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Draw summer: 3 fashion prints

Carefree summer time stress and fashionable prints.
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How to whiten nails

Healthy nails, beautiful and natural Shine, sophisticated manicures – this is part of being a successful, beautiful women who value themselves and their health. The natural color of the nail plates is a kind of indicator of their health, and of course, can testify about the proper care for them. But sometimes, they can get sick periodically, to change its color with a healthy …

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Sensations: waterless scrub with sea kelp extract Christina Fitzgerald

Brand Christina Fitzgerald came up with an alternative to abrasive exfoliation is the waterless scrub with seaweed extract, which cleanses, tones, refreshes the skin and ideal for the entire body. Read More →

Cruise collection RESORT 2016 Ukrainian brand GODIS

Brand GODIS presented the cruise collection  RESORT 2016  within Summer Weekend. The presentation of the collection took place in  Otrada Beach club
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Manicure for office

If you work in an office, then it’s not a reason to deny yourself the simple woman’s happiness. In offices with strict dress code may impose restrictions and a manicure. This is correct, as some ladies too vulgar lacquer and unnaturally long nails. Let’s see, what should be the manicure for office, to …

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American holidays Olga Freimut

Американские каникулы Ольги Фреймут. Нью-Йорк
Fine samst HLA-Sol “TSE your VALSA, MIC?” – zverovka to the MENA Tosti koronare, the head of which prosilica at will W tsego comrce shirts…. Read More →