The Melania trump today compared to Jackie Kennedy. And often even claim that Jackie even surpassed it, becoming the most fashionable first ladies in U.S. history. Let us consider her images in more detail.

Мелания Трамп - обсуждаем особенности стиля

Start with the most important, what makes this woman so perfect: she always has a straight back and perfect posture. Melania is a model in the past, she always knows how advantageous to get up in life or for photographing. She always “keeps face”. And goes on straight, not bent legs. Many women underestimate these nuances. But believe me, any design thing “droop” in the figure with a hunched back. Not outfits, primarily the ability to serve themselves in the Melania such an attractive and vibrant.
Мелания Трамп - обсуждаем особенности стиля

If we talk about the style, over the years the image of Melania has undergone many changes. And this work is very effective and successful. To marry such a rich man Melania initially showed all those characteristics of style that are inherent to the class, which is called white trash. But over the years she got rid of these traits in his manner and crystallized the style in its purest form. Here’s some old photos

Мелания Трамп - обсуждаем особенности стиля

Old photographs show all that is then retracted from the wardrobe and appearance:
— plenty of sun (although it is the Melania skin is still quite tanned)
— collected and poured lacquer hair
— the abundance of decorative details on the clothing
the brightness and glitter, a lot of what can be called “elegance”.
— excessive sexuality (cutouts, short skirts, and so on)

From the bright and cheap sexuality Melania came to elegance. But then came bad luck. The elegance of Mrs. trump is too flawless and perfect. It is almost emasculated. Driven to the absolute. Melania as if came to us from the TV series Dynasty (not the style of clothing, but in the spirit of the image). From the TV series, where women, even the Breakfast came with diamond earrings, in bright, crisp suits and heels. And Melania today on their heels (with incredibly beautiful feet, by the way, I’m always in this area pay attention) is irrelevant, unnatural. This her some “plastmassist” and gives an external observer the same feeling: “beautiful and stylish, but something is wrong.”

On the one hand it seems to me that she feels this to some extent. Because I often see some of the details of the simplification in her images. The flat shoes, unbuttoned shirts and so on. She has a good hair coloring the hair and one tries to do dynamic. (although it’s always a great dynamic)

On the other hand, it cannot abandon closed tight suits and tight tight wide belts. Because this clothing is its protective armor. And she did not hesitate to demonstrates it to the world. Style Melania fully displays her character and inner world. And this sometimes becomes a little uncomfortable.

Very clearly seen in the famous suit for the inauguration. View, not just buttoned jacket, its cut is such that it will smell with a large margin. A collar securely closes the neck of the two layers of fabric. Maximum closeness — hands with gloves. And these gloves are of thick enough material. And the dress itself from the suit with such a collar, which we’d rather see in a futuristic movie about space suits to space stations of the future.

Once upon a time I wrote a poem. It is quite another matter and about other women…

Beautiful women in dresses
Even when over forty.
Even when the figure
not at all like the model.
Silk wrap feet,
on the heels lifting
down the street to swim like a yacht,
below are all stunned.

No one realized:
where is she?
And not like a girl
But the twinkle in his eyes.
Maybe running home from work,
Or flying from a date.
Maybe went to grandson
To build towers of sand.

And maybe goes to her friends
late to drink liquors.
Ladies night — getaway from the hustle and bustle.
After midnight will stay,
Will share the grief,
happiness, recipes of the dough,
secrets of beauty.

Woman in dress by Lek —
Beautiful and young
(even when the age
and, to his weight)
Kind of screams look
here it is I’m
continue to enjoy life
and expect miracles.

A woman in a cotton dress
Tells us:
to be beautiful every day
and happiness itself to give.
But if I knew the stranger that
as it’s so damn hard:
directly to keep your back
and to force myself to live.

But you know, when I saw the photo Melania trump, in preparation for writing this text, I kept repeating to himself these lines:
…would know the stranger,
as it’s so damn hard:
directly to keep your back
and force yourself to live…

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