Новая пышная грудь 44-летней Хайди Клум: бюст модели комментирует пластический хирург

Recently Heidi Klum impressed everyone with his so Frank on the MTV Video Music Awards-2017. On the red carpet of the German model appeared in the outfit with a deep neckline, which became the object of public attention, because recently her Breasts were not so lush.

The difference of the bust of Heidi in the photo the MTV Video Music Awards 2017 and domanowski photo catches the eye. Definitely such changes gave the mother of 4 children freshness and juiciness. Nevertheless, the question made whether the 44-year-old model plastic or not remains, and to find answers will help us plastic surgeon of the highest category.

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If to compare pictures taken in 2015, and fresh off the MTV Video Music Awards-2017, I can confidently say that it was made endoprosthesis of mammary glands. We used implants with a volume of approximately 300-400 cm -3. Also, I like the surgeon a good view of the right contouring of the implant (when the implant seen through the skin). Where were your incisions, I can’t tell, since the photographs do not see, therefore, remains an open question. Because the model did not show signs of ptosis (drooping Breasts), it is likely that a surgeon performed only endoprotezirovanie. The work is performed adequately, the image of the model more completed and meets all the parameters of beauty and aesthetics. Plastic was not made in vain. хайди клум грудь
Breasts really became more expressive and perfectly underlines the figure of the model. Such a perfect figure can be the envy and the 20-year-old girl, but the boyfriend Heidi’s 31-year-old Hollywood art dealer Vito Schnabel probably excited about the new image of the beloved.

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