If someone does not know yet that a big part of my life, I spent dancing. So always look to productions in dance projects. And, of course, are always treated with unusual interest and great solutions to suits. Today I decided to make a big post to discuss it with your readers. I hope you will be interested.

First and foremost, of course, I’m looking for partners. And that their dresses and we will be discussing. And we’re going to watch the video, so it is better to consider.

Ahtem Seytablaev that Alain Shoptenko — Passadoble
Great idea with the red tape that binds the partners. Of course, this is not the notion of this couple, shows professionals I have at least twice met with a similar idea. But realized very cool. And from a technical point of view everything is very neatly inscribed in the dance.

I really like the color scheme. Love that red is so rich and cold. The traditional combination of bright scarlet today it seems too simple and fake, like from Amateur. Black dress Alena — good idea, but the insertion of bodily mesh is not very well planted, because much “wrinkle” and the dynamics is clearly visible.

Nadia Dorofeeva and Jack the cat — Hip hop
I really like the style of these costumes. They look very pair. and the idea with the top coats too steep. Loose shorts and it was good. Form-fitting shorts would have looked vulgar in this outfit. Exactly the same matter and would be top if it wasn’t a top a top with sleeves made of chiffon (or whatnot? maybe white mesh). Wide straps with inscriptions — bright and characteristic trend of the season. And perfectly fit into the image, making it clear that here it is possible to talk not only about dance costume, but also about the actual club clothes.

Yuri Tkach and Ilona Gvozdeva — Broadway
The Ilona just perfectly seasoned. Perhaps if this dress was used as dresses for Latin American programs — it would look too tradicionnym and perhaps even a bit boring. But it is very characteristic. Fits perfect and looks of the dancer, and to the selected style number. By the way, please note the skirt length Is often almost the perfect length for skirts type pencil, Godet or similar dresses with fringe. The only thing that confused me in the dress I was not able to understand the logic arrangement of sequins of different colors.

Dmitry Komarov and Alexander Kucherenko — Rumba
You know, I in the beginning wrote that more attention to outfits partners. But in this dance I generally pay attention only to your partner, it was so bright. It’s not bad. But in the case of a weaker partner, she’s just completely overshadowed him, and it is said even lay people-the audience. Dress is beautiful and stylish. Very open, of course. I like the idea of alternating closed sections and sections from the grid. But the big controversial point — too high cut in the rear skirt. Sport rules for suits the bottom line of the buttocks must be closed. And I would hold these claims and suits in this show.

Olya Polyakova and Stepan Misure jazz

The most scandalous performance in the first two issues. And last but not least because of the selected image. I really like the suit. but it has certain shortcomings. First, he’s a little combined with the choreography of the dance. It is the excessive aggressiveness and sexuality make this such a provocative jumpsuit. In a smooth and steady fluid it would look too sexy, not so vulgar. Second, an open leg would look very different if the line of Romper with this hand down a little lower, and instead of glossy tights would be selected tights from the solid mesh.

In General, the theme of the hunter and a wild animal in the jungle is very popular. And I want you to be sure and looked the best, in my opinion, the sample representation of this image — Show dance by max Kozhevnikov and Yulia, Zagoruychenko

Alexander skichko and Anna Palamarchuk -Jive
Costume idea is simple and clear — a clear reference to the time. But I think the skirt is too long and lacks podobnik. It would give a different dynamic skirt. It is clear that Anna is very good use of the skirt in motion, not a little pomp would be nice.

Here is an example of how looks more fluffy skirt dance

Mogilev Natalia and Igor Kuzmenko — Argentine tango

Stylish dress, though perhaps not quite to tango. Finish more is associated with the Spanish fans and pasadoble. But in General I want to note that this reception — when on a dark dress with rhinestones crammed only a small area, looks very stylish. However, this rule often works only for adult dancers. Dress Mogilev also want to mention another drawback is vague drapery. She doesn’t look drape (well, except that if you look closely), but in motion it looks just as if a very tight dress primarias at the hips.

Natalia Kholodenko and Vitaliy Zagoruiko — Waltz

Very beautiful dress and very beautiful room. Delicate and sensual. The dress I want to draw attention — almost Empire waist in this figure can work wonders. Simply place the belt at the narrowest point under the bust (it is clear that the fit of the bra must be perfect). Alas, this style is suitable to the exterior is not all women. For some high waist will make the transformation from the plump woman in the aunt. But in any case, it makes sense.

Kamaliya and Dmitry Zhuk — Samba

I believe that we need to separate two types of Samba carnival, which is performed solo, and ball version, which is performed in pair. And to suit this separation also has an effect. Headdress with feathers looks great at solo performance, but when a dancer becomes a couple — he immediately begins to dominate a partner, close it and simply get in the way In the case of Kamaliya I think it is not a very good version with this design of swimsuit with no hard lines, only fringe. I think if it was more clear shape — a few “collected” would figure. And Diana herself would look slimmer, and the dance would look a little clearer, and in her case it would not hurt.

Sergey and Snezhana official trailer — Contemp

This dance suits him — a vivid illustration of what I was talking about the Kanye West collection. His bodily apparel then all criticized, but I they immediately caused a lot of positive emotions. Because for me, it became obvious that it was not clothes in order to walk in it on the red carpet and sit front row at the show, as did Kim, and clothes to move and dance. The aesthetics of contemp — best matches this mood. The nakedness of the body, nakedness of the soul. Naturalness and sensuality without excessive sexualisation.

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