Choose the nail shape is based on how the look of your “home” fingernails and what you can afford. The length and thickness of fingers, the lifestyle, the maximum length, which is capable of your nails — everything matters.

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Of course, choose your favorite nail shape, you can resort to this procedure as the nail, but it still doesn’t excuse you from choosing. So what is the shape of the nails should I choose?


Shape the nails with a gloomy title “coffins” is now at its peak. In trends it was erected girls of the family the Kardashians, especially Kylie Jenner. The fact that this trend has caught on is pretty weird but not as weird as the whole phenomenon of the above-mentioned family.

If you are alien to manual labor — you can try this creative manicure together with equally creative nail shape.


Oval nail shape is as old as the world. But now the oval came not only in trends, but acquired new forms. Loose the bevel on the edge of the nail — easy oval shape looks great on any nails, and especially, on wide.


The square shape of nails is always in trends. It’s fashionable and practical form that is suitable for all and allows you to achieve a neat manicure looks particularly good on the geometric manicure. As they say, is both practical and stylish.


Nails-stilettos are back in trends since the crazy 90s. Long with a sharpened edge, they are very fond nodoby nail Polish. This manicure looks quite boldly, but nevertheless, stylish.

Soft square

Form soft square collected all the best from the classic square and oval nail shapes. This is one of the most important forms for manicure medium length. Perfect dark manicure.


Almond-shaped nails, as you may have guessed, exactly takes the form of almond. These nails looks perfect with dark nail Polish. For example, you can make almond-shaped nail art and blue manicure.


Pointed nail shape focuses on the center of the nail. A new and interesting shape, you can wear it only in the case where you have a strong durable nails.


The round shape of nails is not asking very round shape, but requires the presence of free edge to your nail was a clear circle. Fits all and loves dark manicure.


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