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Brand Christina Fitzgerald came up with an alternative to abrasive exfoliation is the waterless scrub with seaweed extract, which cleanses, tones, refreshes the skin and ideal for the entire body.

July 28

Inspired by the myth of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, born of sea foam, brand Christina Fitzgerald began to search for the secret of her beauty on the seabed. Extracted from seaweed alpha-hydrocyclone in the new scrub Sensations deeply moisturize the skin, microcapsule vitamin E exfoliate it, pintowin prevents loss of moisture, and the vitamins A, B and C is responsible for the rejuvenation and renewal of cells.

Waterless scrub with sea kelp extract, 2600 rubles, Christina Fitzgerald

Scrub can not wash off, it saves time during a manicure and pedicure (new product can be used for the body). After 1-2 minutes after applying the product for you can wipe clean with a dry towel. Thanks to the fine exfoliating particles and special composition, it cleanses, tones and refreshes the skin even in such a short time.

Holders of normal skin brand advises to use a scrub together with serum with sea kelp extract and a cooling lotion or day cream and for those who have dry skin with collagen serum and day cream.

Waterless scrub with sea kelp extract Christina Fitzgerald can be purchased at the corner of the brand in the Department store, Articoli Articoli Gum and in the shopping center “Viasna”.

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