely does not feel afraid of him and mash\break\stain. This, of course, an exaggerated way, but I call this “dressed up”. The problem is not that girl in a dress on the beach. The problem is that it is specifically trying to create elegance, but it doesn’t feel this elegance freely and organically. So some are deliberately trying to create a style, putting on some underground stuff, but don’t feel them normally. Generally, any “artificiality” is from antistyle in my view. And the artificiality is I’m not about artificiality. The drag Queen may very harmonious feel to the wig Monroe. Affectation is when the layers of the image (clothes, makeup) are not part of your personality, and rejected it.

Situation four: the girl was somewhere where you need a dress and stilettos, but then friends invited her to the beach, and she doesn’t have time to change. And she comes to the beach, takes the shoes off and goes barefoot. Not afraid to scratch or stain the dress, and it lies directly on the sand. Manages directly under the dress to dress a swimsuit and generally having a great time, not much thinking about what she’s wearing and how she looks. In fact, in my experience these girls often also look stylish and cool. In whatever they were and whatever they were doing. I saw the girls in designer dresses climbed over the fence. I saw the girls in jeans was at a diplomatic reception and looked more appropriate than ladies in costumes. It’s probably because their style primarily comes from inner freedom and confidence.

This post is just observations that I would like to discuss. We all want to look stylish. In most cases, all look “just as is”. It’s not bad. Some are beginning to make efforts to their appearance — and it turns out the second option. The question of “whether the elapsed time resources and the results obtained” should be considered in each individual case. Worse, when time and resources are spent, and the result is as in the third embodiment with inappropriate evening gown. And to be the girl from the fourth situation — probably, it is necessary to begin not with the clothes.

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