Hairstyle spike is one of those comfortable and attractive options among networks, which is suitable as a stylish hairstyle for every day and evening styling for an important event.

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However, the right to weave the braid in the ear — not of the easiest. It requires some skill and ability, so let’s figure out how to weave a spike.

Despite the fact that weave the ear alone is difficult, at first glance, tame your hands and hair — is quite real.

In order to begin to weave the cones you will need:

  • Hair;
  • Foam or mousse for hair;
  • Elastic hair band;
  • Thin comb;
  • Hairspray.

Comb your hair and apply them throughout the length of some mousse or foam for hair. It’s not required, but a “cunning move” will make your hair more manageable and malleable. Separate with a sharp part of the comb or your fingers the hair on the crown and divide them into three equal strands, to begin to weave. Conventionally, we divide the strands in the first, second and third. Put the third strand to the second, and the second to the first. Simply put, all the same, what do you do when weaving a classic braid. Only your braid will go from the top of the head.

As soon as you “fall” hair, exciting new strands one on each side and “tuck” them in your ear. Making a new strand in the middle and “cover” its opposite. Relatively speaking, the fourth strand covers the first.

After Squirting on the resulting braid with a little hairspray and voila. We figured out how to weave a spike.

More and more clearly about how to weave a spike for beginners you will show and tell our instructional videos.

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