Выбирай свой: для чего нам нужны спреи для тела (+ПОДБОРКА СРЕДСТВ)

The body spray is an indispensable addition to the makeup of the body means for the body. Let’s look at why and what is it worth to buy a new body spray.

The use of body spray is most important in summer, when our skin comes closely in contact with the outside world — the skin gets the dust, dirt and other unpleasant substances. And the sun and air do their dirty work, drying the skin and clogging the pores.

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The correct body spray will not only complement your perfume, adding a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance to your skin, but will protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment and solar radiation.

Choosing body spray is to focus on a few points: the properties of the spray and its fragrance.

So, there are sprays that can perform only “aromatic” feature, working as additional perfumes. There are sprays, filled with beneficial oils and other natural components to moisturize the skin, refresh and nourish and protect from sunlight.

Sprays should be applied after a shower on clean and already dried skin. This is necessary to ensure that you are not “sealed” all the dust and dirt, which “saved” on the skin during the day. And the scent of the spray will reveal better and more active.

By the way, see our selection of great body sprays that certainly will appeal you like.

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