Red under the name “grenadine”, which with the light hand of the Pantone Institute has become the main colors of the autumn seasonand. It is not surprising that now the trend is not only the image of the “total-ed”, but the manicure in the shade Pantone and of course, red eye makeup.

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Eye makeup red tones and was a continuation of the trend on pink makeup. Red, unlike pink, is perfect for autumn makeup.

Interestingly, the trend on the red makeup first appeared in the advertising campaign of the fashion house Chanel with actress Kristen Stewart. Then a daring makeover, few people dare to try, but we did not get out.

The fashionable trend on the red eye makeup appeared on the Ukrainian catwalk. Ukrainian brand TheCoat in the framework of the UFW has pleased fans not only stylish images of the models, but also interesting makeup. Models appeared with bright red shading on the eyes — this monomaker just the perfect companion in autumn weekdays.

Of course, red eye makeup has both advantages and disadvantages. Among the main advantages of this make, it can be considered cool appearance and versatility — different shades of red are ideal, for daytime makeupand evening looks.

However, this option is fairly difficult to implement — with insufficient shading can be achieved not attractive make, but the effect of dark circles. Red-eye you can achieve if you’re too thick layer will cause not strongly pigmented eye shadow.

To Supplement or dilute red eye makeup can be shades of orange, plum, brown. Pick any shade of red you need on your color type. Will look interesting blue shade on the lower eyelid.

In order to do beautiful eye makeup and not screw it up, you should consider some nuances and technique of this complex but attractive makeup.

  1. Remember the color type. Despite the fact that the ball is ruled by the bright red shade “grenadine”, should choose the shade for your complexion. If you “winter”, then your shadows should be pure red, without any admixture of purple, if “summer”, “Vorovski” red banal merge with your face and will not look.

  2. Apply the red shadow on the entire mobile eyelid with a thick layer, soyou shade looked rich and not been faded. Additional makeup brown shadow in the crease of the eyelid and don’t forget to circle in red or brown tone (by the way, it is possible to combine them) of the lower eyelid. To makeup looked complete.

  3. Can be a little “bother” to find the white eyeliner and to paint with it, the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid — so your eyes will seem more open and the makeup is completed.

  4. If you’re no stranger to kitsch, you can apply some glitter on top lid.

  5. Finish makeup a large amount of mascara. As the red shadows themselves will “eat” your eyelashes.

So, if you want to make a stylish red eye makeup, then turn to cream shadows — they will always lie flat, will look great and easy to use.

Also, see our instructional videos that will show in detail and tell how to create a great red eye makeup.


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