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To unite different: two dresses in one image

I very much importance is attached to how clothing is in contact with the body, how it feels. On the one hand, I love tight clothes, sometimes even a little cramped. To fit more tightly, creating a silhouette. Partly this love still dance from the past when training swimwear and dresses for performances were made “Venetico”. On the other hand, I love when… Read More →

Live broadcast of the show Calvin Klein spring summer 2016

Watch the fashion show Calvin Klein spring–summer 2016 fashion Week in new York city — in real time Read More →

Fashionable hairstyles autumn 2015

Without beautiful and stylish hairstyles your image will not be harmonious to the end. What&nbsp;&nbsp;hair will become more urgent this fall?<br />

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Live broadcast of the show Calvin Klein Collection spring-summer 2016

Прямая трансляция шоу Calvin Klein Collection весна-лето 2016
17 September at 21.00 EET in new York will show Calvin Klein Collection spring-summer 2016. Watch the broadcast on Read More →

Browse the collection of Michael Kors spring-summer 2016

Обзор коллекции Michael Kors весна-лето 2016
Michael Kors has introduced a new spring-summer collection, the show was delayed because of the incident. One of the models became ill behind the scenes of the show and her… Read More →

Black mass: johnny Depp and amber heard at a special screening in Boston

Johnny Depp and Dakota Johnson presented his new film in Boston where we live and work, the authors of the book “Black mass: the True story of a diabolical Alliance between the FBI and the Irish mob”, which formed the basis of the picture. Read More →

Delpozo spring-summer 2016

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"My arms are useless": the beauty blogger with paralysis of the arms made a video in response to rude comments

Suffering from paralysis of the arms 25-year-old Jordan bone leads beauty blog. In response to rude comments and ridicule bone made a video of My Beautiful Struggle, where he told his story. Read More →

In my feed: instagram the Lena Perminova

Lena Perminova — famous it-girl. Like now she has started some charity project. But I watch Lena, or rather her instagram, with only one purpose: to spy an interesting exercise and get a dose of motivation to practice. Lena has three children and a good shape. It is clear that the level of life allows you a lot of time… Read More →

4 fashion beauty image season

4 модных бьюти-образа сезона
For this shoot stylist Kayla Michele was transformed by wet laying so that she became a beauty item, and stressed the dense, thick eyebrows model. And then… Read More →