Did you know that a woman makes about six thousand steps a day? For a hundred years, a couple of times she can travel around the world. The legs consist of twenty-six connecting bones, nineteen muscles and many ligaments. Unfortunately, people are forgetful and do not remember that the feet should be cared for until, until they begin to bother them. Most often it so happens that in the cold season the skin on the feet starts to crack and peel. The perpetrators of these troubles can be skin disease, but usually this happens after wearing the shoes for our skin on the feet is tender and feels “overheating”. Another problem is sweating of the feet. Habituate yourself every day to take care of your feet, You will bypass these problems.

Уход за ногами

Maybe some people think that a foot cream to use is not necessary, but for normal care enough to apply surplus funds for the face or hands, you can be sure it is an absolute lie. Consider, for example, the cream removed the wrinkles on the face and are struggling with inflammation, but the wrinkles acne heels do not appear. And so instead of other products you have to use the foot cream gehwol which must have the necessary quality: the effect of exfoliation, the destruction of bacteria, healing wounds, removing the smell of sweat, softening, skin on the feet deodorize, increase blood flow, passage of fatigue.

The primary action in our system of care — cleansing. Daily need to wash the legs with the use of emollient cream. In winter to remove dead skin once in a week, perfectly removes rough skin on the heels scrub. Your feet will bring relief, gently brush the coarse cells and give health — the foot scrub, which carries healing and anti-inflammatory effect and if you even very much rubbed his heel scrub you don’t show cracks and wounds. Wet feet, apply the scrub, massage them for about five minutes after the rinse with cool water.

Nourishing foot cream

At home you can create a simple but not less effective nourishing cream. One of the simple is made of slightly cooled oatmeal. Spread the desired area for ten minutes, waiting for drying of a slurry and then wash away. You can also take a handful of flax seeds and mix them with potato peel these 2 ingredients fill with water and boil until a thick porridge. Hold the legs in this mess twenty minutes will soften hardened skin.

After taking a bath with the use of scrub is necessary to saturate and nourish skin on the feet. Here comes the remedy for your feet, “Sage and Flaxseed oil” which is rich in nourishing substances, such as linseed and sesame oil. Effect nourish the skin, heal wounds, kill bacteria and deodorizing provide the mint extract sage, yarrow, pine and lavender oil, vitamin E. This tool will help to prevent drying of the skin on the feet and the occurrence of cracks.

Two or three times in seven days create your feet a Spa at home, if needed. Tea tree and Apple cider vinegar can relieve fatigue of the feet and refreshes them, it is necessary (3 tablespoons per 5 liters). Gentle washing foam gently cleanse the skin and destroy harmful substances. The epidermis say goodbye to corns and dead skin cells. Peregonovka feet ready for the next stages of care. This process will perfectly relieve fatigue and prepare the skin for peeling. After taking a bath is enough scrub in order to destroy the hardened skin, next you need to smear the skin nourishing cream. Essential oils included in the composition of Australian tea tree have anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. Bath works well on sore skin, heals wounds. The action of this bath increase resin ate, extracts of kelp and ivy.

Baths for the feet

With the help of available chemicals can create a bath for the feet. To get rid of corns it is necessary to dilute one tablespoon of rock salt per 1 liter of water (water should not be hot). The process should not take more than 20 minutes. If you have free time, enjoy your foot bath with herbs. Add in a bowl celandine or pine needles, and chamomile tea, mix with a little cold water and soak feet in the bath for no more than ten minutes. The occurrence of unpleasant odor from the feet is due to the emergence of bacteria, because they love the wet environment and multiply it rapidly. To the bacteria not to multiply you need to ensure dry feet and keep them in frequency. You must follow the rules at the end of the bath do to feet a contrast shower. Cool water is the best way to prevent athlete’s foot. Further, the abundant amount apply to the skin talc and massage the feet from the fingertips to the heels. This action will improve the blood flow. After you apply nutrient remedy. After clearing and improving the nutrition of the epidermis on the feet, apply a aroma deodorant “Sage and peppermint” active ingredient menthol in the composition of this medium in different volumes works as a priceless element of most means to stop. It carries excellent quality: retention sweating, disinfection, elimination of pain, removal of unpleasant smells, cooling and refreshment.

Ванночки для стоп

From severe sweating of the feet will help bath with boric acid or minerals borax (1 teaspoon on a basin). Also have a recipe from the bark of the oak: three tablespoons of oak bark boiled in 250 ml of water for five minutes, then strain. In the foot bath add the broth (water temperature thirty-seven degrees). The process should not take more than fifteen minutes.

In conclusion, effective exercise and massage.

1. Mash on the order of the toes;

2. By rubbing “heat” all your foot massaging on the order of your Shin from foot to knee;

3. Starting position — standing, resting one foot a little rubber ball roll in a circular motion it so that the entire foot work. Repeat 10-12 times;

4. Initial position — sitting on chair, legs bent at the knees, the feet placed in parallel. Raise left, then right heel and both. Repeat 16 — 20 times;

5. The initial position is the same. Grab and lift your legs different little items.

It is necessary to monitor the consumption of food, vitamins A, E, F, will give the beauty and health of the skin. They are contained in food of animal origin (fish, liver, cod liver oil, butter oil, cottage cheese, egg yolk), and yellow-red and green vegetables and fruits (apricots, rose hips, black currants, sea buckthorn, watermelon, peppers, spinach, cabbage, parsley, dill, carrots, green onions, nettle).

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