Tell you a little about the books I read on vacation. In today’s review will be four books. Actually I read more. But something, have not had time to read to the end. And some books require a separate thoughtful reviews. And today about four lung books, which will be an interesting reading on the beach.

The woman who went to bed for a year.

I confess that I was expecting from this book much easier. The description and reviews I thought it is ironic piece where the woman refused from the home routine and family members learned to cope without it – and all this with humor, irony and even a slight sarcasm. It turned out that the book is actually much deeper than expected. And when reading, there are many questions and thoughts. In particular, I feel confident that if a person lives in an abnormal, unhealthy of the bipolar world (in this case, the husband is selfish and serves his wife, but this rule applies to both home of tyranny and violence, not only in the family), it is very difficult for the victim to get out of the vicious discourse relations. More often transformacija victim ends up that she occupies the position of oppressor. Remember how in the famous film: congratulations, you are now a dragon. And in this book – the main character of the Charter to serve others, instead build your life, go to bed and demands that literally served her. It requires quite selfish. The more internal humiliation I had to endure her the more ruthless and indifferent she is to others.

Well, at least the interesting side line about how society is ready to make an idol of anyone who is willing to somehow stand out from reality. The public perception of the main character lying on the bed, it is almost Holy. And fans quickly elevate her on a pedestal of adoration. However, just as quickly they are ready to overthrow the idol, knowing that she’s just a normal woman who sweats and has gray hair.

— No, why this shit needs to go there? — protested ruby. Why I, which in January will celebrate seventy-nine, must again treat you like a baby? Honestly, Eva, I never got much pleasure from motherhood. That’s why I gave birth to another child. Don’t expect me to agree to clean up after you. She took the plate and crumpled into a ball wrap and muttered: — it is in Bryan?
Eva shook her head.
— I told you not to marry him. Your problem is that you want all the time to be happy. You have fifty do you still not understand that most of the time each of us just wearily dragged through life? Happy days, and they happen very rarely. But if I will spend my remaining days to wipe the ass of his fifty daughters, the happiness I just can not see, so not anymore about anything so ask!

House for sale with grandfather
I loved the book by Masha Traub and want to read them all. First, though, because they describe a situation much closer to us than the realities of foreign authors. Secondly, as it turns out calm and achingly describe reality in such a way that it’s familiar and provisions from the readers ‘ hair stand on end. Not because it’s somehow especially awful. But because you realize how depressing is routine how ordinary is abnormal.

The book “house for Sale…” not about young and not very successful writer who has lived his entire life with his family, but at the same time, as if apart from them. The book is about selfishness. And about the position: the whole world needs me, but everything to someone else. Unfairly. I have always been interesting such people have always been interested to understand how actually the world works they have in mind. And here the opportunity presented itself in the pages of this work.

Sasha, meanwhile, printed in a thick magazine and published a book. It’s going to take the writers ‘ Union, strongly flattered and was called a genius. Hope was friends with the wives of the right people could find a way, was sweet and charming. Komarovsky at his wife I could not breathe. Igor was angry all the more, considering that Sasha took his place. The very thing under the sun that was meant for him. Sasha, then where? Of the workers ‘ quarters. And he, Igor, from “cooperative”. In the school where they studied, there was a clear separation between “cooperative” and “workers.” Cooperative lived before the road, closer to Park and work on the road, closer to rotten pond. Near the road was an open subway line and a subway under it. In this transition and has seen the main fight. Igor once got beaten to a bloody pulp, and if not Sasha, then the nose would have broken. After that, Igor was in any case to be friends with Sasha. He lived in the scanty one, and Igor – in the spacious kopeck piece.

Igor has always been friends only with, the cooperative, and Sasha was friends with everyone. No, it’s just impossible to be friends and there, here and there. Everyone likes it. Even the gold medal Sasha fell on the head teacher almost persuaded him that medal to. The head teacher of loud crying at graduation, the principal gave this speech, if in addition to Sasha Komarovsky other graduates and was not at all. Igor vindictive smirk – but he is from the cooperative, and Sasha will remain in the working one. Just think, a star!.. Let his place know! Life will put everything in place and will bring Sasha to the ground.

Women Of Victorian England
If you are following my advice have already read the book “the English house: an intimate history”, it’s probably a lot in the book about women of the Victorian era will be familiar to you. However, the less interesting it becomes. The book contains many interesting details and the history of particular women’s destinies.

The book allows for a more sober look at everything that may seem romantic in this age. Learn about heavy women’s work (it was then, when the woman was considered mere decoration companies), about prostitution, education and more. And, of course, many “rules of decency”, which now seem very interesting.

Morning visits were accompanied by certain ceremonies. For starters, the guest asked opening the door after the maids if mistress. Perhaps she also went to visit or was in a gloomy mood and did not want to see anyone (in this case, she ought to warn the maid that she fled to ask the hostess if she is a visitor waiting on the porch). After receiving an affirmative answer, the guest followed the servant into the living room, even if you knew where the lounge is located. Scurry around the house without supervision could only relatives or very close friends. At the door the guest was told its name (e.g. “Mrs. Smith”), so that the servant could announce. Titles, of course, received enormous attention.
Welcome, the hosts should greet guests and seat them, but in any case not to cluck around them and behave with dignity. To harass a family photo albums, their sketches and poems, as well as herbaria, which the younger daughter gathered last year in Yorkshire, is also not followed (but many, of course, couldn’t resist). The purpose of the visit was considered to be a casual conversation that wasn’t supposed to drown out the chewing. For lunch, guests didn’t expect, they just poured tea and were treated to snacks, but given that the visit was given about 15 minutes, this time was just enough for a Cup of tea.

Garlic and sapphires
This book tells about the life of a food critic. Interesting, because in some ways the approach was similar to today’s blogging. So, can you tell what the theme was close to me. However, there are a lot of unknown for me. Part of this has to do with American realities – for example, the queues at the entrance to a popular restaurant. Maybe I’m not quite aware of the situation with restaurants in Kiev, but it’s hard to imagine someone who would have agreed to wait at the entrance at least five minutes. And in new York it is, as I understand from the book, quite a normal. And even well-known personalities (mentioned Kurt Vonnegut waiting their turn at the entrance) is not relieved from this “pleasure”. It’s interesting that a disappointing meals “send to kitchen”. That is, to send back. However, it is not clear how in this case is payment. But imagine what it would have if someone decided to send back the shrimp because they are digested:)

And, of course, I realized that I really do not know anything about food. But still, I must tell you that even though this is a book about gastronomy (by the way, the story is very appropriate inserted recipes, and I plan to check some of them on returning home), for me it’s a book about Transfiguration. To protect the identity of the main character constantly changes the appearance: clothes, makeup, wigs. But what is most interesting, she manages to change not only the appearance. She comes up with a character and trying to at least these few hours in the restaurant to live a different life and feel that in her place would feel the other woman. So last but not least for me this book is about how sometimes clothes can help us to become someone else. Even if only for a little while.

The best stories start with the words: “When my father was a waiter…” Hearing this, Bruno lit a cigarette. Jacques did a SIP of wine, and I was running out under her and sat with bated breath.
— When my father was a waiter, — clearing his throat, Max said. — people have not been in the restaurant wages. No, no my friends, it was not like today. Then people paid for the privilege to get tips. And let me say this: the competition for admission to work at such major institutions as “sherry,” “the Delmonico” and “the Rector”, was the highest. Then it was a different time, the word “diet” doesn’t spread like a plague, across the country and didn’t ruin people’s appetite. Today, the average visitor is satisfied by the appetizer, entree and maybe if he’s got money, a tiny dessert. And in those days? Oh Yes, my friends, then people know, how to eat Imagine diamond Jim ate four dozen oysters and drank a gallon of orange juice before he ordered dinner And were waiting for us. Six inches long, not the puny pathetic crumbs in the sink. And miss Lily Langtry? She didn’t give him anything: he’s an oyster, and she’s an oyster, he SIP, and SIP it. This was her pride. For them it was just a warm-up, clearing of the throat, then they studied the menu. This table, my friends, was worth servicing. Dinner lasted the whole evening, by the end of the meal destroyed the flocks and flocks of birds. On good days my father came up with pozvyakivali in pockets silver. Oh Yes, my friends, in those days the waiters were held in high esteem.

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