Спасайся: как восстановить волосы после осветления (+ВИДЕО)

Lightening hair — dramatic and quite traumatic for hair treatment. Lightening helps to quickly change the color of your hair and change image, but after such a transformation your hair is unlikely to thank you. So if the lightening didn’t work, let’s restore hair after bleaching.

After too hard lighten hair, your strands will certainly acquire the desired shade, but they can be too dry, lifeless, difficult to comb. It seems that the only solution is to cut off all the roots and forget the idea of lightness. But there is a solution!

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After lightening hair, strands can be restored — using hair masks and other useful manipulations.

Hair masks

So, in the first place should pay attention to the above-mentioned masks for hair — they help to quickly restore hair to nourish them with useful items, moisturize and save.

Egg hair mask with honey

Egg mask with honey will help to saturate the hair with nutrients for a short period to lead them into shape.

To prepare this mask you will need one egg and a spoon of honey. After, separate the yolk from the white, yellow whisk together honey and actively apply it on the hair. Cover your hair with a bag and towel, and hold for 20 minutes and wash off. Repeat 3 times a week to strengthen the result.

A mixture of oils

The mask alone oils can quickly save even the dead and dry hair. You will need almond oil, burdock oil, castor oil and coconut does not hurt. Combine these ingredients and heat them in a water bath. Apply on hair, cover with bag and towel. Can hold this composition all night on the hair. And then wash your hair.

What else is worth doing

In addition to the masks, should pay attention to other warnings, useful actions and habits.

  • You should use balms for hair restoration — apply them during the hair wash. They will help to maintain hydration of the hair.
  • Get salon treatment for hair — hair lamination, for example, will never be superfluous.
  • Don’t use Curling irons, flat irons and very active hair dryers. Such gadgets will only aggravate the already deplorable situation.
  • Not much delay your hair in a towel after washing your hair. And hold him on the head did not last long — a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Sushi, the hair is not fully.
  • Raschityvaya soft and high quality brush. You can use wood. This is important.
  • Several times a week, apply hair oil — suitable olive oil or coconut oil. It will not hurt even burdock oil.


Also watch instructional videos that detail will show and tell how to restore hair after bleaching.

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