Маникюр для офисаIf you work in an office, then it’s not a reason to deny yourself the simple woman’s happiness. In offices with strict dress code may impose restrictions and a manicure.
This is correct, as some ladies too vulgar lacquer and unnaturally long nails. Let’s see, what should be the manicure for office, and to itself was nice, and the boss was satisfied.

деловой маникюр для офиса

There are basic rules manicure for office, which you must follow strictly.

  1. Neutrality. Try to make the nails weren’t very long, and the varnish is not very bright. Relative to the length, ideally, if a tiny one beyond the finger at one-fifth its length. The varnish is desirable to use pastel, for example, scarlet, light beige, etc..
  2. Grooming. When the nails are well groomed, not always necessarily need to use lacquer, and so they will look beautiful.
  3. Natural look. If your nails are no different with health and beauty, you can take the help of a specialist and to build. But it must look natural. Professional can with gel to give you beautiful nails neat not even varnished. These hands look beautiful and stylish.

French manicure is perfect for business style. Pink nails with white tips – traditional and a win-win situation.


There are various kinds of French, and which to choose will tell you only a professional depending on the situation and your hands. The color of this manicure should also be bright, but neutral (see three rules above).

Designs nail art for office

If your office is permissible to use a bright nail Polish, you can assume that you are lucky. In this case you can use different coatings at least every day and in the pleasure to experiment with colors.

Как сделать офисный маникюр

Remember that the color should match with any item of clothing. Therefore, select a varnish under a certain outfit, and you will always look stylish and your nails attractive and well maintained.

If business suit you change almost every day, and get my nails done there is opportunity and time, it is better to give preference to the soothing neutral manicure, for example, the French, of which we spoke above.

In terms of specific embodiments, painting nails, there are two main types: black and white and color. As one of the options black and white painting is applying to the black plate, and for revitalizing spend silver stripes. The strip may be matched to the color of one of your accessories is very impressive.

офисный маникюр

For very short nails, don’t draw stripes across, otherwise your nails will look even shorter. Do diagonally, and need to draw two strips on one side. Moreover, the strip should be thin, and the thinner the better.

See how to make beautiful office manicure is not so difficult. The main thing is to make a conscious effort to conform to his style throughout.

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