Stretch marks or striae as a consequence of the bursting of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which are filled with scar tissue. Stretch marks are often the result of rapid growth, weight gain or, conversely, his loss. Also their appearance can contribute to thyroid disease and other problems with endocrinology, exercise exercise stress, a sharp increase of muscle mass and, of course, heredity.

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Stretch marks are not terrible as they draw. Yes, it’s not very attractive, does not fit into the overall picture of modern glossy women, but it is as natural as the notorious cellulite. From the last to get rid of, by the way, is harder than stretch marks. Let’s see how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and Breasts.

It is important to understand that creams and scrubs from the stretch, which promise instant results without much effort don’t work. No, they are good in combination with something besides creams — exercise, salon treatments. About the latter should know in more detail.


Massage against stretch marks can be considered one of salon procedures. In any case you yourself do not do. Regular and intense massage of problem areas will help to accelerate the process of getting rid of stretch marks. This massage has the ability to enhance blood circulation, tighten the skin, to combat cellulite.

The average price category from 150 UAH.

Laser resurfacing stretch marks

Laser resurfacing stretch marks is quite effective salon treatment that helps to get rid of this problem. The essence of the procedure is simple and straightforward — with a laser problem place irradiates a laser that allows you to remove the top layer of skin. A new perfectly smooth skin will be in a few months.

The price varies from 150 UAH to 3000 UAH.

Laser resurfacing can be performed with General anesthesia if you need this service. After the procedure a slight swelling and redness may accompany you for a couple of weeks. But then everything will be fine.


By itself, mesotherapy looks just perfect. It involves an injection under the skin with special vitamin complexes and substances which, in the case of stretch marks, will facilitate the development of elastic and collagen. Thus, stretch marks can become not so deep, and for several treatments and even disappear.

The price of mesotherapy stretch marks starts from 2000 UAH.

Acid peel

Acid peeling is quite dangerous, but effective procedure, which involves removing the top layer of the skin. Here cure themselves of stretch marks is glycolic or trichloroacetic acid which allow the body to produce its natural collagen. Acid peeling allows to smooth the skin and make stretch marks less noticeable or even invisible. However, acid peel requires great attention and professionalism of the master as during incorrect procedure of acid peels and chemical burns to the neighborhood.

Prices on acid peel about 800 UAH.


Radiolifting — effects on the skin electric tones at the right frequency. This procedure promotes the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin supple and smooth and to get rid of stretch marks.

Price starts from 250 to 500 UAH.

Ozone therapy for stretch marks

When the procedure of ozone therapy under the skin are oxygen and ozone, which contribute to cell regeneration. They may help you when your stretch marks are still fresh (then to get rid of stretch marks will be much easier). It is recommended to connect the procedures together: for example, peeling and ozone therapy. Then the effect will be faster and more efficient.

Prices for ozone therapy in average of 350 UAH.

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