Cosmetic clay helps to cope with vospaleniya, acne. Cleans and improves skin condition. However, clay is just dirt, then as it has such useful properties?

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The fact that the clay absorbs liquid, which means can absorb and grease, and contamination. It produces light peels as removing the clay from the face, removes dead skin cells. In addition, the composition of the clay is minerals that nourish and moisturize the skin.

What clay is?

Cosmetic clay is different — depending on its color, it has different properties and components. Let’s understand that there Yes as.

White clay

The white clay is the mineral kaolinite, which stimulates the skin’s production of lecithin — improves skin elasticity, regenerates skin cells. It cleanses the skin, regenerates, helps to get rid of blackheads and inflammation. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Blue clay

Blue or blue clay contains silver ions, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Blue clay to treat acne, tone the skin and constrict the poresand help get rid of wrinkles. And, in addition, help to whiten the face.

Green clay

Green clay is iron oxide (a color). In addition, the green clay is a calcium, magnesium, zinc, silver and phosphorus. Thanks to these properties, it dries the skin, disinfects and protects against harmful microbes.

Red clay

In the red clay is the oxide of copper and iron, which improves blood circulation, improves skin tone and elasticity. Red clay is good because it not only affects the skin but also in blood vessels. It is, also, useful and with a low level of iron in the body. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Pink clay

Pink clay will not find in the deposits of the sea of Azov beach. It is obtained from a mixture of white and red clay, which makes it more useful. After all, pink clay combines the properties of two components. Suitable for sensitive skin and skin prone to irritation.

Yellow clay

In the yellow clay you can find a large content of iron and potassium. It cleanses the body, removing toxins, enriches the skin with oxygen. Face mask with yellow clay is useful when you want to improve the condition of wrinkles.

Grey clay

One of the properties of the gray clay — skin hydration, anti-aging effect, therefore suitable for adult females.

Black clay

Black clay helps to saturate the skin with beneficial trace elements and minerals, improves metabolism. Works as a cellulite remedy. As the face mask is not used too often.

Selection means

So you won’t have to search long, we have prepared for you a selection of the win-win of clay masks for the face.

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