Нюдовый педикюр: под любую одежду, обувь и настроение (ФОТО 20+)

Nudemy or beige pedicure — perfect, when all the bright shades have become boring, but beautiful nails under sandals is very necessary. So talk about what to do pedicure in the trendy nudemom shade.

As we have said, nodoby nail Polish now at the peak of popularity. We already have the trend on sudovy manicureand pedicure was only a matter of time. It is important to understand that bodily lacquer has the property of maximally blend with the skin and be completely invisible. So if you don’t want to achieve this effect, then turn to nail-art, darker beige shades or rhinestones.

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But in favor of clean Nyda is to say that the pedicure, which merges with your fingers, looks quite interesting, and unobtrusive. Besides, if possible, you can say that you have natural nails are, and not nail Polish.

Especially attractive nodoby pedicure and beige nail Polish in particular, look on tanned skin — thanks to the color contrast. After the holidays and with excellent sea tan this pedicure will look great in a noisy office life.

In addition, the possibility of having a French manicure pedicure, when creating nodoby pedicure you add a classic white stripes on the edges of the nail. This option looks maximum feminine and pretty interesting. And most importantly, not soon tired — after all, classics are not obsolete.

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