Patches under the eyes is a great way to preserve the youthfulness of the skin around the eyes, tighten it, add elasticity, and also to get rid of dark circles. How to choose the right patches so they actually worked, read our material.

In the language of computer geeks, the word “patch” means “information that can be used to make changes in the computer files. Cosmetologists, in turn, loved the idea of programmers, and they called a special mask for the eye zone patches, focusing on the fact that their purpose is to make changes in your skin, making it younger and, therefore, more beautiful.

Patches (or, as they are called “patches”) are the pads for the zone under the eyes of a special material, which are then covered with foil and filled with useful substances. They can be glued and quietly go about their business. Very often confuse this product with disposable masks, which is not stable on the skin.


In the cosmetic market, many companies release patches under the eyes. They come from swelling and bruises, and wrinkles. If we talk about the General scheme of skin care age, the cream performs only basic function and will not create any miracles. But the patches may well be a great additional care, which will focus on specific problems of your skin.

патчи под глаза

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Patches differ from each other in composition and the problem they intended to solve. As far as performance, they are really able to get rid of dark circles and fine lines. If there is deep wrinkles, unfortunately, the patches will be powerless, working just a good moisturizer.

The effect is visible after the first application, it becomes a constant with regular use of masks. Today they produce as a luxury segment of the cosmetic market and mass market. Special attention in the choice of patches under the eyes you should pay for Korean cosmetics, in which the first number appeared similar product.

In the case where you need to look good now, and the skin under the eyes is poor, use a disposable cloth masks for the eye zone. These masks usually moisturize the skin and instantly smooth fine wrinkles. Of course, this is only a visual effect and through time everything will return to normal, but as Express-method — why not?


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It is best to apply patches under eyes course of 10 to 15 treatments every three months. This approach to the care of the area around the eyes will not only be well-groomed skin, which will be every morning to please you in the mirror, perfectly “holding” on her makeup, but will also help save the youth of this area.

To find “your” product among the variety of patches in the cosmetic market, you certainly will have to try a few options. It is best to choose several manufacturers in different price categories and with different amounts, and then to experiment by trying a course each product. This will allow you to understand which components in the composition is most like your skin under the eyes and then you’ll be able to choose options based on the composition.

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To enhance the effect of the patches under the eyes, after you remove the mask, do a short massage working zone: gently Pat yourself with the pads of your finger in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside on the upper eyelid and from external to internal on the bottom.

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