Oil blotting sheets are an important component of the cosmetic bag every girl. They are particularly relevant in the summer, when the sailing Foundation and sebum is produced with a vengeance, which greatly spoils the makeup.

If you still believe that the oil blotting sheets just tricks of marketers and attempts cosmetic companies to sell us more makeup, then this story is not about this product. Let’s see why.

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Interestingly, oil blotting sheets was not originally used for cosmetic purposes and is not intended as a beauty product. Early cotton scarves wore hygienic origin, allowing you to clean the face during the hard work. In our time, oil blotting sheets help to solve the annoying problem of oily Shine on the facewithout damaging the makeup.

They allow quickly and simply to remove excess fat from the face, bringing your appearance in order. Modern oil blotting sheets impregnated with a special cream, which is able to refresh our skin through eight layers of Foundation, leaving it in place. Wipes capable to remove not only sebum, and sweat, and clumps of mascara, returning the face powder and the eye shadow the previous brightness and expressiveness.

In addition, oil blotting sheets allow you to keep the skin in healthy condition during their use, from the skin removes excess oil and dirt, allowing clogged pores to breathe and absorb humidity, oxygen.

So you should pay attention to the oil blotting sheets as an effective way to prevent the problem of blockage of the pores and extend the life of your makeup.

Oil blotting sheets are divided into several types:

  1. In the composition of the filler (powder, flavors, tannins, sivatel long);
  2. Material of the wipes (or rice paper, or thin absorbing film);

The benefits of matting napkins:

  1. Almost all wipes contain antibacterial ingredients that not only cleanse the skin but also “dry” a possible inflammation.
  2. Modern matting wipes contain an innovative complex polymeric microparticles that absorb excess sebum and cover the skin with a thin layer of powder.
  3. Oil blotting sheets have no contraindications regarding daily use.
  4. Wipes are disposable and stored in a sealed package, which proves their full hygiene.
  5. They are very convenient as they allow to use them even on the go.

We have selected for you are excellent examples of matting napkins at an affordable price. See our selection.

Almost all wipes include antibacterial supplements, and this provides an opportunity not only for cleansing but also to pricesit speaking of inflammation.

2. Modern oil blotting sheets include an innovative complex, which contains polymer microparticles, absorbs excess sebum covering the skin with a very thin layer of powder. That is, testimony against the use of this kind of wipes daily no.

3. Disposable napkins and completely sealed packaging in which they are stored, are a guarantee of hygiene cosmetic procedure, even if it is done on the go. 4. Convenience. No one will argue that there is nothing better than the ability to quite quickly and without any effort to fix the makeup anywhere and anytime.

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