I’ve been recently one of the parcels with orders came here so cute and very easy t-shirt with an anchor. This t-shirt from the Rosegal website (you can buy one here). Thin cotton (it is, incidentally, pleasing to the body), the base color. Great opportunity for layering.

Идеи как носить синюю базовую футболку

But as usual, we wear t-shirts most people? With jeans and sneakers. Not the horror, the horror… but just boring, I think. I decided to think about it, how else are they going to wear that shirt?
Идеи как носить синюю базовую футболку

And hastily gathered a few images with her. The images are sketchy, because as you can see, no accessories, suitable hairstyles, and so on. But I think even in this form, as it is, these ideas may be interesting and useful.

So. First idea: t-shirt with an anchor, white pants, a striped cardigan and pointed-toe flats. (not the best photos turned out, but I namuchalas with a remote control that the other is not).
Идеи как носить синюю базовую футболку

Second idea: t-shirt, white pants, heels and a dark blue jacket. I really like the whole combination of the jacket with a t-shirt. And I noticed that it often looks better than the combination of the jacket with the blouses: the image is more lively and not too formal, not like the uniform.
Идеи как носить синюю базовую футболку

Third idea. It’s all very simple — to t-shirt, striped shorts and sandals on a flat sole.

The fourth idea we are moving away from the marine style, which was to some extent expressed in the previous images. Combine the shirt with the lace skirt. In General, the idea as a base gives a rich field for the imagination. But for all the whole image here would be nice silver or gold pumps. Preferably with a pointed toe. And my Golden was only these sandals.

Fifth idea: add a jacket. However, for a solid image here need a more strict and a little longer skirt. But I have no such as useless — I don’t go to the office and no longer dress up anywhere so strictly. So I just found a dark knit skirt to illustrate ideas.

Sixth idea: broad-striped trousers with tie belt. These pants are now just a trend (like the strip in General)

Seventh idea: grey slacks and a loose vest. Now, examining the photo, I see that it was worth the extra lapel. But such nuances are not always visible. That’s why I always suggest to do more photos with different podvorotov, length and so forth, to look at the picture from the side.

Eighth idea: black skinny jeans, loose long vest and shoes on a wide heel. This combination has the right to life even in winter, if you know what you will be in a warm room.

Ninth, the combination of: a basic shade t-shirt allows you to wear it under dresses and tunics. (there is only important, if the shirt has a print that it does not conflict with the top dress)

The tenth combination: this sporty idea — leggings, sneakers and a marLED cardigan on top.

If you like my ideas, I have prepared a small selection of t-shirts that will be perfect for this image:

Grey t-shirt with lace (here)

Top cat (from here)

Gradient top with stripes (here)

Top with prints in the form of feathers (from here)

Top with inscriptions (from here)

Top in stripe with heart (here)

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