Has ended the Moscow international film Festival and I decided to write you more about the outfits of the guests of the festival that I’ve seen in various articles gossip. I’m not going to focus on the events — the opening or closing or a party — I think, for evaluation of the image in this case is not so great. Just go through several photos.

Svetlana Khodchenkova.
Svetlana is a real diva. And the images of her are appropriate. And here all as-that vaguely looks like. At first glance it seems that this dress is to blame: the color is too bright and “blocking” a woman. But really you can imagine it is the same dress, complete with more careful packing and more bright makeup (and back straight, right) — and we get a very different effect. Then there are two options: either to change the dress and under the existing beauty way to pick up something more neutral, such as beige or covered shades of brown or graphite (though then it would be way more down to earth). Or more to thoroughly implement make-up and styling.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya.
Glitter blouse stronger emphasizes the unnatural luster of skin. Perhaps everything in life is not so brilliantly, and to blame the outbreak, which has highlighted everything that I could. But what we see in the photo is not nifiga “gentle radiance”, and the eerie glow of the late nineties.

Elena Letuchaya
The case when everything seems to be carefully chosen, but all the spoil remaining without attention to details. Round collar of the jacket is in conflict with sharp corners are hidden underneath a shirt. Short strap piece fastener strips tucked into trousers shirt, which all the time strives to become sloppy ‘bubble’. Anyway, this jacket is reminiscent about the classic femininity in the spirit of Jackie Kennedy, is not very friendly with these relaxed pajama pants in style.

Julia Baranovskaya
Good image, good lace strips as much as intended. And even transparent lingerie doesn’t look geeky, and the lower part is wisely planted on the lining of a very good color that does not contrast with areas of unlined (and it is always a very important detail in these dresses.) The only thing — I would not take such a large handbag here.

Sati Spivakova
Sati is a beautiful woman. But it looks like the photo is not very. And the problem here is not even really a dress. Pay attention to the shoulders. It’s a very common problem for many women and I even sometimes I catch myself it: when shoulders stooped down, and instead simply deploy the blade, the woman when posing gives your head forward and raised his chin. Very unnatural and ugly in the end. There is still further emphasized by the cutouts so that the impression is reinforced. Well, minus from this posture — chest as if it turns out sunken, and the fore stomach. Even in cases when it is absolutely no extra pounds.

Nastya Zadorozhnaya
The case when the design idea breaks about reality. Interesting idea of dress with the body side panels. Quite juicy and provocative, not too openly. But a huge black jacket breaks all the elegance of the solution.

Julia Samoylova
Very interesting to see how the hair color changes a person. Framed with blond highlights face Yulia seemed softer. Darker staining did facial features more hard and bright and even a bit rough on the eye makeup only highlighted it

Ekaterina Klimova.
Interesting dress, nice drape and proportion of the cut. Successfully collected the hair, except that I personally do not like flowers in the hair too theatrical turns. My article about the flowers in her hair

Vera Sotnikova
There are many small nuances, which clings to the eye. The first and the brightest — Bang feathers, which is placed above the forehead curls. I remember the dance competitions in the mid-nineties the Bang was particularly chic. Together with a specific hair color, it produces a dubious impression. Tights look quite bad in tone and density. That only emphasizes shoes with shiny toe. Completes a series of dissonances is too large decoration.
московский кинофестиваль наряды звезд

Elena Borscheva
The problem with this dress is the mismatch of materials on the invoice. They look too different and the contrast is much cheap the whole way. Looks like a dress from the costume shop of the country club, which are made of cheap marlewski, and then generously adorned with sequins.

Elena Kondulainen
The problem with this dress is not only in the neckline. Although it is recognized that the line of the chest turned out quite unattractive. But it’s not so rushed to the eye, if not for the contrast with the face. Too heavy makeup, roughly shaded the eyes and unnatural tone, only emphasize the age and contrast with the geeky detailing on the dress. Believe me, if this contrast was not — even the neckline would be perceived by us differently.
московский кинофестиваль наряды звезд

Vera Glagoleva
Faith is the illustration to my article “how to dress small women”. Her jacket is the wrong length, and it’s like “nailing” her to the ground. Pants, the length of which is not adjusted are too long and it only emphasizes low growth. Making the whole figure is disproportionately low.
московский кинофестиваль наряды звезд

And again Khodchenkova.
These dresses require very careful execution and no less thorough fit. As we see here, and with that, and the other has a big problem.
московский кинофестиваль наряды звезд

Lyanka Grau
A good sophisticated color and silhouette. In this dress girl looks a real star.
московский кинофестиваль наряды звезд

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