The Bob haircut has not lost its popularity over the last a century. This is a practical and convenient haircut, which, among other things, looks fantastic and makes beauty a complete image. However, Bob is not for everyone, but only for girls with oval face shape. The so-called calibration makes this haircut more versatile.

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Graduated Bob allows you to hide the flaws of hair and “fix” unwanted facial features. Thus, the calibration allows to make the hair more voluminous, it adds a kind of texture and shapes. Thanks to lush form, graduated hairstyle visually distracting attention from the broad chin and small eyes (for example).

What are the characteristics?

Graduation — hair livak, whose name is derived from the word “graduation”. Its essence is in a smooth or sudden transition from short to long strands. Graduation is a very versatile way of cutting so as to create the effect of different strands can be as long or short hair. And on a Bob haircut like this option at all will look very cool.

The main advantage of calibration is that it gives the hair:

  • elasticity;
  • an excellent volume, which is especially important for girls with thin hair;
  • healthy (solves the problem of split ends).

Besides, a graduated Bob allows you to show various options of painting: Balazs, hombre and other color will be visible very well.

A graduated Bob is the haircut, as we have said, more versatile. If the classic Bob is suitable only girls with an oval face shape, then graded haircut suitable for girls, as with rectangular and square face shape. Graduations visually make facial features more accurate.

Graduated Bob with bangs

This option hairstyles suitable for everyday wear. It requires no styling and always looks like you struggled with the Ironing all morning. Besides, a graded fashion bangs corrects facial features, making it more subtle.

Graduated Bob style Rihanna

Usually, this hairstyle is called “asymmetrical high graduated Bob”, but since this is the haircut made famous by Rihanna, everyone forgot about this difficult name.

Here are the asymmetry of the lateral strands, where calibration allows you to visually correct the face and do your hair well, very three-dimensional. Besides, this option looks very expensive and stylish.

Haircut the graduated Bob has a huge variety of variations, each of which may be the author’s idea of a stylist. The thing in your desires, and the courage of the wizard.

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