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Stockings – one of the most seductive parts of the wardrobe. Let’s face it, even if you don’t have stockings, you anyway, and thought about their purchase and how they will be for you to sit.


Now we offer you to plunge into the “stocking of the ocean” and “catch” from there its pretty perfect pair, which will emphasize the elegance of your legs and make them attractive to men’s eyes.

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  • Let’s start with the types. In stockings they are distinguished only two: rubber band, which recorded and kept on the leg thanks to the silicone tape, and stockings with a belt is an accessory that attaches to stockings with garters.

For daily more suitable for the first type, because it is more practical. But for seduction choose the second. A seductive combination is a corset, belt and stockings.

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Having defined the type, go to the criteria by which to determine the quality of the stockings, so as not to make the wrong choice

  • Smell. No need to laugh and be embarrassed to sniff any pair. If stockings have a pleasant scent, it means that they are produced in Italy. And there, in turn, lies a veritable factory for the production of stockings, which have the technology of excellent quality.

According to the classic technology, this item of lingerie to give a smell (which is, incidentally, very not cheap!). Only good producers can afford it. So if the selected pair has a strong, persistent, but not annoying fragrance in your hands the genuine stockings.

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  • Seam. Their is two kinds: round and flat. In order to define it, you just have to stretch the selected model. Please note: from the round should be abandoned. Round seam, alas, poor quality of the model, and when worn it can cause discomfort. The seam should be flat, moreover, it will be invisible under tight clothing.
  • Pay attention to the material. In the composition there must be more lycra is a very stretchy material that will sit on the leg.
  • Size. Do not think that it is better to take smaller and pull them. Alas, in this case, you’re in danger that they will clamp the leg and tear on the heel. But large do not take. Then they will just crawl and take on pleats.

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  • Let’s move on to the color, here too not all is simple.

White. With this color you have to be very careful, because it is so insidious that will reveal all the flaws of the feet. Additionally, stockings of white colour fat. But they are perfectly suitable for brides.

Bodily or sudovye. It’s a neutral color, which will not ruin your feet. It will go perfectly with clothes of pastel and warm colors.

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Smoky gray. Their versatility is not challenged, because they perfectly hide imperfections. Visually make the legs slimmer.

Black. Deep black color is quite dangerous, because it will bring everything to the extreme: skinny legs will become even thinner, and normal, respectively, more fully.

Transparent-black. Is considered the sexiest color for the stocking. Well, flattering and visually elongates the legs.

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  • Patterns and figures. Similar stockings are in great demand, and you need to look carefully to the desired pattern were not supplemented, and remember that these stockings are suitable for romance and walking, but definitely not for work or social events.

There are still models with open toes and even heel. They are perfect for open shoes and will be invisible under it.


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