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Редакция тестирует: помады Gosh Velvet Touch MattI used a red matte lipstick GOSH Velvet Touch Matt in shade No. 21, Fidelity. Gorgeous, but very neutral red color, nothing more. Thanks to long-lasting matte finish and lack of sensation tightened lips will be a good alternative sung WT, but three times the budget.

My lipstick stayed almost until the end of the day, but after a meal must be painted, of course.


матовые помады Gosh Velvet Touch Matt отзывы

1. GOSH Velvet Touch 021 Fidelity; 2. GOSH Velvet Touch 020 Pleasure; GOSH Velvet Touch 019 Angel.

Редакция тестирует: помады Gosh Velvet Touch MattMatte lipstick is my personal favorite. I love them for their durability, rich shades and easy to use. However, most matte lipsticks has one big disadvantage — they tend to dry up lips and to bring discomort.

Matte lipstick from GOSH pleasantly surprised in the first place, the fact that it not only does not dry the lips but also moisturizes them. The lipstick is quite persistent, and therefore “guilty” marks on the cups will not. Speaking of boring numbers. safely lasts up to 6 hours and only after lots of licking of the lips, several cups of coffee and a couple of meals worth to tint the lips.

Despite the fact that I chose a light pink shade of lipstick, the color is very active and intense. It was a pleasant surprise because it is very difficult to find a rich pink Matt lipstick that will stand.

Редакция тестирует: помады Gosh Velvet Touch MattI don’t like the bright color on the lips, so delicate pink-peach shade Angel — what I need for each day. It is unlikely that this shade will suit those who want to get a clearly defined “sculptured” lips. Even with a pencil lipstick creates a natural effect, watercolor lips — it looks good in tandem with peachy-pink blush and a light tan or, on the contrary, a porcelain “doll” skin. In General, the title is fully justified — the angelic form provided to you.

A matte lipstick that lasts a long time — before meal, but then on my lips is a light pigment. From GOSH Velvet Touch Matt 019 Angel a nice buttery texture, so the stick falls easily, not felt during the “socks”, does not dry the skin.

Редакция тестирует: помады Gosh Velvet Touch MattA few years for some reason I never used the lipsticks. In my purse were somewhat hygienic lipsticks in different shades and matte glitter deep red color. So when we were given to test the lipstick GOSH, I didn’t expect something special.

But that all changed after the first application. I remember on the course of foreign literature read about intuitivity memory. And here IT happened to me. Already the first coat of lipstick, her chocolate taste and color literally carried me during the school youth, and I was a huge fan of lipsticks, and even in that color. The head swept the coolest memories.

But if no lyrics, matte lipstick GOSH stays on the lips for very long, does not roll, has a nice texture. It can be used without a pencil, so perfectly emphasizes the contours of the lips and does not spread. Fashion matte tone now in trend, so it is a musthave for every girl. The color palette is pleasing. Recommend!

Редакция тестирует: помады Gosh Velvet Touch MattOften faced with the problem not of the highest quality matte lipsticks, which are usually the main accent for everyday wear. But, try GOSH products, I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of the lipstick. Also, an important role was played by the fact that the tone of lipstick on 100% of the palette, which you can find on the Internet. Now I have a great way to diversify the usual makeup, adding bright summer accent.

Lipstick withstood the test of party without requiring touch-UPS more often than every three hours. The color fades gradually and organically, without creating discomfort due to sharp differences.

матовые помады Gosh Velvet Touch Matt отзывы

4. GOSH Velvet Touch 022 Orchid; 5. GOSH Velvet Touch 013 Cinnamon; 6. GOSH Velvet Touch 023 Chestnut.

Редакция тестирует: помады Gosh Velvet Touch MattI love this lipstick because it absolutely is not felt on the lips — painted and forgotten. The lipstick is creamy, soft texture that fits well on the lips, not pulling them together. Personally, I lipstick does not dry lips — this is probably the merit of hyaluronic acid in the composition, or habit to apply lip balm 5-10 minutes before the lipstick.

After the first application of lipstick lasts 3-4 hours, then fades off evenly. Lunch she might not survive, you will need to update. During the tea party on the mug will leave a mark. Color: vivid fuchsia, which is the first layer completely covers the pigment of the lips. Summer and juicy — sure she’s going to face as the blondes and brunettes.

Packaging: hard plastic, high quality and close until it clicks. Nice minimalism: black color and matte texture, inscription GOSH in the middle. The lipstick definitely recommend and already looking at buying new shades.

Редакция тестирует: помады Gosh Velvet Touch MattAbout this, I have long dreamed of: soft pigment, which gives a pronounced lip color. Velvet Touch and Matt 022 Orchid is a 100% hit rate. Noble-a muted purple with a warm undertone is just perfect for a casual look-the makeup, and for the saturated evening outfits. Due to persistent pigment, color “leaves” on the lips, gives a tint without overwhelming. The number of applications you can vary the color.

Lipstick glides on effortlessly and gently. Does not dry lips! Usually all matte lipstick sin rough formation of wrinkles due to drying out the delicate skin of the lips. The GOSH lipstick I apply even without Foundation and not feel it on the lips. Of the minuses — lipstick leaves traces after touching. After a meal the color of the “leaves”.

A word about design — love at first sight. Matte black case for stick makes the process of applying guaranteed in seconds of pleasure every day. Pure hedonism. Perfect for Instagram-layouts.


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