Как отбелить ногтиHealthy nails, beautiful and natural Shine, sophisticated manicures – this is part of being a successful, beautiful women who value themselves and their health. The natural color of the nail plates is a kind of indicator of their health, and of course, can testify about the proper care for them.

But sometimes, they can get sick periodically, to change its color with a healthy pinkish Nude to yellowish hue, which is quite difficult to get rid of. As may indicate such nails?

Of course, such manifestations may be the cause of lack of care. And wrong, malnutrition and even fungal infection. Yellow nails is not just a cosmetic problem, so it must be solved as soon as possible.

And as you may have guessed, we need to start with determine the cause. If you just plainly ran themselves and their own hands, here you will only will and beauty treatments. If you have a nail fungus, there are also not procrastinate. And immediately need to go to the doctor to put a correct diagnosis and prescribe you the necessary treatment.

Another reason for the occurrence of a yellowish hue is often painted in variegated colors. Why is it so? In the composition of nail polishes mainly includes such substances as formaldehyde, and he has a very negative impact on their condition, structure and health.

Once the cause of the disease will be eliminated, the result you will see the old layer will be imperceptible to grow, and will grow a new, absolutely healthy nail.


There are several ways to whiten nails:

  1. Home or folk remedies;
  2. Salon services and professional beauty products (powder, spray, gel for whitening). Such means is best to buy exclusively in professional salons or pharmacies.

Yellow toenails – cause

Whitening of the nail plates is generally considered a purely cosmetic procedure that will help solve an external problem, but the reason she can’t influence, especially when it comes to disease.

The shade of yellow on the nails can appear for different reasons:

1. They can change its color due to some internal problems and disorders, for example, if you have liver disease or kidney.
Of course, the diagnosis only by the color of the nail plate cannot!

In order to find out the cause of their problems, you may need to undergo a full examination, pass all the tests. If you find any health problems, past treatment and cosmetic defect will begin to disappear, nails will once again be restored and will have its ordinary healthy look.

2. In addition the yellow spots on the nail plate may occur after taking course of certain drugs, often antibiotics. Lead to yellowing tetracycline, ampicillin, reglan, and other drugs that affect the body as a whole.

3. As for the nail fungus, you will notice it immediately. It’s pretty specific disease. Nails fungal infection change almost immediately. Can change its color from yellow to brown, mud brown. Don’t just change color. But the whole nail plate becomes rough and begins to delaminate, and even unpleasant smell.

All these symptoms because fungal infection produces special pigments, and paint them in different colors. Immediately stipulate that in no case do not start self-medication, gaining a variety of cosmetic products: creams, MAZ or gels. It is advisable not to waste time and immediately go to doctors.

If the cause of the yellowing in fungal disease, then bleaching may be done using natural ingredients: lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide. But note that the use of such funds will not lead to success, if not to combine all this with proper medical treatment.

4. Of course, the most common cause of yellowing is Smoking. The solution is simple and obvious, it’s time to get rid of these bad habits. If you do not intend to throw, then think over the question how to whiten your nails and how best to do it.

Как отбелить ногти в домашних условиях

5. There is another cause of yellowing, which we described above – is a frequent coloring in different colors. Because varnish, nail plate often not dopoluchaet of oxygen, but this is basically what is needed to complete their growth. As a result it turns out that the nail first starts to grow poorly, then separate, and then there’s this unpleasant shade.

The solution to the problem can be two ways:

  • Periodically subjecting them to the special polishing tool – nail file for sanding.
  • Give them a break, leaving them for a week or even two without paints and varnishes. Let them “breathe”. Do “weekend” every month. Wearing lacquer coating is not more than four or five days. Then let’s break for two days. Use various nutritional cosmetics: oils, hand creams and cuticle, make the handles masks and baths with salt solution.

If you do not intend to abandon the use of bright paints, before applying, use the basic basis. This is a special protective agent that protects against external harmful factors that fall on them with paint and glitter contained therein. Then they will gradually recover and will be again normal pinkish hue.

6. There is another important cause of yellow spots. It is called “Syndrome yellowing of the nail”. This syndrome is manifested mainly in older people, sometimes manifests itself into middle age. This early manifestation of this symptom can be caused due to internal problems with the lungs.

How to whiten nails at home

So, you have found the cause, it was not related to internal problems in the body, which means you will be able to afford to use all sorts of means, including folk. How to whiten nails at home without paying for the insanely expensive treatments in salons and cosmetics, you will learn more.

Bleached nails at home

There are many different ways to whiten your nails right at home. Such procedures can make any girl, and the ingredients found in every kitchen.

Как отбелить ногти в домашних условиях

Cut a small piece of lemon or lime, and slowly RUB it right in the nail plate about 3-5 minutes. The benefit of this procedure is very simple and multi-functional: juice of lemon in addition to the whitening effect, softens the surface of the cuticle and strengthens the nail structure

Lemon is rich and simple at the same time product, useful for nails, and the skin of hands and face. And safe procedure will cost you in the range of 50 rubles, in the salons of the price of whitening you will not see.

Of course, from one procedure they will not be restored, it must be done regularly throughout the month.
Will help brighten your nails with diluted peroxide solution (about 4%), lemon juice, acetic essence and lime juice. It is also useful to treat them cut potatoes. All this must be done daily, otherwise the effect you will not see for a very long time.

Another great remedy for whitening is an ordinary glycerine, or rather a mixture (in a ratio of 1 part to 5 parts) with peroxide.

Will also help to lighten a few shades and salt baths using special therapeutic sea salt. This salt you can buy at any cosmetic shop, supermarket or in the pharmacy.

Prepare a warm solution of salt and immerse the tips of the fingers in the tub for fifteen minutes. After three or four weeks of regular activity this procedure, you will see changes in your nails – they will become more bright, sturdy and will look very well groomed and healthy.

Also you can take note of another method. Prepare a mixture of a couple of drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Take ordinary cosmetic sponge or cotton pad and clean with this mixture. After the procedure is complete, buff the surface with a special buff for polishing.

Essential oils to whiten nails at home

Effective tool for many procedures remains the essential oil of different flavors and formulations. For hands will be very useful bath with jojoba oil and almond oil.

миндальное масло для отбелевания ногтей

You can still cook the cream for hands and nails yourself from simple ingredients: baby cream any brand and essential oils. You need to squeeze the cream in a convenient bowl, add in the cream of your favorite essential oil – nourishing homemade, and most importantly very useful and effective the cream is ready! The results from such funds will be on the face in a relatively short time.

Try to fight the yellowness using the good old and well-known and are available in chamomile.

отбеливание ногтей в домашних условиях

As you know, this flower has just a mass of useful properties and is used in cosmetics, and in medicine. You can brew a potion with chamomile flowers and make the hands very therapeutic and fragrant bath. And you can just wipe the nail plate with cotton wool soaked in this solution.

Another great and well-known tool that assists in the suppression of the yellowing is rose water. For the procedure it need only 40 milliliters. In addition to that, take ten grams of glycerin and fifty grams of hydrogen peroxide. All carefully and slowly mix, and then prepared by a solution process daily for about a month.

However, when using these ingredients, be very careful – peroxide can cause slight irritation.

Peroxide can be used with salt is a very effective method of whitening your nails at home. This tool has been popular for decades. It can freely be called “grandmother’s recipe”.

With our ordinary baking soda, you can also conduct baths for hands. For the procedure will need glubka bowl. There gently pour two glasses of the ordinary flow of the heated water and gently stir the mixture of two ingredients: baking soda and salt (ordinary food).

You only need one teaspoon to measure each ingredient. More to add is not necessary. If you love lemons and also confident in its bleaching properties that can add to the mix his juice.

You will just have to immerse their hands in the prepared bath so that all the nails were under water. The procedure is carried out not more than fifteen minutes.

Popular among fashionistas and women means, is polishing nails with the addition of various essential oils. This procedure is often not recommended. It is best to do it one or two times a 30 days.

Also for performance you will need a special soft sanding nail file, and of course, essential oils for nails. Well, and here you can choose whatever you want for you personally: almond, tangerine, pine, orange, etc.

как отбелить ногти с кокосовым маслом

Professional whitening nails

Among professional line of tools designed for whitening nails, the best and most popular is the “Nail Whitener”. Manufacturer: America. The preparation is a cosmetic powder and produced in disposable packages intended for single use only.

Its formula includes tea tree oil. It helps to clean the nail plate from the yellowness and its advantage is that it can be used equally on natural nails and extensions.

The use of bleach “Nail Whitener” is very simple: the powder is poured into a bowl and dissolve in hot water. Wait until the liquid is slightly cool and can drop into the bowl arm.

After finishing all activities, wash hands with plain water, carefully washing away the remnants of the mixture. Don’t forget that the tool is also intended for regular use.

Профессиональное отбеливание ногтей

And generally try to expose as little of your nail to the negative effects. Give up bad habits and it will thank you for not only your nails, but teeth, hair, and of course, light! For each girl is important to the health, well-being and, of course, look!

Whitening nails at home – video tutorial

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